Sunday, October 28, 2012

"You weren't able to talk sense into him?" "Well, we kind of tried to kill each other in a duel to the death."

 Okay, first, don't forget but there is still a chance to sign up for the blog party! Also, I'm having trouble with the button still, even though everyone has been trying to help me. Hopefully I will get it soon. 

 Also, when I first started NaNo, those of us who knew each other kind of grouped together. I know not many of you will be doing it this year, but those who are, would any of you be interested in setting up a secure chat room (I know how to do this as my sister and I used a site for years and it is very safe and has a password and everything,) and using it to talk as we write, encourage each other on word counts, and such? If anyone is interested let me know and I shall get it set. Also, is anyone going to stay up till 12 and write an hour the first night of NaNo? Some of my friends used to do this and I would hang out and write with them. It was a lot of fun, but my old NaNo group vanished so, is anyone interested in having a first night of NaNo party with me?

 Lastly, John needs your help. So he asked me to mention it on here. Which I did. Here is his blog link again. He will explain it all here. Now, moving on.

 I was tagged again, this time by Bekah at Hear of Ink. 

 I won't be tagging anyone again, sorry, the cover flopped on me so I have to start over. Mean cover. But if you want the tag, it be yours, my dear readers.

 First, 11 random facts.

 1. If I was a fellow I would be a singer.

 2. Unless I had a high pitched voice, then I would spare all of you my singing.

 3. When I get married I want my wedding ring to be engraved with "One Ring to rule them all, and in the Darkness Bind them." In the language of Mordor.

 4. If my engagement ring looks like any of the nine rings, the three, or the seven I will be happy.

 5. The seven rings were lost though, weren't they?

 6. I discovered today, after breaking my floor, that it leads to Wonderland.

 7. I am sad that Jack Frost isn't being talk by Hiccup in Rise of the Guardians.

 8. But not sad enough to not go and see it.

 9. Even though all I will be able to think of is, "I hope he doesn't loose his shirt."

 10. Trekkies will get that.

 11. Well, they will get it if they know who is talking Jack Frost, and if they didn't get it they likely do now.

 Bekah's 11 questions

 2. The Lord of the Rings or Narnia?

 Wha-What? One...or the other?! ACK! No, I can't. I like them the same. Can I trade one with one of the ones above? Because I can pick both of these over Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

 3 Movies or Books?

 Um, another tie? Though books slightly more.

 4. What kind of music do you listen to while you write, if any?


 5. Winter or Summer?

 Winter isn't all bad. There's ice skating, and snow ball fights...oh! And Christmas!

 Cursive or Print?

 Um, chicken scratches?

 7. Keyboard or Writing by hand?


 8. If the villain from your favourite book/movie right now came walking through your front door what would you do?

 Hm, which villain would it be? The Master? hasn't just one villain. I don't know which one Percy is going to face in this new book, something about a spider but let's no go there. Um, um...oh! I know! I'd go, "IS BAILLOT BEHIND YOU!?!" And shove him aside to look. Then I'd let him kidnap me so Baillot can save me. 

 9. Mexican or Chinese food?


 10. Cake or ice cream?

 Both, on my birthday.

 11. Candy or Chips?


 You know the drill.

 1. Who would win in a sword fight, Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson?

 2. Have you ever tried to do Tintin's quiff while in the bath?

 3. Which books aren't the Thom(p)sons in?

 4. What are the two phrases Tintin likes to shout?

 5. Name one of the phrases Captain Haddock yells.

 6. What is Snowy's name in the French language?

 I FOUND MY PEN!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that was just good news.

7. The Milanese Nightingale miss prounces Haddock's name all the time. What is one of the names she calls him?

8. Why does she miss prounce his name?  

9. What three books did the writers base the new movie after?

 10. Do you know how Tintin got his name?

 11. In which book does Tintin reveal he is not, in fact, using his real name?

 (All of these in honour of the movie having been out a year. Which I kind of forgot, which is a shame, because it would have been the perfect day to watch the movie on.)

 Okay, wait, I know who to tag.

 I tag Bella. You can answer in the comment area.

 I also tag Abbey, who probably knows all the answers. And if anyone else wants the tag, I tag you as well.

 How about you? Do you know about Tintin? If so, how many of the answers to these questions do you know? (And I don't know all the answers, I've forgot some. I heard most of them during actor interviews.)




