Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"I'm sorry about the kangaroo comment." "It's all right. It's the accent, isn't it?"

 The book I took the quote from yesterday is a Percy Jackson one, Son of Neptune. I don't remember which part it is from though, I just found the quote online. Was Percy ever blue?

 I shan't be posting on Thursday because it is a holiday and I plan to enjoy it. And I shan't be doing a Thanksgiving post because I'm saving that for later. Except for this, something I am both excited and thankful for, Josh Groban's new album will be out on February 5th. You can guess where I will be that day. (And this time, when he tours, I might actually get to go to a concert. Isn't it nice when you are able to get your mum and brother to like something as much as you do?)

 This post is later then usual. But this is the day before the holidays, and I couldn't think of anything to post about, so I decided to do a review, and I couldn't do that until I saw the movie. Yes, THE movie, one of the ones I've been very eager for this year. Rise of the Guardians. (This is   a spoiler free review...I hope. Just in case, be careful)

 I've yet to do a review on it, but I have read the first guardian book and enjoyed it a lot. I am eager for the others. I think it was a fun story with lots of imagination. And, let's face it, as an author I love things with lots of imagination. And North's sleigh being a kind of airship. That is just cool.

 The movie is more about Jack Frost, who is a carefree - not sure what you would call him. Not human...fellow maybe. (Oh and he has a cool name. *Whistles*) No one can see him, which he isn't crazy about, but he can cause all kinds of mischief and get away with it - which he loves. Until the day Pitch, a fellow who only likes to frighten children, shows up and Jack is elected to join the Guardians. (North, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandy. And Sandy was cute, just saying. Oh, and North's accent and swords, very cool.)

 Jack has to decide if he will help the guardians fight, or if he will continue his life alone, wondering who he is and what he is supposed to do - and why no one can see him like they can the others. He is persuaded to join the fight, because if they defeat Pitch he learns he can get his memories back and find out who he was before he became Jack Frost. (Both he and Bunny aren't very crazy about this arrangement because they have a long standing feud ever since Jack caused a blizzard on Easter.) It doesn't help matters any that Jack likes to call him a kangaroo.
 (Hugh Jackman talks Bunny and somehow managed to pull it off and still be manly. I mean, how many guys can talk a bunny, call themselves Bunny, and not be thought of as whimps? The boomerangs  accent, and exploding eggs did help of course. I've never actually heard Hugh Jackman talk in his native accent, it is very cool.) (To add to this, Pitch is talked by Jude Law. I didn't know it, but he makes a good villain! I didn't recognize his voice at first.)

 Hugh Jackman and Jude Law aside. I did enjoy the movie quite a bit. It was fun and well done and exciting. I think it will be cool in 3D, just not the 3D in my home town because the screens are so tiny. What would really be cool is to go and see it at the IMax, but I'm already pushing to go and see The Hobbit there, so that option is out.

 The sleigh wasn't as cool as in the book, though in the book it never actually took sleigh, no wait. It did, but it had a cool propeller which was missing in the movie. The Yetis were great and the elves were funny. I'm not sure the recommendation I would give. If you like adventures and imaginative stories I would suggest it, how is that?

 Now, just a bit of randomness.

 Jack reminds me a bit of North from the book. Selfish, only caring what he can get out of life, until children are in danger. I think this is why North and Jack become rather close, almost as if North can see himself in Jack and wishes to help him as the old wizard helped him.

 I missed Katherine but I don't even know if she is in the other books. I am curious to see what happened to her and the Specteral Boy.

 Tooth was very well done. Lots of energy, sweet, and how she ways always admiring Jack's teeth was cute. If girl characters keep getting better and better like this I might have to change my view of them.

 And now I need to go. Lots to do at the moment.

The cute little girl

 Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

 And, if you like The Lord of the Rings and have a good sense of humor, you must read this. It is the funnest Lord of the Rings spoof I've ever read. It had me laughing for all day.

 I shall try and answers the comments from the last post soon. And don't forget, picture on Friday!
 Haha, just realized, I use cool a lot in this post. That wasn't intended.




