Friday, October 12, 2012

"Then you can relish the look of surprise on my face."

 I'm kind of scared to show you all my expression right now because you're going to start thinking I do, indeed, look like Moriarty. But...I got onto my site...and I kind of did this...

 Eyeballs and all.

 Why, you might ask. Um...because, I made 50 followers! And so now my jaw is about to become unhinged.

 Now I don't think I can sound all, clever and professional because I'm kind of in a delightful daze.'s a go.

 To celebrate my 50th follower, and to say thanks to every one of you...I am going to be releasing the bloopers trailer tomorrow instead of next week.
 I hope this will be a fun way to celebrate, one all of you will find fun.

 So, be sure and come back tomorrow. Right now...I'll be over here, trying to keep my eyes in my head.




  1. Congratulations! I know that's what my face looks like every time I get a new follower! =)
    Getting the bloopers reel early sounds like an excellent way to celebrate!!

  2. YAY!!!!! I can't wait till tomorrrow!!! :D

  3. Congratulations! Will be waiting for the bloopers.

  4. lol!! :D Congratulations, Jack!

  5. Congrats! That's awesome. I can't wait for the bloopers. :)

  6. Yay! Can't wait for the bloopers trailer.
    50!! That's a big number. But I see 51... lol :D
    God Bless

  7. Bella,

    Hurray! Another fellow...Percy Jackson...liker? Fan? Something like that.
    I'm waiting until I can either afford Mark of Athena or till our library gets it. Have you read it yet?

    Pity you don't live closer to me. I would let you pose of one of my book covers.

    I love Donna. She was annoying in the first one but by the end of the first I had started to like her, then i was sad to see her go. So I was happy she got to be a companion. I think in real life she is friends with DT.

    I think SHIELD has to pretend Coulson is dead still. I hope he will be in the movies.

    It is VERY annoying when one looses themselves.

    I saw that too 8-D Right after I wrote the post I got a new follower.


  8. Congratulations, Jack! That is seriously my face every single time I have a new follower. I have a happy dance that I do every time too, lol. :P

    I'm super excited for the bloopers video!


  9. Congratulations! And YAY! I can't wait to see the bloppers!

    Oh my word.... I didn't even think about Elementary doing Adler... Oh my word.... I don't know whether to run and hide under the bed or scream and then faint! Aaaauuggh... We Americans always ruin everything! Although who knows... Maybe CBS will surprise us and stick to the original story... So far they've been completely opposite of BBC's production (which is kind of what they were shooting for because BBC was threatened a lawsuit if it was too clsoe to Sherlock I think....) so maybe in sticking with the oppositeness, they will make Adler likeable.

    That's really cool about how you call them Sherlock and Watson! I like that.
    For me I called them Holmes and Watson because that's what the book called them. It was really strange to watch Sherlock and hear him being called Sherlock. Then I got used to it and now I always call him Sherlock. xD

    Yeah! I wondered about the burn marks on E-Lock's violin as well! In the books it's a Stradevarious (which are, like, the most expensive and best violins in the world) so I can't really imagine any Sherlock really throwing it away so easily. I can't wait to see more of the violin! And yes, he does "play" better than BBC's. I heard somewhere that Benedict Cumberbatch actually learned violin and played parts of Sherlock's violin playing... Probably why it doesn't sound amazing. xD I have heard that violin is a veeery hard instrument.

    Does Emma have a Wentworth in it... Good question. I can't remember. xD Let me go look it up. *poofs back* There is a Captain Wentworth in Persuasion (another great Austin book!). I don't think there are any Wentworths in Emma... There are Westons, though! Emma (2009) is AMAZING. Even if you aren't a Jane Austin fan, you will enjoy Emma. It's great. So is Persuasion.

    Oooo I would love to go to the midnight premier of The Hobbit. I've never been to a midnight premiew before. Maybe I could persuade my youth group to come with me!

  10. Wow! You reached 50!? You go, girl! lol .... wait.... do my eyes spy 51? My my, aren't you popular? :)

    Ooh, can't wait to see the bloopers!

    God bless!

  11. Teehee...

    When I saw you had 49 followers, what else could I do?? ;)

    I'm loving your blog so much right now! Keep up the brilliantness!

    God bless,
    And all that other stuff,

    Good facial expression. I believe I just did the same thing. ^_^


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