  1. TAGGED! My, aren't you popular *Grin*

    Thank you for tagging me, even though on John's Tag :D this time I'll get it right.

    11 Facts;

    Ugg.... I figure I'm suppose to do 11 DIFFERENT facts right? Ok

    1) I hate waking up *cold* in the morning. It makes me angry.
    2) If I could die my icecream TARDIS blue, I would.
    3) I want a cool side-kick name.
    4) I want a Jack-sack
    5) I've never read or seen the Hunger games. Katniss annoyed me so much that I didn't finish book 1
    6)I think my family has Fantastic Christmases.
    7) I love musicals.
    8) My favorite Musical is "Phantom of the Opera"
    9) I like "Les Miserables" But some of the songs in there are... Not Good. and the music can get clunky

    10) I am still going to see the movie of "Les Mis" because Hugh Jackman AND Russel Crowe are in it. I have to wait until it comes out on DVD, though.
    11) I have hair that reaches below my waist. I can almost sit on it... just a BIT longer, (Seriously just a bit)

    Ok questions;

    1)WHO WOULD WIN IN A SWORD FIGHT, STEVEN SPILSBERG OR PERTER JACKSON?I don't know if this is a trick question. I have my suspicions... um I think it would be... *Hesitantly* Jackson?

    Yes, Oh yes!

    3)WHICH BOOKS AREN'T THE THOM(P)MSONS IN? Oh oh oh I know!! Tintin in Tibet, and Flight 714

    4) WHAT ARE THE TWO PHRASES TINTIN LIKES TO SHOUT? "Great Snakes" and "crumbs"

    5)NAME ONE OF THE PHRASES CAPTAIN HADDOCK SHOUTS. "You wee sour-faced sassanag!!"


    **Yay on finding your pen!**


    8)WHY DOES SHE MIS-PRONOUNCE HIS NAME? *Guiltily* I dunno.

    9) WHAT THREE BOOKS DID THE WRITERS BASE THE NEW MOVIE AFTER? The crab with the Golden Claws, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackhams Treasure.

    10)DO YOU KNOW HOW TINTIN GOT HIS NAME? I have no idea. But I would like to find out. Please.

    11)IN WHICH BOOK DOES TINTIN REVEAL HE IS NOT, IN FACT, USING HIS REAL NAME? I've only read a few TINTIN books... I haven't read that one yet.

    Weeew! so that's done. Do I have to ask questions now? if so I'll do it in the comment area, if not that's fine... Just tell me whether to do it or not in your reply :) Thanks again Jack. It is nice of you to let me participate.
    God Bless

  2. Oh yes, I meant to tell you. I think you can still tag people even though you haven't a blog. You could just post it in their comment with the questions you wish to ask them. Anyhow, I don't see why you CAN'T do it this way.

    (I had a good friend who didn't have a blog while many of us did so she and I found ways around it. I've had practice.)

    I'm also over here grinning and clapping my hands. Another completely Tinin geek! I mean, you know Snowy's name!!!

    I love the cold, but I'm with you. Cold mornings. No thanks.

    What is a Jack-sack? Never heard of that before.

    Your side kick nick name should be Rose.

    Here, fellow not so crazy about The Hunger Games. We've room for you behind Rodger's shield. *Scoots over.*

    That Spilsberg and Jackson question wasn't a trick one, actually. *Grin* It was a question the interviewers asked the actors. None of them was sure who would win, but I liked Jamie Bell's answer. he said they would have this grand, cool, epic fight, wear themselves out, then go and make a movie about it. I'm all for that. Them, making a movie about swords. Has to be cool.

    YES! You've done the quiff! I was going to, but sometimes my bangs do it on their own, so I've yet to try it in the bath tub. (Did you know Jamie Bell's hair does a quiff? It did it during filming and some chaps were taking pictures of it 8-D)

    I forgot the non Thompson books. I had them wrong when I did it because I read the old Tintin in the Congo and they aren't in that one. Aren't they in the Flight one though? Don't they fall down the stairs and all you see of them is their feet, canes, and bowler hats? Or am I thinking of a different one?

    *Whispers* Not even Jamie Bell got the one right about what Tintin shouts. He forgot Crumbs and said the Tintin geeks were going to come after him.

