Monday, November 05, 2012

"'Great,' I thought, 'We just blowtorched a National Monument.'"

 As I mentioned yesterday, I am doing a blog fest today! This was put together by TARA and VIKKI and is the Thankful for my Readers Blog Fest.

 So, today, I get to tell all of you thank you. And I get to tell it in some clever, witty way. Most of my clever and wit (what little I had) has been eaten by editing. But I am going to try my best at it.


 I feel as if I have a special group of readers. I am sure every blogger feels this, but I KNOW you all are special. I don't know how many readers would put up with my editing posts, or the ones I write when my brain isn't completely here but asleep on some island without me. (Not only do you read them, you comment on them. Which means you all are as weird as I, or close to it.)

 Instead of calling the Funny Farm on me and getting me put in a straight jacket, you keep me around - maybe for my book, maybe because I make you laugh. But it is nice to know there are people out there who don't find my lack of normality disturbing.

 You've been cheering me on, making me believe I can do something as impossible as publish a book. You don't throw things at me when I draw things like the trailer out - though I got the impression some of you wanted to.

 And I think you are all grand and amazing and I am glad you are my readers. So thank you for coming back, over and over, and commenting and getting excited with me and annoyed with me, and being wonderfully cool. I'd give you all chocolate - except John ate it all.

 Today seems like a good day to do something I don't normally do.

 I don't normally share snippets of my writing. I suppose the main reason behind this is I like to be top secret and keep you all guessing. Also, I find that when people share snippets without the book being out yet I moan and whine because I want to read more but can't. So maybe I am saving you un-do torture. Hm...maybe I should post more snippets then...

 Anyways, torture aside. Since it is Hermits United and I am just writing a book for fun - though I might publish it someday - I suppose some snippets would be all right. So here you are, a snippet!

 Hugh ran his hands over the railing, an almost idiotic grin on his face. “I'm in-”
Amazement over it,” Trisli growled, “we know.”
Someone isn't a morning person,” Alyce said.
He's not much of an afternoon or evening person either,” Hugh added, sounding slightly irritated.
My coffee will fix that!” Alyce exclaimed.
Your coffee made it worse,” Trisli grumbled. He dumped the last of it out, watching some of the grinds fall of the ground. “Tomorrow morning I am going to teach you how to make real coffee.”
No you're not.” Alyce placed her hands on her hips, challenging him.
Oh yeah?” he snapped.
What makes you think I can't make coffee?” he demanded.
I believe you can make it,” Alyce spread her hands wide in innocence, “I just don't think you can make it in the morning.”
Why?” he asked, now slightly curious.
You won't be up in time!” Hugh and Alyce exclaimed together and burst out laughing.

 Warning, it is a very rough draft, just written. So pardon the many mistakes and choppiness. This is Hermits United after all.

 I have other news as well.

 As I said, today I will be telling you when the short stories book will be out. I am going to say the 16th. Hopefully everything will go as planned and it will be out then. But, just to warn you, don't hold your breath just yet.

 There is a book giveaway! You should check it out! HERE.

 Also, I have been thinking about my Blog Party a lot lately. I got to thinking, it shouldn't matter how a book is going to be published. It doesn't matter when it is going to come out. I know what it is like, just starting out, and how hard it is to get word out about your book. Therefore, I am changing another rule.
 It doesn't matter how you plan to publish or when. If you are just starting out, like I was almost a year ago, then send me an email. If you want to tell others about your book, planned, being written, or written, you can enter the party. If you plan to Indie-publish or Traditional. It doesn't matter! All the details are HERE

 Now, I should probably go. I am half way through editing and should do some more tonight. (I worked on my word count all day, getting it up to 10,000 so I can go at it slower this week and concentrate more on editing. Hopefully this plan works.)

 Allons-y! And thanks for putting up with my Percy Jackson quotes! I've great news! I have the Mark of Athena. YES! It is all MINE! So, you still have to put up with Percy Jackson quotes, but some are likely going to be from the new book. MY NEW BOOK!!

 Au Revoir now.



  1. Just here to help you launch and promote YOUR book. I've had my moment of glory.

  2. I absolutly love the snippet! I would call it epic, but in my opinion it is not a word that should be used when describing writing, less the writing be compared to The Lord of the Rings.
    And I do love your blog.
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Oh yes! Epic fits the Lord of the Rings very well. It is a word many seem to use a lot, but which only fits a few things.

      Thank you! I love your comments!

  3. Loved the snippet. Characters who refuse to get up in the morning are such fun. Personally, I enjoy posting snippets of my work, as long as it isn't a plot spoiler. Those are horrid. I think of it as a way to entice people to want to get the book whenever I finally get it published.