  1. Akkkk! I'm so jealous, I've been waiting and waiting since the trailer first came out to go and see this!
    I think this might be my favorite version of Santa Clause EVER!
    I have to admit to only scanning your post when you got to describing the movie, I will come back and read it more carefully after I've seen the movie, I hate spoilers! =)

  2. WHAT DO YOU MEAN STANTA ISN'T REAL???? That's it. I think you need to rethink your values, Miss Jack. Crushed. I am crushed.

    That aside, I SO want to see Rise of the Guardians. It sounds like The Avengers for little kids! Have you seen the movie *Australia*? That has Hugh Jackman in an Aussie (I know, weird). He does a great job there too.

    1. And after all that I mispelled SANTA. Gosh. That stinks. My faith was so shaken see..

  3. Hey Jack;

    I'm sorry I haven't been commenting. School is very crammed and I am having trouble with my puter. But just know that I do ALWAYS read your blog and I enjoy your little snippets from your NaNo book *Grin*

    Been watching a bit of DW lately? *giggle* Hey its cool! Bow ties are cool :D And no, I've yet to meet Doctor 11. But I've seem some sneak peeks and have decided I will *probably* like him. It will be hard losing Tennant -he's brilliant- but I am KINDA looking forward to S.5 *guilty as charged*

    Rise of the Guardians is on my "to watch" list. Right after "The Hobbit" "Les Miserable" (minus a few scenes)"Red Dawn" and "Snow White and the Huntsman" SO MANY MOVIES!! They are certaintly adding up *grin*

    Hugh Jackman is the best Bunny ever. He and he alone could pull of "Tough easter bunny" lol. I mostly want to see it for him. but Jack looks good.

    May I just say that I love Josh Groban? We own most all of his albums (Awake and Illuminations are my favorites) AND I saw him Live with my family in 2010. He. Was. *Fantastic* Such a wonderful singer... sigh.

    Good Luck with NaNo!!!

    God Bless

    1. First, I must whine, because I am like that. Wait, I think I remember you saying you've seen Josh Groban...but I'm going to whine anyways because I've yet to. *Whines* Okay, I'm good.
      Oh! Those two are my favourite too! Awake was the first of his I heard, and Illuminations is fantastic! I love his music and have worn out his CDs...okay, not really because that isn't possible, but I am very eager for a new one. And I will find a way to get to his concert. I am determined.

      I am behind on your email, so I understand. Things get busy this time of year.

      I am watching a DW with 11. It is one of my favourites, very sweet and sad. It is called Vincent and the Doctor, now when you see it you can let me know what you think. *Grin*
      11 is a fun Doctor...but he's no 10. I will always love 10. And 9, I adore 9.

      Hugh Jackman can pull off many roles and still look cool. But it takes talent to make a Bunny tough. (Seeing it for him is worth it, he was great in it.) Jack was very good as well, though I still wish Hiccup had talked him...he just looks like a character who needs a Hiccup voice. ANYWAYS! Now I am getting off on a voice side trail...

      Great snakes! Am I ever slow! I just got the Doctor Who bit! It is because I kept using I get an award for slowness? I need sleep...I'm on the verge of making croney jokes. (Such as, I used cool so much because Jack Frost is cool. *Snicker.*) Okay. I shall go and spare you my puns.


  4. Good review (yay for non-spoilers!), but putting that aside: you're right, SHIELD MAIDEN'S SPOOF IS THE BEST PARODY EVER!!!

    ...Sorry, I was just happy that you read it and got as much out of it as I did.
    *points at self* Will never get over the fell voice of Lady Gaga.

  5. Eeeek! I wanted to see that movie since I heard that Hugh Jackman was going to be the E. Aster Bunny. :D A manly bunny too. O_O Mind blown.

    Wait.... JOSH'S NEW CD IS COMING OUT IN FEBRUARY!!?!?!? Why did I not know of this?! *goes to check out his site* Squeak! That's so exciting! I love both he AND his music, which doesn't often happen in the way of celebrities. :D D'Oh, now I'm thrilled. :

  6. I watched it yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I spent half of the film guessing who the voice of Bunny was until Jack made the Kangaroo comment. Then I loved him even more!(spoilers) And tiny adorable Bunny with Hugh's voice is just brilliant! (I'm starting to rant) Watch it it's great.

    1. Hugh Jackman is probably the only man in the world who could make a bunny cool. (Though the small Bunnymund was adorable!) Brilliant movie, and he was great in it 8-D


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