Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"With great power...comes great need to take a nap. Wake me later."

Today I've links to share! Hurray! Links are fun 8-D

 First up is from an author who goes by the name of Jemi in the blogging world. She wrote a book to help out a family who is having financial troubles while trying to care for their little boy who is very sick. All sales from this book goes to this family. You can read more about it HERE!!

 Second link is my Artist who needs some advice on her own book. (You should go to the link and read what she has posted, it is worth it. CLICK HERE

 Lastly is my first interview over at The Notebook Sisters blog. That can be found HERE.

 Oh wait, make that four links. Peter was interviewed by Essie HERE.

 And that is all for today. I mean from me. Those three bloggers have a lot more. 




  1. Hey Jack, if you are interested, would you be willing to do a guest post for my writing blog next week sometime? I can send you more info if you're up for that. Cait did one for me today. It is awesome!
    I loved reading about your books on Cait and Mime's blog. It was tons of fun!!!

  2. Hey Jack!
    On one of your posts I accidentally posted the same comment 5 TIMES!!! so if you see a string of Anonymous comments I am so sorry. I dunno how that even happened! You can delete four of them. K? :D

    The links are cool. Thanks for sharing them

  3. *goes to check out links*

    I like Peter. He sounds super nice. :)

  4. I'm so off to read links (the interview with Peter is sounding especially tempting). Thanks for doing that interview with us! Super fun. :D

  5. Peter sounds great!! I'm quite curious about Tony and what happens to him.

  6. I just re-read Peter's interview and was thinking, if he needs more family, I volunteer! :) :D

    Anyway, he sounds like a fantastic character.

    I'm not sure I'm going to like Darcy though....

    I'm starting to notice the word 'fantastic' crop up more and more in my vocabulary.... I mean, I've used it for years, but now I'm saying it with a certain northern British accent... is it possible to watch too much Doctor Who??

  7. Bella,

    I got a bunch of dings on my phone and looked and it said I had five new comments and I thought, "What, was everyone online at once?" Then I looked and saw they were from you and realized the internet was being evil again. It should be nice, especially to you since you are nice.

    Oh dear, you are having Mark of Athena troubles too. We shall have to see who is able to find it first, then they can tell the other if it holds up to the other Percy books. Did you like The Lost Hero? I didn't while I read it because Percy wasn't in it, but Leo, even Jason, grew on me.

    Midnight is one of my favourite DW but it is sooo creepy!!! But Merlin is in it, which is cool. How did you like it?

    I think I'm more insane then brave when it comes to anything I'm doing, cover or otherwise. Any sane person would have stopped by now and gone for coffee.

    YES! We MUST meet Coulson!!!

    Don't worry, I'm keeping up the Percy quotes till I get the new book, then OF COURSE I will have to use quotes from the book so there should be a lot more for awhile 8-D Which book is your favourite in the series?


  8. Please excuse me whilst I click on the links provided. Many of them have peeked my interest. Thanks for pointing them out!


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