Thursday, October 18, 2012

"You mean a bad heel? Couldn't I just, like, wear something other then sandals? No offence."

 Well, today is the day I was originally going to release the bloopers. But since I did it early, this seems like a good day for my author picture. I might get more when we go up for cover pictures. We shall see.

 HOWEVER, before I let you see the picture, I've an important question. VERY important and I dearly need your input. So, please input. does one become a worm? Oh wait, wrong question.

 Pretend for a moment you are at the library. And you see this.

 Rows and rows and rows of unread, shelved books. So, you walk between book cases and look up and down. You aren't looking for author, just something new to read. And here is my question.

 What makes you pull a book out to look at the cover? What kind of font do you notice and are drawn to? A fancy font? A plan one? Something that reminds you of machines, mysteries, or fairy tales? Something bold and boxy or thin and elegant? 

 What colours attract you? Reds, purples, blues? What colours on the spines do you like? Or do you like spines with pictures? What colour lettering draws you most?

 Are you drawn to titles? If so, what kinds? What kind of words do they have in them which catches your eye. I know the typical ones. Blade. Death. Dragon. And so forth. But what wording gets YOUR attention?

 Basically, what on the spine of the book makes you pursue the book further? I'm a bit at a loss here and could use some help. Whatever you have to offer I'd be MOST grateful for! Right now I'm looking at colour wheels and stalking my library. (Who knew publishing meant studying colours?)

 Right now I have to go and get back to work.

 But first.

 May I present to you all....


 Was this evil of me?


 But really, I'm a spy. Were you expecting any different?

 Allons-y! I await your answers with that high, author-on-edge-ness

 John posted again



  1. Serif fonts. Like Palatino Linotype.
    Blue, brown, or darkly colored spines.
    Definitely drawn to titles. Ones that are way different than most.

  2. Raised fonts, embossed, or what ever it's called. I like the darker covers, with ones that have pictures with stories behind them. But it's really the thickness of the books that gets me to pull them from a shelf. If the book is 6 inches thick, for example, I will pull it out and look at it. Sorry if that's not very helpful...

  3. I'm usually pulled towards the more fancier fonts - but only if I can read them easily. I like more unusual ones as well. I tend to be attracted to blues, reds, and purples when it comes to colors. As for titles, that's ninety percent of the attraction. I like ones that sound like they'll make me laugh, or remind me of a fairy tale (but that's because I'm a HUGE fan of fairy tale rewritings ...) Your title ... I think I'd be attracted to it. However, since you're writing Steampunk, I'd suggest that you use a firmer font, since that it what I see most books labeled Steampunk using, and would, therefore, be what your potential audience is looking for. A small picture that gives a clue as to what the book is about is great, too!

    Oh, and one more bit of advise. Since you're a self-publishing author, publishing with Smashwords and the like, I wouldn't be too worried over my spine art. Most of your sales will be online (even with a print book) and your readers will probably not see the spine until it arrives in the mail - and that if they buy a print book. If you want to make the spine art attractive, you can, but I don't make it a high priority with my own books. I've been a self published author for over a year now, and I still haven't seen a book on any shelf other than my own.

    Hope my advice helps!

    BTW, I've been stalking your blog (and John's) for several weeks now ...

  4. Reminds me of my author photo!
    Cover art grabs me first, but I guess if I'm looking at spines a simple, bold title will catch my attention first.

  5. I think that strong, bold, thick-stroke letters are the most attention grabbing...colors are kind of hard though. I guess I could just leave it at advising you to not use pink, orange, yellow,white, or lime green! ;D

    ---heehee, not to be color prejudice or anything! =)

    God bless!

  6. What catches my eye the most is when the cover picture extends onto the spine, making me want to see what the rest of the cover looks like! So I pull it out and since I have it in my hand, I read what it's about ect ect ect!
    While I was rather looking forward to seeing the mysterious Jack, this picture fits you much better then the traditional head shot type pictures, I love it! =)

  7. Hey Jack;

    Big bad books attract me... I usually
    'see' books that have silvery-machine-like- colors :) I also really like elegant writing; like elvish or coligraphy. Colors that attract me; Purple, gold, black and silver, fiery red and misty green. I like mysterious name; Mistwood... haunted Isles.... Timewreck... The darkest hour, Lothlorien (Grin) or "heavy/metalic" names. (moon of steel) So there you go. some "go for" looks. Books that *I* would see. Did that help?

