Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"I used to rule the world, see the fear in my enemy's eyes."

 To everyone who bought my short story on the Eighth.

 Some mistakes were found in the story. I've corrected them, sorry I missed them...I guess the whole, edit on your own really doesn't work too well. Anyhow, I've got them fixed and the story uploaded again. I believe if you bought the story you can re-download it for free. If not, and you want the story with the fixed mistakes, let me know and I will make a special code or something so you can get it without having to pay again. 

 Quote is from a song...not sure of the title, even though I listen to it a lot.

 Don't forget to send in questions if you have any 8-) I'm making a list of them.




  1. Phew... Glad I didn't buy it yet! Don't you hate it when your re-reading something you've written and even though you've gone over it millions of times, you still find mistakes?? It bugs me to no end!

    A question I have... Tell us about the cover of Lisbeth's Choice!

  2. LOL, the song is called Viva la Vida. I love it too!!!

  3. Self-editing IS hard! I should know...after going over a short story or chapter dozens of times, I still can't catch everything, even if it's a glaring mistake. :P I think it's because I read what I am supposed to see. :P It definitely helps to have someone to go over it for you (I always use my mother, haha...she's great at helping me catch mistakes--I always have her go over my college papers too when she has time).

    I'll try downloading the story again in a bit and I'll definitely let you know if it doesn't work!


  4. Woot! Hey, Jack. Sorry I haven't been commenting.... Life... happens. lol. :) You're short story sounds really, really good, and I'd love to read it. I just need to wheedle my sister into letting my use her credit card so I can buy it. :)

    God bless!


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