Sunday, October 07, 2012

"You honestly think you're going to find something more important then a bunch of animals being led two-by-two into a giant rocket ship?"

 Lisbeth's Choice, out today!!!!

 You can find it on Smashwords, and download it for whatever ereader you have. It is also available to read on your computer if you don't own an ereader. I hope you enjoy it!!!! I'd love to know what you think of it!

 If you would like to help spread the word, I would be grateful. Also, reviews are always a HUGE help.




  1. So exciting!! Off to check it out.. :)

  2. how do you get it on your Computer? :) I'd like to read it.
    God Bless

  3. Bella,

    Yeah, if you publish through Smashwords, they put it into an ebook without paperback, which is kind of handy for short stories 8-D
    To get the ebook for the computer you have to download the PDF file. If you click the link at the top of this post and scroll down you will find one that says this (PDF (good for reading on PC, or for home printing)This is the one you will want.

    I hope they bring back Coulson too. Either way, I will never believe him to be dead. Did you see their making a SHEILD TV show?
    I like Agent Hill on the gag reel, which I might have mentioned before...I forget. But her, "NO! Not Coulson! You were the best agent I ever knew!! I will avenge you! I will call the Avengers and you shall be avenged!" That made me laugh so hard.

    I hope all is well there...and I'm sorry again if I missed some of your comments. I get behind answering 8-P

    How has life been for you?


  4. I shall stalk the nook store for it! :)

    Sparkles make everything better. And since I didn't have a date, I had no concerns of the sparkles coming off on anyone's clothes xD Plus it's beaded, so the sparkles CAN'T come off, even if I wanted to be evil and be-sparkle my classmates.

  5. Okay :) It may be a little before I can read your book cause my mouse is having a spazz attack :-/
    I didn't know they were making a TV show SHIELD. *Happy jump* I wanna see it. Is Agent Coleson the main character?
    Life is good again becaus the 5th season of Merlin aired and episode 1 is on Youtube. My night was *MADE* when I saw it :D Merlin is so awesome. We are almost done with S. 3 of DW. S. 4 is on the way(Rose!) God Bless

  6. Hooray! :) Awesome that your book has been released.

  7. Hooray! I can't wait to read it! Now to find 99 cents... MOM! xD Kidding.

    We could call American Sherlock.... We could call him Elementary. Or E-Lock for short.
    I don't like the scarf either. It doesn't look like a man's scarf... And yes, BBC did do it first! However if I saw a scarf like that in the store I would probably buy it because I love scarves and though this Sherlock does not deserve a scarf, I would gladly wear it. =D
    Totally! And this Sherlock is waaay too crazy! He just isn't the Holmes we know and love.
    I watched the second episode as well. I found it kind of redundant... blurring with the first episode. Especially with the selected killings. In the first episode it was redheads and in the second it was siblings. I hope it isn't primarily a show about getting the murderer... I hope they branch out to other crimes.
    That's cool that you met a Sherlock Holmes fan! It's great when they pop up in random places.
    I actually kind of like that he calls her Watson.... I wish that BBC's Sherlock does that (although Martin Freeman is much more of a "John" than a "Watson" if you get my meaning). I miss hearing "Watson." However, since this is NOT Watson (at. ALL.) he should call her by a different last name.
    *sigh* It makes me so angry that CBS made a "Sherlock Holmes" show because they knew the name would make them money. Really, the name is the only thing (besides a few coy lines or objects from the books) that makes the show a "Sherlock Holmes" adaption.
    Ha, I loved how Not-Sherlock lit his violin on fire.... It's not something Holmes would do - but it was a really funny thing for this person who is not Sherlock Holmes to do. And then he ends up playing it at the end of the episode... Kind of funny.
    Speaking of detectives with instruments... There is another set of detective novels called Lord Peter Whimsey by Dorothy Sayers. Have you ever heard of it? Peter Whimsey is kind of like SH in that he's kind of an anti-social detective with a thing for odd cases. And he plays the piano. I actually haven't read much of him... only the first few chapters of the first book. It was interesting. Perhaps worth checking out again sometime.

    Jonny Lee Miller was in the BBC adaption of "Emma" by Jane Austin which is the best period drama I have ever seen. Miller is a brilliant actor, and that's pretty much the only reason I'm watching Elementary.
    He was also the life stage preformance of Frankenstien with Benedict Cumberbatch recently. Each night they would alternate roles. The first night BC would be the monster and Miller would be the creator. The next night Miller would be the monster and BC would be the creator. Etc. etc.

    I'm not sure if all the original DW is on Netflix... You have to search them by episode.
    On wikipedia they have a full list of all DW episodes... and all episodes of any other TV show for that matter. I frequently look up Star Trek episodes to watch.

    Haha have fun watching Sherlock die! It's pretty heartwrenching - beware!

    Have a good week. =)


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