Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Bring me back! Bring me back!"

 I must apologize. The last post I wrote was rather Thimy Whimy and I ended up getting the dates wrong. The trailer will not be out today but tomorrow. The Fourteenth, as originally stated. So, sorry about the mix-up!

 To make up for my sleepy post in which I confuse dates, here is a snippet. (It is like offering a cookie, only it doesn't taste as good... besides, John ate all the cookies. That's right, John! I read your blog.)

 But anyways, the snippet. Enjoy, and tomorrow...well, you will just have to come back then.

 The legend is true,” Alyce whispered, her eyes gleaming.
She's even cuter when her eyes do that, Dragon whispered – as if the others could hear him.
Trisli almost nodded his head but caught himself in time.
What was the crime?” Hugh asked warily. Trisli knew his friend didn't wish to offend their hosts – who could probably kill them in the blink of an eye – but his curiosity won out.
It isn't important,” Bear growled, his tone saying, Ask again and I shall add another crime to my list, then feed your body to the dragon.
You said the story might give Trisli some answers about the – dragon,” Alyce ventured, changing subjects.
Great. Now she thought he was creepy. Just what he needed.
Right! He didn't even mention DragonSlayers! I wanted to hear that part!
Trisli glared a warning at Dragon, though he didn't see what good that would do. I'm the little human who cannot kill you, so shut up.
I was getting to that,” Bear snapped.
Good. Ask him to throw on another rabbit. Stories are better if one has something to eat.
A lot of the legends of Myste have either been forgotten or retold so many times no one knows what is true.”
This is why someone needs to write them down!” Owl exclaimed.
Why don't you, then?” Fish demanded. “You gripe about it enough!”
He doesn't know how to write!” Raccoon chattered.
At least he is smart enough to know when to lay off the coffee,” Snake hissed.
I love it when they fight. This is better then chasing a deer through the forest.
Shut up!” Bear roared, then smiled kindly at Alyce.
Talk about mood swings! Trisli thought.
As I was saying,” Bear went on as if nothing had happened, “a lot of the legends of Myste have been forgotten or changed so many times they are nothing more then fables.”
Like Trisli's stories,” Hugh muttered under his breath

 Quote is from The Mark of Athena. *Grin*



  1. Ooooh!!! NEAT! I think that snippet was tantalizing enough... sooo, more???? PLEASE! How cool. And I can't wait for the trailor!!! Woot! :D

  2. I'm always getting dates mixed up! It can be so annoying sometimes! Fun snippet :)

  3. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay. Keep calm. Trailer tomorrow. I'll survive till then, but honestly, I think you did that on purpose.

  4. Hurray! Trailer tomorrow! SO looking forward to it!!!

    Great snippet! It makes even more curious about this story!

    Tell John too many cookies are bad for him, especially if he is still a baby. :)


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