Monday, November 19, 2012

"Great. I always wanted to be blue."

I've yet to find my notebook which has all my notes in it. As soon as I locate it I shall be sure to finish posting them as requested. Today, however, I did remember one note which never made it into my notebook but into the actual draft.
When I first wrote the book, the very first version which had Peter's sister in it, Peter was actually framed for murder and had to run away from the Base or be shot. So there is an interesting fact for you. (That idea was scraped when I sent Irene to Narnia, also known as my closet.)

Today I've another snippet for you. After this, I will be sharing just one more, because then November shall be over and my kindness ends, like Cinderella's spell.

The next day Trisli and Hugh packed their things, preparing to leave early the next day. Alyce was given a room at the tavern and that evening the boys came to hear her stories, rather then Trisli's.
Her's aren't half so interesting as mine,” he muttered as he listened to her recount an adventure she had while out on a hunting party.
Maybe she isn't exaggerating hers,” Hugh replied.
I don't exaggerated!” Trisli sat up straighter as if to give himself more importance.
Hugh eyed him silently for awhile, then asked, “When was the last time you really killed a dragon? I can't remember.”
It isn't my fault you have a poor memory,” Trisli muttered.
Hugh groaned, then leaned closer to his friend. Trisli hated it when he did this. Hugh was worse then his parents.
What?” he moaned.
Trisli!” Hugh yelped, while keeping his voice at a reasonable tone. “You've been lying for years about slaying dragons! Now the king wants you to go into the Wild and kill one! You don't even know how to use a sword! What makes you think you can pull this off?”
I do too know how to use a sword,” Trisli muttered, indigent.
How?” Hugh asked.
You take the sharp end and stick it into the dragon.”
No you don't.”
Moving with a surprising amount of speed, Alyce was suddenly behind them, her hands on what was supposed to be her hips.
Oh, as if you have ever slain a dragon before!” Trisli muttered.
No, but I know their scales are harder then chain mail! Harder then the best shield ever made! You cannot walk up to them and stab them, just like that.”
How do you know?” Trisli demanded. He and Alyce were the same height, which made glaring at her eye-to-eye very easy.
Because I am not an idiot like you!”
Even though she didn't look much like a girl, Trisli knew he couldn't just slug her in the stomach as she so richly deserved. Still, it was tempting.
You cannot call the last DragonSlayer an idiot!” Faithful to his own kind, one of the other boys came to Trisli's aid, feeling him with a certain amount of pride at being again referred to as the last DragonSlayer.
Trisli is no DragonSlayer,” Alyce muttered, turning to find the boy who had spoken. Something in her eyes must have scared him because he shrank back.
Then why are you here?” Trisli demanded.
She didn't bother looking at him. “Because my king is so desperate to put his people's minds at ease he would not listen when I tried to reason with him. He heard of the kingdom's last DragonSlayer and nothing would stop him from finding you.”
What makes you think Trisli isn't a DragonSlayer?” Hugh asked in a low voice.
For a moment Trisli thought his friend was finally standing up for him, until he looked at him. Alyce turned and must have seen the same thing.
What makes you think he isn't?” she asked.
He's my friend,” Hugh replied, shrugging his shoulders. “I know him very well. But you lived at the castle, you heard the same stories as the king. Why don't you believe him?”
Trisli hated that they were talking about him as if he wasn't there, but he wanted to hear Alyce's answer so held his tongue.
For a long while Alyce said nothing, then she shrugged her oddly shaped shoulders and shoved some of her dirty curls back from her face. “I see the truth where others only see lies,” she murmured, then added, “And I would like to get a bath before we leave tomorrow. Good night.”

 How is everyone's Hermit's United going? Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving, other then eating that is? My plan is to hang out with my family and - read. (Editing and all, but I won't have a lot, which will be nice.)

 Don't forget, on Friday there will be a picture reveal. This will be a three part thing, every Friday until the book is out. AND the pictures will be ones Clair has selected herself. Now I should go, I've dawdled enough today with editing. 

 Bet no one can guess where my quote is from. You get points if you can guess the actual book.




  1. I can't guess the book, but it sounds hilarious. No points for me, though.

    I liked the snippet. Premise sounds really interesting. :)

    Picture reveal? Exciting. I'll be watching.

