Monday, October 08, 2012

"If we dissolve without a trace would the real world even care?"

 So, here I am, nearing the book's publication. And I realized I have NO CLUE what to do. So, I sat down, pulled out a calender - I don't like calenders - and charted out everything I needed. Now, for you all, I am putting up a dreaded schedule. I will also be posting this on a page so it can be found during the next two months.  

 So, here we go. This will be my lead up to the book's release. Now, this is if all goes as planned. Things might come up and all that, but I'm going to work hard to stick to this.

 Lisbeth's Choice is already out and I hope you are all enjoying it. I'm doing the typical author thing. Giggling and wringing my hands. All excited and nervous all at once. Mostly because this is the first in my lead up to the book's release.

 But here are the others.

 October 19th: Bloopers/ Behind-the-Scenes of the trailer.

 November 1st: Book Cover Revealed!

 November 5th: Another prequel short story. Title reveal coming later.

 November 14th: The trailer!!

 November 23rd, 30th, and December 7th: Sneak peeks at three of the pictures which will appear in the book!

 December 3rd Last prequel short story release.

 December 14th: Release of Haphazardly Implausible!

 This list will be left up HERE/ RELEASE DATES! in case you want to look over it later.

 Then, after it is out, I will be taking the rest of the month off to rest and enjoy the holidays. I mean, aside from probably doing some posts and marketing things. 

 All in all, this will make for a very busy two months for me. BUT it will also give time for other things. I got a good many requests for interviews. 

 My thoughts on interviews are as follows. Some asked for a behind-the-story type post. So, here is my plan. I am going to take your questions. Anything you want to know about the book, characters, or even me you can send to me through comments or emails. I will answer them all and then put them in a post. 
 As for interviews. Many of you asked for these. I'm thinking I will let anyone who wants to hold the interview. Therefore, if you wish to interview the characters, or even me, you need to email me or comment. I will mark you down on my calender, giving you one of the open Fridays. You can email your interview to me,, I will answer everything in it, or the characters will, and I will send it back to you and then post it. 
 If you wish to interview a character just mention in the email which one you want. (I think by now you all know where to find the character lists, if not the click on the book title at the top of my blog.) (John says you can interview him as well or send him questions.)

 If you want to do an interview or send in questions you need to get a hold of me as soon as possible so I can make sure to get you in. Last minute stuff might lead to my brain blowing up, which would be kind of gross. 

 Also, I'm still open to requests. If there is something you would like to see before the book comes out just let me know. 

 I hope all of you have fun the next two months, and have lots to look forward to now. And, again, if I take awhile to answer your comment I am sorry. This doesn't mean I dislike your comment, I love every single one I get. This just means I'm trying to figure last minute publishing stuff out. But your comments, they are always welcome, brighten my day, and encourage me to keep going. 

 Thank you all so much for your support. 
 Excited for any upcoming events? Do you have any questions for the characters, John, or me? Any behind-the-story facts you wish to know? (I found my very first notes on the book which I would be willing to share on request.) And, speaking of December, WHO IS READY FOR THE HOBBIT?!




  1. I would love to interview your main character, if you would like. I've done this many, many times, and already have a set of questions. How does that sound?

  2. I don't like calendars either...i never put one up, and that's probably why I never have any idea what day it is. :P This schedule of upcoming events is quite exciting! I can't wait to see the cover art and the trailer and everything! Actually I'm eagerly anticipating the book's release after devouring Lisbeth's Choice this afternoon (and I enjoyed it very much, by the way...and the sneak peek of the book as well!).


  3. Oops! Sent my email before I read this post (so just put us down for whatever day you'd like!). I'm SO ready for the Hobbing AND your book!! EEK! Good luck with these coming nervous months. I'm dyyying to see the trailer, but at least now I have days to countdown to! xD

  4. :D you're getting so close! That's so exciting. Good luck with the next few months I hope it all goes smoothly and perfectly. ^_^

  5. I love calendars/schedules. I never can stick with what's on them, but I love writing them out all the same.

    I liked the giggling/ hand wringing line a lot. That's what I imagine I'll be doing when I'm in your position.

