Monday, November 12, 2012

"Good bye, John."

 When I see The Hobbit I shall be possessed by the urge to shout, "It is all right, Watson! You can go back to Baker Street! Sherlock is still alive and will miss you when he comes back! You needn't move to Hobbiton."

 I was late posting today, I know. I was running about too much, doing NaNo things. As explained below.

 Sunday my mum was kind enough to help me order a copy of my book. (Aye, my own copy. *Rubs hands and cackles.*) Now, hopefully, I've got some of you wondering why you don't get a copy yet. Well, simple. I'm the author, so I get one first. 8-P
 Okay, I shall be nice.
 No, the real reason is I am checking formatting. Amazon had a panic attack because things were blurry. I think it is being silly but I want to make sure. Never trust an internet panic attack.

 Once my copy comes I will review it, make sure it looks nice, and re-read it - again. Did no one ever tell you writing is mostly just re-reading? So write something you like, because you have to read it more than anyone else.
 After I have reviewed it - and added in the last pictures - I will finish it up and release it!

 But, since it isn't here yet, I am using this off editing period to do some dash writing. I'm hoping to get my word count WAY up before the book comes, so I can get behind again while I review. Which means reaching 30,000 by tomorrow and at LEAST 35,000 by Friday - if not 40,000. (Note to self, never release anything ever again around NaNo.)

 I do have some release information though, this for all of you. The Short Story Collection is out! (And a bit early.)
 You can find it on AMAZON.COM, it should be on Createspace but I don't know how you would find it there. And, it is on Kindle. (If you have Nook or some other reader which doesn't work Kindle books, contact me and we shall work something out.)
 I cannot find where it went on Kindle, but you should be able to find it by putting in my name. (I don't own a Kindle so I don't know how they work.)

 I'm sorry if the Kindle looks funny. I know, I should have all this worked out BEFORE I publish, but it was having fun mocking me. And, again, I don't own a Kindle, so I don't know how to check the format.

 Also, about the character notes. I know I've not posted any since I did Peter's. To be honest, I forgot about them. Then, as I was going to do one tonight, I realized my notebook is missing. So, as soon as I find it, the rest of those will be coming.

 I have a bit of news on Book Two. I shan't go into too much detail, not until after New Years, but I suppose a bit of information won't hurt.
 Most of book two has to be re-written because of some plot changes which took place in book one. (Can't tell you about those, top secret and all until after you read it. *Evil laughter*)
 Now, if I was a good author, I would be spending NaNo working on book two. But I'm not a good author, so, I didn't. 
 Title release and summery for the second book will be released some time after New Years. Not sure exactly WHEN though. I don't even want to think ahead that far yet. 

 Before I go, I have some news about signed copies. Since I'm not a rich and famous author but am more of the starving kind who lives off instant soup, I will not be traveling about the country and holding book signings. (Besides, I'm a spy, not going to work.)
 But, I do have a plan. I will be doing five editions of the book as signed copies. (Right now, it just won't work for me to do more. Maybe at a later date if someone REALLY wants a signed one. But right now, with everything in my life going haywire, something would just blow up.)

 Here is how it will work. The first five people who contact me will be put on the list. But there is a slight drawback. Remember my lack of a job? Well, I have NO extra money. Which makes me buying five copies early...impossible. Therefore, those who want the copies will have to send the money they would send to Amazon to me. We can do this through Paypal to keep things safe.
 Once I have the money I will order the books - well, once all of the pictures are in them. (Note, I will set aside the money and use it only for the books. You know, just in case you wondered.)

 When the books arrive I will sign them - you can even let me know what you wish me to sign, like, add a note or anything - and I will ship them out.

 There are rules to this, so listen up. *Adjust glasses.* If you live in my town - YES, you know who you are (maybe. I don't know if anyone from my town reads this.) Anyhow, if you live in my home town or if you see me often, you may not sign up for one of these five. (You get a signed copy anyhow because I can nip over or you can and I can sign it over tea.) This is only for people who live miles from me and whom I never see.

 That said, if you want one of these you need to email me so we can work out more details.

 And now I will stop sounding all business like. *Comes out from behind the desk*

 Don't forget, the trailer is out tomorrow! 

 That  is all the news I have. Tomorrow's post will be less newisy. Right now, I have to work on my word count. *Crosses eyes.*




  1. Hi Jack! I just ordered your book of short stories :-D I am looking forward to reading it.

    It is funny that you look at Bilbo and think of Watson. When I saw Sherlock for the first time, I took one look at John Watson and said, "That man looks like a *hobbit*!" which amused my cousin greatly. About a month later, it came out that Martin Freeman was playing Bilbo, and I felt like a prophet.

    I hope you get your word count way up. I am *still* behind on mine, in spite of furious writing sessions, but I am over 16,000 words now, and am going to try for 17,00 before the nght is out.

  2. I feel like saying the same thing to John, haha. :P Like Mahri, I also thought he looked like a hobbit, even before I knew he was playing Bilbo! Hmmm...Haha, but I have a habit of looking at people and thinking they look hobbity...if they're a bit short, if their face has a hobbity look, if their hair is hobbity hair.(; there's a man at my church that I think actually IS a hobbit...only he's a bit tall.

    Anyway! I'm excited to read your book of short stories! And your actual book as well! Hopefully I'll be able to read them soon! I also got tremendously excited when you mentioned that you would be releasing the trailer soon! I really cannot wait for the meantime, I'll just have to hop back and rewatch the bloopers.(;

    Good luck with your nano word count! You can do it!


  3. I would definitely buy your book--if I had money myself. We are in the same boat my friend. :)
    I will read it one way or another!

  4. Sounds like a deal. And ordering a copy to check the formatting and stuff is smart.
    Internet panic attacks are the worst.

  5. Hmm. Well, I will instantly know it's you if someone yells that when I go see The Hobbit. And then I will confront you and we will discuss our writings and swap addresses and all that nonsense, therefore blowing your cover as a spy and mine as a writer with a pen name.

    ~Robyn Hoode


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