Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Yay! Your brain works!"

 I think some of you tagged me and I missed them, so, I'm sorry if I did. If I didn't then, well, I'm not sorry. 

 I decided to give a cover update, since it will be coming out the first. Next Thursday. In a week. *Crawls into a corner and tries to hide.*


 So, anyways, I'm starting to realize how hard covers really are. I was finally able to get a model to pose for the front, and we got pictures on a non-snowy, early on a Saturday morning day. That sounds like a song...
 We went out on a Sunday afternoon to a city, and walked about with a sword, posing in front of old buildings, with a sword. Thankfully everyone did their best not to look suspicious. We didn't get arrested, though we did get some funny looks. Can't imagine why...

 With the picture at least taken I've been able to throw myself into the actual colouring and design. The easy part I thought. Silly me.
 I will now show you what I've been working with.

 Actually...these are the ones I will not be using. Before I release the cover I will show you my lead up covers, the ones I played around with to get the one I want.
 Right now I am testing colours. I want certain ones to pop and others to fade. I finally figured out how to do this and like the result. Next step is to add words, and make sure they are a of a fitting colour and font. Then I begin work on the back, which will be trickier then the front I think.
 But you can see all of this later. For right now, you can look at William's wonderful pictures.

This is the first building we went to.

I wasn't crazy about this pose. All facial features are almost hidden. This would have suited Isidore, but not Peter.

Again, head turned too far.

So we tried a straight on shot, which I didn't like either.

Picky author that I am.

I LOVE this one! It was too dark to use, and the angles were off, for a book cover, but I love it still. He has a lot of pictures I am fond of and this is one.

Another. I love the colouring, and how mysterious it all looks.

Again. I was sad I couldn't use them.

He tried it with a lighter setting but I still couldn't use it. I sulked for awhile. The angles don't really work for a book cover and it isn't close enough to the model

He tried it again for me, but again, I couldn't use it so we moved on. (And I will show you those pictures next time.)

 Right now I'm going to get back to work. Tomorrow I have something important for all of you. Also, for anyone who would like to add me to your buddy list...I would love to add all of you I just can't seem to find is my NaNo page. (No plot yet, but I'm working on it 8-D)




  1. I loved the ones you loved too. Too bad that they didn't work out. I would've been picky too, if it were me. Covers are important.

  2. My dear miss Jack:

    I love your pictures here, and was wondering if you could grant me permission to copy and edit them. I rather like to play with pictures and compositions, and was hoping it would be okay if I twiddled around with these a bit. After all, it's not every day that you find a picture of a guy with full aviator gear and a sword standing in the middle of a city. =)

    God bless!

  3. Yes, love those ones you said were your favourites. Pose and angle is awesome, but colours, yeah...a little iffy. I can't WAIT to see the end result of this cover. Talk about tantalizing us!! :D

  4. Cover art is, next to editing, the trickiest part of publishing. And right now ... I've been muddling through both - I know how you feel. If you're on Facebook, look up Kendra E. Ardenk on the pages, and you can see all the mistries I ran through looking for a cover art before a cousin took pity on me and used her photo editing skills for me.

    And'd I buddy you if I could on NaNo, but I'm still on the YWP, and it looks like you're on the full site. I'll buddy you come Feb, when I have to move up, how does that sound? And I really doubt that you would have been able to find me there, unless you searched Bookania ... since I used a username completely unrelated to anything I post elsewhere ...

  5. Lookin' good! :D I like the ones you said were your favorite too. The pose is good. ^_^

  6. Sad story! Some of those pictures were really good. It is depressing that you can't use any.

    You walked through the city with a sword? :D Sounds like something *I* would do (If I could be absolutely SURE that my sisters would not kill me afterwards.)

    God Bless

  7. I didn't realize covers would have that hard to make. I will plan around that. :)

    How exciting about your book!

  8. I use the YWP site (prettier colours...And I just like the idea of chatting with other kid-authors like me) so I doubt I'll be able to buddy-up with you for NaNo. Still, I am eager to hear how your novel comes along!

    Ooh, so many pretty pictures...They'll be good for your friends repetoire (I just know I butchered that word...), I'm sure!

    I hate board games, but I suppose my city of Me and your city of You could get together for a good tea party if all of You is up for it. All of Me would rather enjoy that!

  9. Cool pictures! Your favorites are GORGEOUS!!

    I still haven't quite made up my mind about doing NaNo or not. Right now I'm having a difficult time just keeping up with the Scribbler's Conference and other things going on, because this week decided to be stressful here at home. ):


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