    *Dances again because you know Snowy's real name.* My sister was going to get a French Poodle and name it Milou.

    The Nightingale calls Haddock Paddock once, but that is the only one I can ever remember off the top of my head. She has a new one for him every time she talks to him.

    And someone said she says his name wrong because when he first meets her he is so flabbergasted he says his own name wrong. (But, since the only name she EVER says right is Tintin's I suppose she would have gotten Haddock's wrong even if he hadn't muffed his name.)

    Which books do you think they will use for the new movie? Every one is guessing but Jackson is being top secret 8-P

    Um, Tintin's name...I heard this one. It was one Jamie Bell knew..oh yeah. In French, whatever his name is in that language, it means quiff. So, he was named after his hair.

    The one when Tintin says that isn't his real name is one of my favourites.
    Which ones have you read, so far?

    Okay, now I guess I should stop being a geek. *Wanders off still grinning and giggling with glee.*

  3. I know about TinTin, but I've only seen the really old television series...Haha. and now the theme song is stuck in my head. Great. Though it has a pretty fantastic trombone part...anyway. my first episode was the one that had the crab cans with the golden claws. Why does it almost always involve drugs in some way, shape, or form?
    And is it me, or does TinTin recover from all of those concussions (from being knocked out by a blow to the head every five minutes) waaay too quickly? And I'm very glad his real name isn't TinTin. Because that would just be weird.

  4. Aw, so you succeeded in breaking through the floor and found your own Wonderland. Will you stil take me with you to Narnia and Neverland?

  5. Aw, so you succeeded in breaking through the floor and found your own Wonderland. Will you stil take me with you to Narnia and Neverland?

  6. Aw, so you succeeded in breaking through the floor and found your own Wonderland. Will you stil take me with you to Narnia and Neverland?

  7. Best. Tag. Ever.
    And YES YES! Make a NaNo chat thingy! I need all the encouragement I can get! And I love giving it to others. =)

  8. Wow, literally as I was posting the above comment I got your comment in my inbox. *facepalm*
    My NaNo username is GraceFeather42.

    The Big Fat Tintin Quiz is my absolute favorite Tintin interview ever!!!

    I only ever read Tintin the Congo once so how was I supposed to know...? xD Actually, I have no idea which books the Thom(p)sons aren't in.

    Huh. I think I vaguely remember Haddock mispronouncing his name... But who knows.
    Haha it would be so funny to see her get Tintin's name wrong. How would she get it wrong? Hello mister Minmin!

    Ahh yes... the quiff is in the Tintin quiz as well. I should have remembered that. I read somewhere that Tintin means "nothing" though. Tintin in Belgian was something like Curfew. It sounds like curfew... at least the way Jamie Bell said it.

    I think it is Cigars of the Pharoh! The one where they meet rastapopulos for the first time?! AH it's killing me! *runs to get book* YES! Cigars of the Pharoh. I knew it! That was the first Tintin book I ever read. Er, had read to me. I didn't know how to read when we got in out of the library. I still remember sitting in the back seat flipping through, looking at all the pictures and wondering about it. I was quite awed. I didn't know books could come like that.

  9. One ring to rule them all - awesome!!!

  10. Jack;

    Thanks for the tips on tagging :)

    Yes I am a complete Tintin freak. I've read some of the books, but I can't remember their names right now. I KNOW I read "The Secret of the Unicorn" *grin* But then I forget.

    Have you ever watched a TV show called '24'? EEP!! It is so good. There's this guy in there called Jack Bauer and he has a sack he carries about with him. This is how it looks;

    and this is him with it;

    it is so cool :) The show is pretty clean. I haven't seen all the seasons so I don't know if there are any scenes or something in them. I don't *think* there are. WARNING: they are **Very** addictive.

    Ok moving on;

    knowing Snowy's name was just luck really. I found a Tintin book in French and saw Snowy's name and then I heard it in an interview... somewhere :) But I was proud of myself for knowing it.

    I have no idea which book will be made into a movie. But I'm looking forward to it *Smiles widely*

    I thought Thomson and Thompson weren't in the flight... I think your thinking of something else. Unless I'm wrong which is entirely possible.

    Yeah, Hunger Games just didn't do it for me;
    **Scoots behind the shield**

    I'm glad the sword fight question wasn't a "TOTAL FAN INSIDE JOKE" question. But watching one like that would be cool.

