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"For some reason he and Annabeth had visited a spa and decided to destroy it. He couldn't imagine why."

 (I will explain this more later, but if you are a writer even if you have yet to finish a book, you may enter my Book Blog Party! And it no longer matters how you plan to publish. Read more HERE!)

 I mentioned to all of you in a post, I don't remember which, my Hermits United plan. Spending one day, I got my word count high so I could take most of this week to finish editing. Thankfully, I finished today. Which is VERY good because I was one step away from slipping back to my editing state and forgetting my socks again.
 So, yes, you read that right. Haphazardly Implausible has gone through it's last, I believe edit! I am very happy about this fact, and very nervous because I am now that much closer to publishing. (Also, I have to set up all the technical payment stuff and the numbers are doing their jig. I hate numbers and payments and Math and adding and subtracting and all that. It is worse then dancing on a cactus - which I've done before.) Thankfully my mum is going to help with all that. She's good at this stuff.

 To celebrate the last edit, John and I finished Terra Nova. I liked it so much I would buy the whole season if I had, you know, money. I am very sad they didn't make another season. 

 All of that aside for now though. I might end up writing a review on the show, but that will be later when I figure out how my posts are going to work from now on.

 Right now, I wanted to start a bit of a review on a book I've been reading. (When I finish the book it will get a proper review, but I wanted to share things from it now.) I think I mentioned this book before. It is called Seraphina and hasn't been out very long, which surprised me.

 I've mentioned a lot about cliche characters which are appearing in fiction. When I read the plot for this book I thought Seraphina and Kiggs (the hero who happens to be a prince) would end up being the same. A girl who is half dragon. She will be bold and daring and snap the head off of any fellow who tries to help her. A prince, he will be stuck up, know it all, and think he is better than anyone else. Both these characters surprised me.

 First off, the story is from Phina's point of view. I don't like reading books where the character tells the story. It usually irks me. However, this one is done wonderfully well and I've not minded one bit.

 (Oh right, I should give a fast summery of the book. Phina is a half dragon, which means were anyone to find out no one would accept her. The dragons would think her a shame and shun her and the humans would fear her. Phina does her best to keep to herself, but this becomes tricky when the kingdom learns how well she can play music. Then, to make matters worse, she meets the prince, Kiggs - who is kind of like her because his mum married someone her family didn't like so they kind of, kicked her out of the family or something.
 Being on friendly terms with a prince makes keeping to oneself tricky - solving a mystery with him, impossible. And when the prince is very clever  and isn't happy till he gets to the bottom of everything, you're in trouble)

 Phina is everything the cliche character is not. First off, she has a good reason for wishing to be alone. A VERY good reason. But she doesn't sit in a corner and pout. Instead, she does what she enjoys and when the musicians she is supposed to help bug her she will yell at them - though she's not very threatening and they usually just giggle at her.
 Second, she is shy. Not the, she won't talk shy, but the she isn't used to people and doesn't know the proper things to say. At one point she insults the prince to his face. He's a good sport about it - but more on him later.
 So, not only does she not going about feeling sorry for herself, Phina also has personality. She is complex and sweet, YES! Sweet! I didn't think people wrote about sweet girls anymore. She cares for others and she has a sense of humor. (I didn't think that existed in books either.) Some of her students make up a song about her in one part and instead of getting offended she thinks it is kind of them and joins in the fun with them. She is by far the best female character I think I've ever read. She isn't typical, which I love.

 Then there is Kiggs. Prince Lucain Kiggs is for some reason accepted by his family even though his mum shamed them. Maybe it is because he is constantly reminded of her shame that he isn't a snob. Yet, like Phina, he doesn't feel sorry for himself. His mum is sneered at and he is sometimes mocked, but he does his duty without looking for pity. He goes through life, sticking his nose into everything and making people laugh. (Yes, he has a sense of humor as well and enjoys Phina's mishaps at being social. Also, he is very kind to her, treating her as an equal and not a lowly peasant.)
 I think what I like best about Kiggs is he thinks of himself as human. He doesn't think he is anything special to be bowed down to and such. He is happy to mix with the commoners, sharing the local gossip, all while keeping peace in the city. If he weren't the prince I could see him as a prankster - though he is almost too kind to pull off many pranks.
 Also, shocker, he is manly. He's not a wimp who hides behind women. He is brave and he isn't the typical dashing one expects in princes. I get the impression he is common looking and it is his character people notice first.