  2. It's a Percy Jackson book, I think. Or one of the Kane Chronicles.
    But I don't know which book. Is it The Red Pyramid?

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Cool! You read the books too?
      You know, now that you mention does sound like a line from The Red Pyramid...did someone turn blue in that one? Set?
      The place I got the quote from said it was from the Son of Neptune though.

    2. I haven't been as big of a Percy Jackson fan as I used to be. And I have also aquired the bad habit of flipping ahead in books *has the grace to blush*. (Scold me if you wish) So I know the basic plot line of all of Rick Riordan's books and some of the funny stuff, but I have only read the PJ books all the way through and The Red Pyramid. I read The Lost Hero all the way through (except the part where they actaully rescued Hera, but I had read most if not all of that at a different time), and I have read bits and pieces of the rest of the series.
      Percy Jackson was actually one of my inspirations for the series I am writing.
      ~Robyn Hoode

    3. Sometimes it is very tempting to look ahead in books. I only do it if I don't like the book, find it too boring, and skim ahead in the hopes it will get interesting later on. It is usually a failed attempt.

      Hehehe, that is funny. Percy inspired one of my characters for a book I am writing. I suppose he is very inspiring.

  3. *sigh* No points for me either, the quote sounds familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it!

    Another great snippet, can't wait to read the whole book!

    Oh goody! We're at the same place in Grimm, so I can talk about it!
    I can't believe that Captain Renard (I only remember his name because I saw him on an a few episodes of Warehouse 13 and so I looked the actor up on IMBD) found Nicks trailer, that can't be good news. You have to give Adelade(sp?) props, her plan is working out exactly! Monroe is the best, I love his and Rosalie's relationship, so cute!

    Settling in is going good, we just have knick-knack type things downstairs left to be unpacked and all of the bedrooms are done, so that just leaves the rather intimidating office/sewing area to be addressed..... =)

  4. Ooh, good snippet.... Your dialogue is really good. :D

    I'm at about 33000 words, I'll pass that today. *hopefully* I want to get a little more ahead so I don't have to do much on Thanksgiving. We're planning on eating early so we can watch Holiday Inn with everyone. Big families are awesome to have around holidays. :D

  5. That was an intense snippet! I enjoyed it greatly and would like to see more later!
    I am taking a break from the wonderful halls of knowledge and going to my grandfather's house for Thanksgiving. I hope to get some quality sleeping and writing time in. (I just hope they don't expect me to be *children, plug your ears* social!)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh, dear! I hope you can find that notebook - that's always frustrating when you lose something. :/

    Good luck with that cover reveal!

  7. I like your characters. I'd love to know more about Alyce and her background. It seems like she has a past. And what makes Trisli say he's a dragonslayer? Why? If he is simply telling tales like Hugh says, why a dragonslayer? Your book sounds very intrigueing.

    1. I did go into a little detail with Alyce's background, and have plans to do more when I edit if needs be. I came to like her a lot, which is saying a bit as I am not too fond of girl characters. Comes from being a Tomboy I think.
      Aw yes, why a DragonSlayer. Very good question, and one which will be answered in the book. *Evil smirk*

  8. Your formatting seems off for the snippet...You may want to check if your word processor is having a conniption or not. (Save it for after Nano, though. Connpitions are a pain in the butt.)

    Hermits United is going quite well! I remain almost exactly on track, though these last few days my plot has flown all over the place and I'm going to have to do a painful editting massacre later on in January to fix the eight million plot holes ripping through the story. Still, that's Future Jessica's problem :p

    Ooh can't wait to see the pictures!

  9. Hey Jack,

    Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh BlogFest, or what we are now nicknaming "AlexFest."

    Looking forward to reading your entry :)

  10. Your snippets are always fun. :D And I'm looking forward to more pictures! YAY!

    I plan to catch up some with my nano on Thanksgiving. I know...but i just need a little extra push to get myself back to where I should be.
    Other than the fact that I'm a tiny bit behind, my story is coming along pretty well and there are a few bits that I really love.

    Thanksgiving at my house is always a sort of boisterous affair. We are Italians (among other things:) and the food part is very important to us. *grin* It should be fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! And I hope your nano is coming along nicely.



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