    Lucy "Winters not so bad. There's snowball fights, ice skating... Oh and Christmas!"
    Tumnus "Not here. No, there hasn't been a Christmas in a hundred years."
    Lucy "What?? No presents for a *hundred* years?!"
    Tumnus "It's been a long winter."

    I love Mr. Tumnus :D and I really want his scarf.

    Yes! Rose is an awesome side-kick name. Especially since it is also my middle name; "Rose Marie"
    that is so awesome. I should spread the word *Jumps up and down* I already miss Rose. Do you think she and 11 will meet? there's been a rumor that she and the duplicate may appear in the 50th anniversary episode... (**Please Billie Piper... PLEASE Moffat**)

    Ok so I'm off to tag people... if I can. Thank you for answering my comment. May I ask you a question? Is your pen sonic? If so, can you tell me how you got it??
    God Bless

  11. Actually, it was a reference to a Disney channel show my dad likes- Phineas and Ferb. (It's cute)

    I just hated David for no particular reason. And Zane...Had awesome hair, but became kind of a wimp really fast. I believe he died at one point, which made me sad, but he wasn't a total loss.
    Extras is very different from the other 3 books. The gang's in it at one point, but they aren't portrayed very positively because the main character thinks they're hiding something. Plus the main character has a cute robot that follows her around! It doesn't do anything, alas...
    And Shay's Story was really good. I liked Shay in the series, and giving her background helped justify my liking of her (and kind of but not really of Zane)

    My NaNo is :)

    I won't be able to stay up the first day of NaNo due to the fact I get up every morning at 6AM Central, and head off to school by 6:40AM Central. :( Sounds like fun!

  12. Hi, Jack.
    Yeah, I'm interested in a Nano chat group! That would be cool. :)
    I'm Pencil_Panda on Nano. I'm thinking about pulling a late nighter on the first day but I do work the next day so I'm still debating. How badly do I want to boost my word count? Some of my sisters are talking about doing it, and if they do, I have no choice! I mean, I *can't* be behind my sisters! That would be tragic. :)
    My Nano plot is sort of fuzzy still. I have a story but no plot. Is that even possible?
    I am going to whip up an outline or two but I think I'm mostly just going to see where my characters take me.
    I still need to stock up on chocolate...I have to keep up my strength after all. Writing does drain a person so!
    Hey, stalking up after Halloween is a *great* idea! I might just have to!

    I am probably going to re-read the Hobbit before the movie comes out. I am SO EXCITED about the movie! MARTIN FREEMAN!!!


  13. Jack ~ So sorry to hear that your cover didn't pan out after all the work you put into it. Very, very frustrating, that is.

    Haggis... good answer. Haggis actually very nice indeed, if it is made correctly. "Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race!" and all that. I like it.

    I'm rather thinking of staying up til midnight and getting in a bit of writing. So, aye, I'm up for First Night party... And while I am not the chattiest person in the world, I do enjoy lurking about chat lists and seeing what's going on.

  14. Bella,

    The Secret of the Unicorn is a fun Tintin book. My favourite is The Black Island. (Scotland and all *grin)

    I've not seen 24, but I think my mum watches it, or has. I like his sack! If I find the show I might have to watch it. After I finish Terra Nova, which I've just three left on that one.

    I am looking forward to the second movie too. Peter Jackson said it would be more spy ish then this one, which will be fun. And since he likes The Black Island too I am dearly hoping he will add that.

    I love Tumnus too. I was sad he wasn't in Prince Caspian. It never really hit me till I saw the movie and Lucy saw his painting and realized he was dead and I wanted to cry. "He is gone, isn't he?!"

    I don't know about Rose and 11. I know they are making plans for the 50th anniversry and supposedly a lot of the actors will be coming back. So I assume she will be one of them, which means she should get to meet 11. *Reads more* Aw, you heard it too. *Grin* I don't think she will like 11 as much as 10 though..

    Actually, my pen isn't completely sonic. It does have a light on it though, and it is blue. So that has to count for something. *Smirk*


  15. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your cover fell through, that must be so awfully depressing.

    "Trekkies will get that" I got it. :)

    I'd be interested in the group chat thingy, I just need to get myself together and finish signing up. I'm not sure if I'll be ABLE to do it, but I will give it a try, yeah?

    God bless


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