Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"If Annabeth's mother was Athena then why didn't Annabeth know better than to fall off a cliff?"

 I thought it was time to do a proper post. Only, I'm not even sure I know how to do those anymore. Actually, I'm just too tired to even try and think how to do a proper one. If I ever did a proper one, that is. 

 Lately, I've been having...I'm not even sure what to call them. Reality checks? Though, since I've never lived in reality, I'm not sure what a reality check is. Do people get them often? And do they live through them? They sound scary, like spiders and Weeping Angels, and those little sprinkles you get in your sprinkles and you are dead certain it isn't a sprinkle but you know it is bad manners to throw it across the room so you eat it anyways and hope it isn't an ant.

 Okay, so reality check doesn't fit. If I got a reality check I probably wouldn't survive. But very often I will get hit with the oddest feelings. A desire to scream, laugh, and cry all at once. And then pinch myself to see if I'm awake. 

 I've wanted to publish a book since I was thirteen...no, it was even before that. And now I'm only a month away. Usually I don't even think about it. I am too busy getting everything ready that it doesn't get the chance to hit me. But sometimes it will slap me full force, grinning like a maniac. 
 "Hey! Your book will be in print soon, and lots of people will be reading it!"

 Wait...people, reading it? I don't want anyone reading it! It is mine! What if they don't like it? What if they laugh and tell me to become a banker because there is no way I am going to make it as an author. What if they DO like it?! And they want more books? What do I do if I find out I can't write, and I actually do have to give it up and get a...normal...job, for the rest of my life?
 And so they rush about in my brain, making me wonder if I am excited about publishing or if I want to hide the book and tell all of you to go read Mr. Reeve's books instead. (Go read his anyways, you will like them.)

 I'm not even sure what to think about all this. I never thought I would make it this far. I know having 62 followers doesn't seem like much to some. And getting an average of eight comments per-post likely will seem like very little to most, but to me, this is a bit staggering. 
 When my sister first told me that, if I did in fact want to publish I had to take it serious and should sit down and blog with the intention of telling the world about my book, I thought, "Sure. Yeah. Blog. Like that is going to help." But hey, what can I say, I have a smart sister. And all those times I wanted to give up because my posts were not even being read except by her, I thought this all very silly. (Come to think of it, without her, I probably wouldn't be here right now.) But she was right. 

 And what shocks me even more, is that some of you, my readers, actually seem to be looking forward to my book. My book, you want to read it. Once again, let me try not to think about that too much because it makes me too nervous.

 Hm, I did have other things to say though. 

 First off, William has his site up, FINALLY. I never thought he'd get around to it...actually, I had to help him a little. But he put up some very nice pictures. So you should go and look, and comment and all that. (And he has a picture of a cute bird, which, since it is cute and a bird, should deserve a look at least.) (He is going to help me again this week to get another cover for the next short story I will be releasing. I am excited about this cover because it needs more of the army outfits, which I have fun putting together.) WILLIAM'S SITE

 I still don't have The Mark of Athena yet. Yes, you can start to feel bad for me now.

 I am at the moment trying to edit the short story I mentioned above while trying to compile it and some others into a book, which will be published in paper back form. That is later though. I can't even think about that yet, too much work.

 I am also trying to prepare for NaNo. Which I'm not prepared for, AT ALL, and I think I won't be prepared for it, AT ALL. (My book this year will be an attempt at a dragon story. I must admit, I don't really have a plot, which seems all the rage this year, but I know the story will be about a young man named Trisli who is a self proclaimed Dragon Slayer...who has never slain a dragon.
 However, he brags about his dragon slaying a lot and when a real dragon attacks the kingdom the king naturally calls upon him for help. 
 Soon Trisli is traveling the kingdom with a know it all companion and his very reserved best friend. Only to later on meet the dragon, who, to Trisli's amazement, has a very strange sense of humor.)
 Because every story needs a dragon with a sense of humor.

 Lastly, though this is not in the least last on my mind, my thoughts and prayers are with those in the middle or being affected by the hurricane. I've not been able to track it well, the only news I hear comes over the internet, but I have seen pictures of Boston flooding and my mum said a lot of people have been evacuated. 
 I believe some of my readers are near or in that area, and I hope all of you are well.

 And now, I should probably go. So, once again,




  1. I don't think there's such a thing as reality if you're an author...Part of the job is living in multiple dimensions and writing about what happens there, after all!