    I watched "The Doctors daughter" last night. It was surprisingly sad, especially near the middle. Poor Doctor :( Johns blog is so cute! I love him.

    Oooo your a *Spy* how fun! Have you met Coulson yet?
    Your pictures are fantastic. Just fantastic! :D We might see more?? YAY!!
    Have a good week.

    God Bless

  8. Bella,

    No, do not watch any of the specials until you finish series four. They all take place after it. I can't remember the order they are in, but I believe you want to watch End of Time last and the others it doesn't matter too much...but if you watch Water on Mars BEFORE End of Time, like right before, you better get what is going on.

    No, I didn't get the Mark of Athena *Is slightly ashamed.* Mostly because there are many to buy copies in my home town, had I that funny thing called money, and if I turned down Mothstorm I'd never see it again as long as I lived. It is a very special book. To me, it ties with Percy, which is saying a lot for me. I don't like Art, the boy in it, as much as I like Percy, but it is SUCH a good series! If you ever come upon them, Larklight, Starcross, or Mothstorm, snatch them up.
    Have you found Mark of Athena yet? We should go to the author's house and tell him our plight. Maybe he will have pity on us and give us a copy.

    No, sadly, I've no time for the DW blog party. This makes me slightly sad...maybe I should look into it better and see if I can find a way to do a little. It sounds like fun...I mean, it is THE DOCTOR!
    Honestly, I've no clue how such parties work...I read about them and by the end go, "Pardon?" So...if I figure it out I shall pass it on to you 8-D

    Thank you for the input on spines help!!! Very grateful!

    Oh, the Doctor's Daughter! Such a sweet, sad one. I loved it, but I wish, Spoilers.

    Yep! I'm a spy 8-D Maybe more pictures. I'm not sure how long I can kidnap William for on Monday. He's one of those hard to kidnap chaps. Unlike me. I'm VERY easy to kidnap. All one has to do is throw on a long coat, talk in a British accent and say, "I'm the Doctor." And then, I'm done for.



  9. Pyoo-sil-ahn-ee-muhss ;) Watermelon rolls in ones mouth well. I can see why you like it!

    I like books with readable fonts that have enough flair (especially the ever-so-slightly Victorian flair) to attract my eye. Typically I look for the more colorful books, like blues, greens, reds, and yellows since those tend to be more light-hearted novels and the stuff that's 'dark' in YA is too dark for me. The sorts of titles that catch my eyes are the ones that are either humorous ("Maurice and his Amazing Educated Rodents", Terry Pratchett), ominous ("Forbibben" Ted Dekker,"The Skin Map" Stephen R. Lawhead), or those one-worders that are so popular right now and I wish weren't so darn attracting! ("Pegasus", Robin McKinley, "Birdwing", (insert first name I don't remember) Martin). Alliterations draw me in due to my wordy nature (I can't think of any right now), and if it's really long you can expect me to pull it from the shelf to at least check out what the title means. Also, if it's a series, I like it when the titles are all intertwined, like Warriors arc 2 (all times), Donita K. Paul's fantasy series (Dragonknight, Dragonquest, et cetera).

  10. I am a fantasy reader and writer. I like old fashioned fonts like on the Lord of the Rings, and fonts like one the Percy Jackson books. But I am never drawn to a new book by the fonts. It's the title and ... wait for it... the synopsis! Find me a good title a good synopsis and I will read... until I come to things I don't like or the end.
    Strange titles are good. Inkheart, Blade (as mentioned and the title of the book I am currently writing), The Mysterious Benedict Society, etc. Also, titles are not copywrite. Thought you might like to know that.
    ~Robyn Hoode

  11. Jack;

    I'm glad my comment helped. Good Luck!

    I forgive you for not getting "The Mark of Athena" *Shakes hand as a sign of peace* The other book must be really good, I'll try and read it.
    OH GOOD! I wasn't the only one doing the David-Tennant-"WHAT?"-face- when a blog party was explained to me. I am so confused. I'm just going to watch and see how OTHER people do it and follow them.