    Best of luck with everything!!

  6. WOW! Congrats - I hope everything goes as planned for you!!!

  7. Just remember to enjoy the ride!
    I am booked through the end of the year but you know I'll give your book a big shout-out when it's released.

  8. Hey Jack;
    My computer has been having serious problems and wont let me download the files to read your story. :-/ Maybe I can borrow a sisters Computer and read it there :D

    Calenders are evil. All those numbers. >:( The only dates worth knowing are dates for THE HOBBIT, Christmas, Holidays and Movies I want to see. Oh and your book release dates. *Grin*
    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE HOBBIT!!! I also am excited about S. 4 of DW. We just finished S. 3 (the Master was like "Evil Doctor" *shiver*) I'll try to read "Lisbeth's choice" soon. Take care and don't chase yourself around too much. It isn't safe to pass yourself leaving. Paradox's and all that.
    God Bless.

  9. Ooh, a schedule!! I love schedules and calendars and all that!!!

    Very exciting!!!!!

    Please do share your very first notes on the book!! Those would be great to see. I always love knowing how a story idea begins.

    I AM SO READY FOR THE HOBBIT!!!!!! I've watched both trailers too many times to count, and seen as much other stuff- pictures, interviews, etc. as possible.... Excited? Not me! No way. Impossible. =)

    Oh, yes, and I have finally seen some Doctor Who. Last night. Clips of Nine and Ten. I now know why so many people are crazy about Ten. And although I knew where the 'Allons-y' quote came from, I have now heard David Tennant say it. Fantastic!!!!

  10. Ahhh!! So exciting! I can not WAIT for Dec. 14 for two reasons:
    1: YOUR BOOK!!!! =D
    2: That's the day The Hobbit premiers as well!!
    I can not wait for both!

    I look very forewards to everything on your schedule. =)
    Oooohh I would love to see the very first notes on the book. I love planning and it is so interesting to see into other author's minds - what they were thinking, how much the story changes... etc. I keep extensive notes on anything I'm writing, it would be interesting to see someone else's thought process!

  11. That's better than when I published...I decided a week before that I needed to publish it, so I did xD Any readers I got were almost completely from word-of-mouth, because that's the level I wanted to start at. Congrats on being an overacheiver with the calender deal! (I fail at calendaring as well.)

    I'm most certainly excited for the coming months! I look forward to seeing all the various interviews et cetera you'll be posting! I have one question for John, though- What is your role in the novel-creation process?

  12. Bella,

    Oh...your mouse having a spazz is your computer mouse, not a real mouse? Took me a moment to get it.

    No! WAHAHAHAHAHA 8'-( Coulson isn't even in the SHIELD TV show! I'm so sad. I bet it will be good because the man who made the movie is making it, but STILL! They need Coulson.

    My friend said something about Merlin being on Youtube. This makes me happy, even though I've not finished season one yet. I am hoping I can watch some tonight.

    I like season four of Doctor Who 8-D

    I hope your computer starts to be nice soon. Mean computer.

    YES!!! Knowing the date for The Hobbit is vital! I'm bouncing up and down from excitement. I cannot WAIT! 8-D

    Oh yeah, I mustn't make a paradox...unless it means the Doctor or Rory will show up. But I don't have to worry about meeting myself coming because I lose myself. If you see me can you let me know?


  13. Jack;
    My computer is being nicer but it still wont let me download your book. I don't know when I'll be able to read it. So sorry.

    Merlin is great :) I'm glad you're watching it.

    S. 4 of DW is pretty good so far, Donna isn't as annoying as I remember (thx heaven) and she remembered Rose! "What about Rose?" *Doctor* "Still lost"
    Poor doctor. He still misses and loves Rose.

    Why make a SHIELD TV show without Coleson? I don't understand :-/ Coleson is so perfect!

    I've OFFICIALLY started "the Hobbit" count down. I'M SO EXCITIED!!
    God Bless

  14. PS; Yes, if I happen to find you I'll try to keep you there. It is MOST annoying to lose yourself isn't it? I've done that. Its not pleasant :-/


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