Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"I'd rather waltz then just walk through the forest."

 I'm feeling very pleased with myself. This is probably bad and it will go to my head and I will become cocky and you will all have to give me a reality check. Well...maybe. Don't make it a harsh reality check. I don't think I could live through such a thing. 

 Now, you are probably wondering as to WHY I am so very pleased with myself. Well...I really cannot take credit for it. Most of it needs go to my friend who pointed me in the right direction and to my actors, and the movie maker thingy which is so nicely laid out that even me with my limited computer skills was able to master it. Er, not master, but make it work. 

 Do you wish to know what I'm babbling so delightedly about? Okay...I shall tell you. 

 My friends, I did it!!! I put the trailer together!!! *Does a jig* 

 Like I said, I couldn't have done it without my friend who did the simple, but amazingly wonderful task of giving me the name of the program. (Friend, there is no end to your brilliance.)

 Now, before anyone asks when they can see it, I must go into some detail. 

 The trailer isn't completely done yet. Right now I'm trying to get permission to use a song I found in it. Also, I won't be releasing it until I have the book cover - I'm trying to decide if I wish to reveal the cover with the trailer or before. 

 Also, I'm trying to work dates out. The book SHOULD be out in two months - I say should because life likes to mess up wills. Before then I want to reveal some of the art work which will be appearing in the book - but I have to work out some things before I even plan this. 

 However, I did put together a little blooper/ behind-the-scene trailer which I am thinking of releasing this week or next week. Or maybe after the short story. 

 But for right now, I'm just going to sit here, grinning like a mad man, relieved I've one more thing I don't have to try and get done. Next on the list...another re-read of the book and learning how to master formatting. *Ignore the gleeful, villainous laughter behind me.*

 Also, posts won't be every day the rest of this week. I'm working hard on getting the short story ready to be published. So, this might be the only post you get this week. But John will be posting, if you want to read his. 
 Would you like to see the cover before the trailer or at the time I release it? Would you like to see some of the art work early, if all goes as planned? Is there anything special you would like to see before the book comes out? Interviews, behind the story, answers and questions? I'd love to know your thoughts! Which would you rather have the short story in, ebook or paperback?




  1. Congratulations! Let us know when we can see it.

  2. Hurrah for Jack!!!!!

    Umm, I think I would like to see the cover at the time you release the trailer. I'd love to see some of the artwork early. Interviews would be fantastic!!! I love interviews and behind the scenes stuff!


    I'm sorry, that's probably not the answer you want, eh? Sigh. I will control myself.

    Well, I'm dyyying to see the trailer (and what's the program you used?! Dying to know that too!). And I'm all for e-books, because it cuts out on postage. So books, e-books please. :)

    And things to see before the book comes out? Interviews. Like how you thought of the idea. What it's roughly about. Sneak peaks (eek!!). Your publishing journey!!

    PS It's all very exciting! :D

  4. String us along, don't release everything at once! I love the anticipation and I'm sure it will all be worth waiting for! =)

  5. Good for you Jack! I am so glad you were able to do the trailer thing. Maybe you could do some "Behind the story" Stuff? Oh and an interview would be fun :) I would like you to put out the cover WITH the trailer. please. God Bless and have a fantastic week.

  6. Hooray! I can't wait to see it! =D

    I agree with you about Elementary. As a(nother) American crime show, it was just fine. Not brilliant (and not original... 'cause there are SO many crime shows out there right now).
    Watson is not a girl. Period. I hated it everytime they called her Watson because she IS NOT Watson! I think she's a good character... but she's totally not Watson. She was deducing things right along with Sherlock!
    Speaking of Sherlock... Jonny Lee Miller - his actor - is a brilliant actor. And he was really fun to watch playing a slightly psychotic consulting detective. But he wasn't Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was much more of a gentleman and less of a crazy person... With all these updated Sherlock's being so crazy (you have to admit, even BBC's Sherlock isn't Sherlock Holmes all the way) everyone is going to think that the original Sherlock Holmes was some sort of mad man! Which he was not. He just had the strange gift of deduction and an overactive mind that rebelled at stagnation.
    Anyway, enough of the bad about Elementary. Overall it was pretty good and my mom and I are going to watch the second episode tonight. We'll see if it's as "ok" as the first.

    It seems likes wherever the Doctor goes, he ends up losing everyone he cared about. What a sad way to live. Yet he doesn't lose hope. He just finds another attractive female to fly around with... Haha that would be my only compaint about the show.

    I heard that the 5th Doctor pouts as well. I think it will make him a funny yet sad Doctor... Like Nine perhaps. I don't know. I can't wait to see, though! After I finish with Ten and Eleven I'm going to watch the old series episodes starting with the very first one. They are on Netflix, hooray!

    Now I've gotta go practice saxophone so have a good night! =)

  7. Oh.... And I think it would be fun to have the trailer and the book cover on the same day with some drawings or character interviews leading up to it!
    And maybe you could compile all the short stories you have written and put them in a paperback form.

  8. Hey,

    That's fantastic Jack .... CONGRATS! Keep us posted!

  9. Bella,

    Behind the story sounds fun. I've a post coming up, explaining some of my ideas behind this. I'm going to let everyone ask any question they like, so if you have some, you can start compiling them 8-D

    YES! The Hobbit!!! I am excited too! I cannot wait!


    Sorry if I missed some of your comments. I read them all, but I get behind answering and then I think I've answered them when I haven't 8-(


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