 All of that said, I am greatly enjoying this book and can see why so many have been talking about it. At the moment I would highly recommend it, warning though, I'm only halfway through. So if you read it and find something not so great at the ending, well, sorry I couldn't warn you.

 And now I am going to end this, because it has turned out very long. Sorry about that...I try to keep my posts at a nice, shorter length. Now I am going for real. But first, what are you Hermits United counts? And have you ever read a book with characters who defy cliche?




  1. Jack-- I don't usually really care for book reviews about books I haven't read.... But OH MY GOSH, I'm checking this book out! I have it on hold at the library as of three minutes ago because you made it sound so good. I like books with sweet girls and cool guys. Hee! Especially fantasy books, so yes. I'm excited to read it.

  2. I like the names from these books that you've mentioned...nice and different. But at the same time, they're very simple. The names starts the character, then I judge whether or not I like them from there. Yay for the non-stereo types! ;)

    There is yet hope for my NaNo! Out of all the things written on my to do list today, the only one that I can actually cross off now is "Hit the 5,200 mark" (which is kind of pathetic because that means I didn't accomplish much today 'cause in thirty minutes it will be tomorrow). Unfortunately, the further I go with my story, the more I realize the eventually I'll actually have to go back and re-write miles and miles of it.


  3. I read SO many books with characters who defy cliche. I know a lot of authors fall into the trap of *cliche* characters (and, being a writer myself, I do too), because these days nearly everything is considered cliche. It's hard writing, eh?! :P

    And yes, you did make the book sound really good. I'm off to goodreads to check it out.

  4. W00t! Last edit madness ftw! It's partaaay time!

    Seraphina sounds like an absolutely *fantastic* book. I don't normally go for dragons and that kind of thing, but you have definitely made me want to read it now. I'd buy it right away, if I had money, which I don't. We can be poor together. Hermits. Hermits United. (It doesn't have anything to do with a Doctor quote, does it? Just a little bit?)

    I'm trying to catch up on all your other posts because we haven't had internet for like a week. I read the little snippet in your previous post (I think it was there), and it's hilarious! I laughed out loud. You're quite funny, you know. You give the impression that you're hilarious without really meaning to be, which it makes everything even more funny. (I give you more credit than that, of course; I know for a fact that you're quite witty).

    Anyway. I bet I have some emails to answer, which I will attempt to do this afternoon or evening, but my day is so full that I'm worried I won't time to stand still! I like those kinds of days, though. They're better than boring ones.

    I feel like I ought to join your Book Party, but I'm not sure. I guess I feel kind of pushy about it, though I don't mean to be. I don't know if I'll be here at the time, either... Ugh, I am so bad about making decisions. Maybe I'll shoot you an email anyway and see how it works out. *fidgets indecisively*

    Okay, so this one got long. I'll just trot off to write that email, then.

  5. Hey Jack :)

    Thank you for the email. Because I have very few books that are even half way finished, I am warry about joining your party. If I can get my favorite book (Shipwreck) More than half way done befor this weekend I will try and join... Okay? Otherwise I mightn't be able to. Since I have a month to write, you can put my name down, but I'm not sure how long I'll be :D Did you say you wanted me to guest post? Is that what you meant by, "Get your post to me on time" ? and do I have unti the END OF THE MONTH to do said post, if that's what you meant????

    OOOO!!!!!!! This book sounds fantastic. I am SOooooo tired of the obnoxious bratty , rebellious girl characters and the snobb, above everyone boy characters that, for some reason, have to work together even though they hate it.And then after a while it all works out. I am sooo tired of the "Typical" adventures. So it will be nice to sink my teeth into something new *Grin* I'm trying to make my character, Sparrow, NOT Cliche, but I don't know how well I'm doing.

    God Bless

    1. I emailed you some more information about the party, and hopefully answered your questions. I might have missed some though, so you can ask them again if you need.

      I agree with you. Finding something new and interesting, untypical to read, is wonderful. And characters one can actually enjoy.

      Avoiding cliche as a writer is hard. I have trouble with that as well.

  6. If I ever see this novel at a bookstore, I might pick it up!

  7. I too am sad about Terra Nova only lasting the one season!
    I need to look up that book you reviewed, I've got a sister who LOVES anything to do with dragons!


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