    Yes well, if I actually met The Doctor I wouldn't be able to resist running into his TARDIS and shrieking "It's bigger on the inside!" Then I'd just let him take me away. Because, come on... HE IS THE DOCTOR!!

    thanks for the tips on the DW seasons. We will be watching the specials soon.... we're going to lose Tennant. Sadness :(

    Well thx for posting. Tell John his blog is awesome because I can't comment on it right now. Technology and all that :D
    God Bless

  12. I like simple covers. A huge and bold title. Not a lot going on behind. And the title has to be really clear. If the spine is black with powerful looking font on the binding, that's when I slip it off the shelf. Reds, blacks, dark colours, or frosty colours. :D

    Good luck with your cover making! Sounds intense. And I think your author photo is pretty cool. It's Lemony-Snicket-ish!!!

  13. Covers with sans serif or elaborate fonts, elements of technology or fantasy, and colorful spines all attract me. Titles sometimes attract me; clever titles or ones that are sentences always catch my eye in particular.

    I love looking at color wheels. :) I did it a LOT when I was trying to figure out how to design my second (Eagle Directory) website.

    Love the author picture. :)

  14. I'm usually drawn more towards darker spines with bold, colorful lettering. But it's hard to say...I looked over at my bookshelf and there is an interesting assortment of spines! *Ponders for a moment.* I like books that look kind of old fashion. And I like it when the book has some sort of design on the spine. Even if it's just a little embellishment. Just something to add to the writing.
    Well. There you have it! lol. Clear as mud. :)

    I have to say, that picture of you is very cool. It totally reminds me of something from an old spy movie. Love it!

  15. First of all, I LOVE the author picture!! VERY cool, Jack.

    Fonts: I generally go for elegant, script style fonts, elven, calligraphy and also old-fashioned fonts like Old English.

    Colours: jewel tones, because they seem to tell a story all on their own (I know that sounds a little silly). :) And brown. Tooled/embossed spines. I like spines with pictures sometimes. Gold lettering never fails to grab my attention. Dark purple gets me every time, too.

    Titles: alliteration, rhyming titles, and mysterious sounding titles like 'The Keyhole Secret'. (Oh, that gives me an idea!)

    Hope that helps!

    Yep, the Doctor could kidnap me and I'd be perfectly happy! I'd jump at the chance, in fact!!

    No, I haven't decided about NaNo yet. I'm also waiting to see if closer to the end of October I might know what November's schedule will look like and whether NaNo will even be feasible.

    You closet leads to Narnia??!! Can I come visit you? =)

    The DW party: Tasha and Ashley (the two hosting it) will be writing posts about just DW in general. And a couple on DW inspired fashion. There will also be a DW tag for people to fill out if they'd like to. I've seen some of the questions suggested for the tag and it is going to be SO much fun. There isn't much we readers HAVE to do. Basically fill out the tag, read the posts and comment, all optional of course! Or you can just read the posts, if you want. Basically, we all just kind of gush over DW! =)

  16. Oh boy...what draws me to a book? Fonts, unusual titles that piqué my interest, colors, pictures or little details on the sides, etc. Mostly, I think it's the little details on the sides, coupled with a font that sort of reveals the nature and genre of the book (if that makes any sense...hehe). If the spine intrigues me, then I'll pull out the book to see the cover.(:

    What a mysterious author photo! I suppose you don't want to reveal your true identity, since you're a spy and all...haha.(; I love it, though!


  17. I awarded you! :D I love book covers like Ranger's Apprentice, but also ones like some LOTR copies that look really cool and ancient sort of.... If that makes sense... :D


  18. I am so behind on commenting....
    First of all, thank you for telling us about Lisbeth's Choice's covver. I asked about that. =)
    Also, LOVED the story about the tree branch. xD
    ALSO, I laughed SO hard at your author picture. xD I loved it.
    What did you think of the third Elementary episode? I thought it was good... The squats were funny but very un-Sherlock. I loved how his eyes followed Lucy Lui. I thought the plot was predicatable, though.
    The guy in Emma is Mr. Knightley. He is AMAZING! Wentworth is pretty cool too. But Knightley is the best Austin hero, I think.
    Wow! 5 viewings of the Hobbit! I wish I lived where you lived
    I WATCHED DONNA! =D The Runaway Bride. I really really like her thus far. Too bad she's not in the third season... Though I think Martha will be good as well.
    Oh my word I wish I was in London SO bad. Actually, I wish I had the TARDIS so I could go back to Friday. Then I want to be in London. They had A HUGE Star Trek convention in London this weekend where all 5 captains were interviewed by CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS! Oh my word... Why oh why couldn't I have been there???
    Have a greak week. =)

  19. Oh... And Rosey is a bichon frese. =)


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