Sunday, November 25, 2012

"I realized something - she was worse than Myrtle!"

 Pitch is somewhere in my house. *Peers under the bed.* I've been having dreams were spiders will be creeping up my bed, coming right to sit on my head. I can see it in their beady eyes. I can be sleeping peacefully, then I will see them, and leap out of bed. And this is how I discovered I am a Ninja.
 Don't believe me?
 My bed is a bunk bed. With low hanging boards - as I am on the bottom half for the time being. There is plywood over the back of the top bunk, a thin canopy which can easily be pulled down if I'm not careful over the top of the bed. And usually I rest my computer near the foot, on the floor. Beside me I always have a pile of books. So, as you can see, I'm pretty well hemmed in and am always cracking my head when I move about in the day. However, when I see the spiders coming, I can leap out of bed and, with my eyes closed, hurl myself in between the boards, books, canopy, plywood, and computer without knocking, pulling down, or cracking anything. And I do this head first.
 You doubt my Ninja powers? Throw a spider at me and see what I can do.

 Okay, my amazing Ninja abilities aside. Time for a review.

 This shall be the book review of Empire of Ruins, Book Three in The Hunchback Assignments.

 I cannot do a long review on these books without spoiling things from the first two, so this shall be more of a , YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK, review.
 This book is so far my favourite out of the series, though four might pass it.

 This was, again, another fast paced adventure one my enjoy on a summer's day. It takes place mainly in Australia, deep in the jungle. (And, best part, it has airships!) It is more of a treasure hunt kind of story, a race against the bad guys to see who will get their first.

 Modo begins to grow up in this story. He questions orders which go against what he believes to be right and makes a decision which costs him something he has always longed for. Also, Mr. Slade again pulls his character changing trick. In the second book he had me liking, by the end of the book, a woman I thought I wouldn't be able to stand. In the end of this book, it was the opposite. I felt very betrayed by one of the characters and was in complete shock over what he did. I can only hope he somehow wins my trust back in book four.

 Because this book is fast paced, Mr. Slade kind of skims over the more dull bits. I didn't mind this too much, because I don't like boring parts in books, but it felt a little too fast in some places. I again felt like this was placed in the wrong age group. I still think a child would enjoy this much more then a young adult. But, that aside, I'm not saying young adults SHOULDN'T read it, because if they do skip this series they will be missing out on a grand adventure. I just think children should know of these books as well.

 Something else I liked about this book was Tavia. I really admired her in one part, but then later she had to go and confuse me. She can be a very confusing character at times, which is one of the reasons I like her so much.

 Now, I am going to sleep because my nighttime Ninja jumping has rather worn me out. Also, I finished reading my book, for the last time (I hope.) Once the last of the pictures are added, it will be ready. (I hope.)

 Quote is from Mothstorm, wherein Art meets someone who sings worse then his sister. I didn't think it possible - and nor did he.




  1. The books sound very cool and I cannot argue your amazing ninja awesomeness. haha. Hope the spiders leave you alone!!

  2. *UGH*!!! *shiver* I'm so terrified of spiders....I've only ever seen one in my room once and I had nightmares for ages. seriously. I know the dream you're talking about. :P I hate spiders so much.
    that book sounds great! I think I should read this one. :) <3

    1. Hey, Just wanted to let you know, if you look me up on Pinterest, I've changed my name on there to Rachel Joy. k? :D

  3. Loved the Lark Light series!
    I need to gain these ninja skills, as I would have knocked over the boards, books, canopy, plywood and computer.....and probably a few other things as well!
    I like that second cover picture for the Empire of Ruins, the one I read had the first cover. What can I say? I'm a child at heart and fiend for cartoons and such! =)

  4. Sounds intriguing! And I won't doubt your Ninja skills.

  5. I've not heard of this author or book but the cover is certainly intriguing. :)

  6. Wow, those are some seriously fantastic Ninja abilities. I wish I could do that. When I see a spider, I become more like Superman -- able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Roaches are also a problem. Possibly they're worse, because they can fly and they're almost invincible.

  7. When I see a spider, I go into my stealthy ninja mode...leap out of my seat smooth as butter and silently grab a glass or some other thing suitable for spider catching, stalk the spider, then pounce. :P I don't like killing them, since I hate the crunching squelch noise they make, but I won't have them near me, so I capture them and put them outside. :P usually it goes okay, but the last time I had a spider in my room, it was discovered when I felt a tickle on my knee, went to scratch it, then saw a huge black spider crawling up my leg. O.O
    Good luck fighting spiders! It sounds like you have some super awesome ninja powers too.(:

    I have really got to get caught up on this series...I think you're right--it is more suitable for younger readers, but it's still a good story! Well, there's another few books to add to my Christmas break reading list! (right after yours, of course!)


  8. I don't mind spiders, but I don't like being scared by things in my dreams or in reality!! Good ninja skills :)

  9. The books sound really cool! I hate spiders, they creep me out.

  10. Oh my word oh my word ROSE TYLER! And Donna saw her! And hahaha! The Doctor and Donna both investigating and they ept missing each other!! And then they see each other... HAHA! Best Doctor Who episode ever!
    And oh my word now they're in Pompii and it's volcano day! They forgot to set their alarm clocks... xD *freaks out and self destructs* (AHAHA!!! Doctor: "I am.... Spartucus." Donna: "Me too."
    WHAT?! No Captain Jack in the 50th anneversary?? Are they crazy?? I mean, he got his own SPINOFF show for Pete's sake! That is a bummer.

    As for Little Dorrit, it is interesting. Not a very happy tale. Perhaps worth watching for Rory and Martha and Alonso. I'm not altogether sure if I will finish it... mostly 'cause it has to go back to the library. xD

    Frankly, I couldn't care less which Mr. Darcy. Both of them make weird faces.

    I just finished Starcross! I really liked it! I'm going to start reading Mothstorm tonight. Yep, I'm the one afriad of spiders. I handled them pretty well... But... eugh. Yuck. Spider dreams are the worst.
    I really like love Jack's crew. All of them are my favorites. ALL the characters are my favorite! I hope they figure out where Ssil is from, I really like her.

    I completely agree with you about Joan - she really needs to let the Irene thing be. Poor E-Lock... I feel pity for him. But I bet Irene will show up.

    The Master is the Doctor's Moriarty. Moriarty is basically SH gone bad. Even A. Conan Doyle said that (I think).

    On a side note before I sign off.... I found a great adaption of Scandal in Bohemia!
    In the '80's they had a Sherlock Holmes TV show starring Jeremy Brett (who I consider to be Holmes) and they adapted a lot of the books/short stories. Jeremy Brett read over the scripts and made sure they were like the books before acting. It is set when the books are set and are the best SH adaption that I have seen. You can find most of them on youtube. Their version of Scandal makes me like Irene again. It is really really good. Their Hound of Baskervilles and Dying Detectve are great as well. All of them are good.



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