    I believe it says somewhere in the Bible (though I may be wrong, because my memory has been shabby as of late) not to worry...Something about sparrows. Sometimes we need to just do things instead of worrying and thinking. It sounds stupid, to not think, but sometimes that's what gets in the way of us accomplishing anything.

    Also, the plot of your NaNo novel sounds interesting and I hope you someday publish it. It sounds exactly like the sort of stuff I used to read all the time (Cythnia Wrede is amazing if you want good humorous dragon books.) and still do. Dragon stories never grow old!

  2. I don't know about proper post, but it would've fit perfect for the IWSG post next week.
    I do want to read your story!
    Building a blog takes time. You'd freak if I told you how long it took me to hit a hundred followers.
    Don't let yourself be overwhelmed. It will be all right!

  3. Sounds like you have a bit of a plot for NaNo to me! And yes, having a dragon with a sense of humour is definitely needed. Do we get updates during november about the Dragon Book?!! Pleeeease?

    I think your blog is going awesome! Wow! 62 followers!! And all those comments! You're doing awesome! Congrats. :)

  4. Congrats on getting it almost published! Don't worry about what other people think! You should be proud that you finished it and got it published! That is a huge accomplishment!

    Don't over-stress yourself! <3

  5. I love the sound of Trisli's story - I'm looking forward to learning more about it, and your book as well.

    Congrats on almost being published! I totally get your fears. It's terrifying to have people I know read my writing. It would almost be better to only allow coomplete strangers a peek.

  6. I completely understand the "I'm about to be publish AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" thing. The only reason Sew managed to get itself out of my computer was that I didn't schedule a day and just went one day, "hey, let's hit the the publish button today!" and did so ... and there was no turning back.

    And your NaNo sounds really really great. Love the "must have a dragon with a sense of humor" comment. Hope Trisli will help you with your plot problems. I've been planning my NaNo since ... December I believe ... so, yeah. I've got it pretty well planned. I hope.

  7. Chin, up, Jacksie! You are brave indeed and I envy you being this close to being published. What publishing route are you going? Since I'm new to this blog I'm a smidgen confused. :)

  8. Hi Jack ~ your dragon story really sounds like a lot of fun! I completely get the whole 'I don't want anyone reading it! It is mine!' bit. That is how I feel about everything I write, and I hardly ever let anyone see what I've been working on. I think it is very exciting that you are going to be published soon!

    PS. I think the Larklight books are quite splendid :-)

  9. I think we all have those days where we think that are books are awful. Ultimately, we all want to be the next J.K. Rowling (I haven't watched or read HP, but Ms. Rowling is definetly popular and rich becauses of it), Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Tolkien, Rick Riordan, etc., but we all have days when we think what we write deserves to be shredded, burned, and flushed down the toilet. And we probably would do this if we weren't so attached to our charries. Write what you want and if you want to be an published author, have at it!
    Can I offer an encouraging thought after all that? I want to read your book. And I think that a blog is a good way to tell people about your book.
    By the way, I like dragon stories.
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I think every author has more days with, "I MUST destroy this before it sees the light of day!!" Then, "Oh, I like this," Days, but that is all part of being an author. (Aye, if I burned my book some of the characters would cry and others would try the Black Rider thing from Lord of the Rings - stabbing me in my sleep.)

      Thank you, for your comment, it brightened me up. I still get all giddy and dazed when someone says they want to read my book, but it ins't the, "I want to quit," feeling. More like, "You, a person I have never met, you want to read my book? For reals?" And it always makes me feel better to know someone does.
      So thank you 8-D

  10. P.S.- those of us striving toward publication are happy for you and envy you.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I know you shall surely be at publication someday, and when you do, I shall be in line for your book. (Because I am VERY excited for it to come out.)

  11. Oh, and by the way, the feeling of "MY BOOK ISN'T READY!!! I CAN'T PUBLISH IT YET!!!!!" doesn't disappear with subsequent books. If anything, it gets worse ...

  12. Haha, Jack! We can't find reality, us writers. We just search for it and never get it. Kind of like all those super-duper plots we wish we could write...oh wait, no, not us?
    Anyway, congrats on all the followers and comments! Any time you want to send some of them on over to Stories in the Mind, just let me know. jk...jk... :D But, seriously, that is quite an accomplishment! Great job and keep it up!


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