    And yes, I'd love to come over and have a editing/formatting party ... but distance is an issue. Sigh ... maybe when we're both rich and famous? ;)

    And I don't know if I'd be able to buy the paperback anymore than the Smashwords Ebook. Most of my purchases are restricted to Amazon Kindle. The online purchases, at least.

    But, anyways, someday I WILL get your book, some way or another, and I WILL read it.

    You may notice that we're all or are mostly all authors, though. Authors have weird brains, and therefore usually understand you. Those of us who are not authors ... well, I can't speak for them. They have some other strain of insanity.

    And I really need to get my hands on MoA. I had my hands on a copy briefly at target, but only long enough to satisfy my curiousity of how P and A reunite.

    1. Kendra is right. Most of us are authors, and we aren't normal. (Someone please tell me I am not the only one that roleplays conversations and scenes for my books!)
      ~Robyn Hoode

    2. No you aren't Robyn. I roleplay quite often ... and I often haul in my younger sibs and cousins to play side characters. That backfires sometimes ... as they develop their own opinions as to how they're supposed to act ....

    3. You are definitely not alone. There are other authors who do it too, Robyn!

    4. I enjoy not being normal. Normality scares me.
      I don't role play with others, but I act everything out in my head, and sometimes while going on walks or such.

    5. I roleplay by myself and out loud when I think I can't be heard. I am glad that I am not alone. I think it helps me develope my characters and find out who they are. Now if only my charries will not take over the story and I would appreciate it if Blade and Rosie would quit tormenting each other. (maybe if they read this comment, they will stop).

      ~Robyn Hoode

    6. I have heard roleplay does help one get to know ones characters better. Mine just come to life on their own and do whatever they fancy until I sometimes wish they were less real.

      Characters...not take over a story? Is such a thing possible?

    7. Absolutely not!!!! They just waltz in and decide they are going to be the boss and run everything!

    8. And die when the author doesn't wish them to

  4. Great snippet. :) You are really good at character conversations! I loved it.
    10,000 words! I am impressed. And a little jealous. I must stop blog-surfing and go back to writing my novel...

  5. I'm dying of laughter at the quote! I've never read any of the Percy Jackson series. Maybe I should consider it....

    I'm finally feeling more like my old self. Physically I've been alright, except for the one day, but I've been horrendously overstressed mentally and just haven't been keeping up on Blogger like I usually do. So now, I have a lot to catch up on. :)

    Aww, what a sweet post! Yes, m'dear, we love putting up with, er, that is, encouraging your so-called 'insanity'. (I'm beginning to be of the opinion that we authors are the sane ones, but it is a minority opinion.) And never forget, being normal is BORING!!!!

    Great snippet!!!!! Hilarious!

    I am going to email you, about the blog party and etc, but it might be a few days. No later than Thursday though.


  6. lol... I rather like your Percy Jackson quotes. They remind me of the funny scenes and things I forget about when I don't read them. I love Percy, he gets cooler with each book. I actually quite like Jason too, though. He grew on me.

    Ooh, that snippet... Trisli reminds me of me. That's a good thing, so don't worry... I mean... who wouldn't want to be like me? Hehehe, kidding. Kidding. Kidding.

  7. JOHN! How could you eat all the chocolate?! I'm upset now.

    ;) Plus, I have to admit, Miss Jack, I am dyyying for the book trailer. I won't throw things, but the day you post it on your blog, my sufferings will be over. You should be proud (of my suffering, I mean.)

  8. long & lovely thank you!
    and your snippet made me chuckle! nice job!
    so glad you joined our hop!

  9. Sadly enough I lived in a town with a wood mill, not a cotton one, so Mr. Thorton never had a reason to show up on my door step! *le sigh*
    Loved the little snippet, and Percy Jackson is fantastic! Can't wait for the next movie, my sister and I both had the same guy in our heads to play Hermes and they cast him!! Though Annabeth's brown hair will still bother me..... a lot!!!

  10. I enjoyed your snippet very much and thank you for sharing it! And thanks for the lovely post joining in our blog hop.

  11. LOVED this post. From top to bottom.
    The snippet was awesome, btw. Made me laugh. Oh yes, the torture. JUST why I post snippets... in hopes that someone will be so desperate to read it they will buy the book. LOL, not likely. :D
    And I'm exicted about the blog party rule change. I'm going to take a second look at it now!!!!
    And you are just plain awesome. :D

  12. I love reading your posts, and I'm glad you appreciate I enjoy using them as an excuse to not write. They're certainly worth it, after all!


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