Monday, October 15, 2012

"Reyna looked at Percy without much hope. 'You do have a plan?' Percy wanted to step forward bravely and say, No, I don’t!"

 You know how you go to the shoppe, any shoppe, and you are walking about, minding your own business, just looking to pass time? And the workers come out of the woodwork and ask, "Do you need help?" Until you feel like they are really saying, "Stop messing with everything! Buy something or get out!"
 This happens to me a lot. Then I go into shoppes with the intention of buying something or asking for help...and suddenly all the workers have gone on holiday. Then I get the overpowering urge to look under counters and into back rooms for them.

 This happened to me today. I went to the shoppe with one intention, finding a computer program which would allow me to crop a person out of one picture and paste him into another...and the shoppe was DEAD. I kept looking over the aisles to see if anyone was lurking behind them. "I - SEEEEE - YOU!"

 Needless to say, I didn't learn if there was such a program and I almost killed mine today for not doing said crop. All it can do is squares...yeah, real helpful. 

 Now I'm back to my cover stalking. I went to the bookstore and crawled all over the young adult part, yanking books out, eyeing covers, and putting them back. I'm surprised no one threw me out. And did I learn anything during my escapade? Sure! I learned there are a LOT of vampire books out...and most of the people on the front look dead...oh wait...vampires are dead, aren't they? Or MOSTLY dead.

 So, unless I want the chap on the cover looking pasty and white - which I can do - I'm still at a loss. Basically, I KNOW what I want. I can SEE it. But for the life of me I can't seem to get it on paper. (I just had an image of me taking my brain out and rolling it over paper to see if I can get the cover off...*Dashes off to look for a screw driver*) Wouldn't you know it...brains aren't held in with screws.

 Do any of you know the name of a program which will do what I want? I've seen it done before, but everyone is being very secretive as to what said program might be called. I thought authors were...well...authors, not spies. OH! I bet the program does spy work! I wonder if I can break into SHIELD with it...

 Oh yes, I forgot. Sorry about the bloopers looking drunk. I can promise you, William is NOT a wobbly camera holder. I've no clue what happened with the bloopers but I'm working on mending it...or at least hoping to keep it from happening to the trailer. "If it doesn't behave I shall be very put out."

 Right now I'm in the middle of, well, the cover - bet you didn't see that one coming. Do you know how hard it is to pin down cover helpers?! "Hey you! Let me nail your foot to the floor so I can keep your attention for a minute!" I think if the world keeps speeding up we are going to spontaneously combust. 
 I've still every intention of getting the cover out by the first, even if I have to nab a random stranger from off the street and force him into my leather jacket. *Eyes random strangers*

 I've put the book up until the first. I will not read it, letting it sit and simmer after it's last edit. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure the publishing out so I won't be staying up until 7 in the morning on December 14th trying to get the book out. I will have to go into more details on this later.

 Now I am going, because I'm supposed to be doing something, I just don't know what. *Ponders* Oh yes! *Chases down Random Stranger*

 Do any of you know of a good picture editing program? Do you have any questions about the characters, John, the book, or me you would like to be answered? Are you a Random Stranger?



  1. PhotoShop is all purpose!
    Wonder if the sound of breaking glass would cause the workers to appear?

  2. Shoppe workers and I have never had what you could call a happy relationship.....they are never around when I need them and ALWAYS around when I drop something! =P

    Besides photoshop I don't know of any other photo editing programs, hope you find one you like! =)

  3. Maybe you could try If you're trying to do what I think it is you're talking about, then they have a really good overlay edit where you can put a piece of one photo on another and "erase" away everything you don't want. Kinda like cropping, only it's easier. I've used it several times and I love it. :)
    Sorry if that's not what you're looking for. :/
    yeah. It's definitely like that with shoppe workers. I hate being asked if I need help fifty times...

    {p.s. I tagged you in this afternoons post!

  4. Try photoshop, gimp, or Those are the sites I'm always referred to but never use.

    And no, I am not a stranger. I am a tad on the random side sometimes though.

  5. I'm quite sure you can do that with photoshop. I have an app on my ipad called artstudio (which I read in the reviews was very similar to photoshop) that worked wonders for me when I was trying to create a cover for a book I wrote. I did all sorts of fun overlays and cutting out different pictures and such. :P I spent far too much time making something just for fun, but I loved how it turned out.

    Good luck with your cover! And with finding a random stranger! I'm a rather random and strange person myself, haha, but I'm afraid I'm probably not what you're looking for.(;

    I have the very same problem when shopping...employees are either over-helpful or simply not there. :P It's why I hate clothes-shopping and love bookstores. No one has ever asked me if I'm finding everything all right in a bookstore. :P


  6. Photoshop... gimp.... picmonkey... Those are some common ones I've heard of. I've only every used photobucket but it's not all that great.

  7. While photoshop is what you want if you need to do anything with editing pictures, I think it happens to be a really expensive program to buy.
    Gimp is a free download that is often though of as a free *cough*knockoff*cough* alternitive. HOWEVE, it seems rather complicated to use.

    Therefore *dramatic music*, in epic conclusion, I myself would reccomend a simple (and FREE) solution:

    ---Actually, just about every computer (PC) with a version of Windows comes with an already downloaded version of plain ol' "Paint". This will work if you simply need a customized crop.

    With eiter of these Paint programs, all you have to do is select the "freeform crop", "lasso select crop", etc., then outline what you want to cut and copy.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Seems you've had plenty of help with the photoshop bit, so I will just drop a line saying how fun this post was! I hope you can get your cover done. That is one of my next steps for my book. :P We'll see how that goes....

  9. Oops! Ignore the above deleted comment. lol. I accidentally commented from my sister's account. :D Anywho, here's what I was gonna say:

    Yes. I am arachnophobic. Like, if you google it, a picture of me pops up. Lol. ;)

    I'm sure I'll learn to like Matt Smith. If, for no other reason, because he's the doctor. But I am very attached to David tennant. <3

    You're welcome! I hope you found something that works well for ya. :)

  10. Yeah, it is really creepy when NO ONE is in the store. You wonder why everyone has hidden from you. It is very annoying when clients chase you about; "BUY THIS OR DIE!" you feel like shriveling up and saying; "I'm just window shopping..." Vampires are dumb. Enough said.
    If I could, I would be a cover helper! too bad we are so far away. Stupid crop program. I'm sorry it's not being helpful :(
    I know exactly what you mean! I've tried to paste pics straight from my brains to the page.... Unfortunately; It. Is. Not. Possible. You are brave to still be promising a cover by the 1st. GO JACK!!!
    I am very excited about the trailer... I am sure it will be fantastic. :D It would be awesome to break into SHIELD! Maybe meet agent Coulson.....

    I really enjoy your Percy Jackson quotes. They are really fun. I will be sorry when they are over :(
    God Bless

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  15. I have a cousin who does my cover formatting for me ... and I don't know what she uses ... however, I tagged you on my blog, if you're interested:


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