Thursday, November 29, 2012

"It's very - swordy."

 Clair has again done us the honours and picked a picture for this week's reveal. (And, I think it shall be all right if I say this, she was very delighted over the comments you left last week. And thanks to everyone who went over to her site to leave her a comment. *Grin*)

 I missed this by a day, but the 29th was C.S. Lewis 144...or 114th birthday! Lewis is one of the writers who inspired me most - if you weren't able to tell from my pen name. Not only has his writing inspired me but his faith and love in God. He is a man I greatly admire - and a man who gave us Narnia, the land many of us went to as children. His wonderful stories filled up many of my lonely days.
 So, here is my late Happy Birthday to him!

 As for you, you get to enjoy Clair's picture! So, enjoy!!!

Singur's Rescue

 If you would like to stop by her blog again I know she would love it. (Link is now on the side of mine.) Also, John was able to post again.

 Quote is from Merlin. (The one where someone gives Merlin a sword. I like swords, and I like sword fights and I think everything is better with a sword fight. But I decided, giving Merlin a sword is a very bad idea. I think Arthur would agree.)

 Allons-y and Bonne Nuit!



  1. Oh, happy birthday to CS Lewis! He inspired all my beginning writing too (as in, I plagiarized everything). But I have moved onto original things! (Thank goodness.) Loooved the picture.
    As always! Awesome talent there, Clair.

  2. I LOVE the Narnia books. :) Some of my favorite books ever. :)

    And I agree that everything is better with a sword. haha

  3. The thought of Merlin with a sword is just downright scary. That'd be like a child with pointy scissors.

  4. Lovely picture!!! Very intriguing!

    Oh, and I blame my love of writing on Lewis. My first long work was a play that was basically a redo of LWW. I'd done a few short stories before that (which were based on Tolkien, *cough, cough*) but I'm not sure I ever finished them. Oh, and a few rewritten Fairy Tales. (Though that's a no-brainer for me.) But The Giraffe, the Dragon and the Tunnel Tube was my first long work. It has since morphed into a very different story, and will be book 2 of my Rizkaland Legends, with elements stolen out of it for book 4.

  5. Very nice, Clair! And I think it would've been Lewis' 114 birthday.

  6. Giving Merlin in a sword fight is definitely a bad idea. Happy Birthday to C.S. Lewis!
    I mentioned you on my blog today for the U Got the Look meme.

  7. *splutter of laughter*
    I knew that quote was familiar.

    Oh yes. When I first saw your pen name, I did wonder. Happy birthday, hero! (yes, Lewis is my hero---but everyone wants to steal him for their's, too ;).

    God bless!

  8. I actually got the quote this time. I love that show.

  9. oooo nice picture :)

    Hurray for C.S. Lewiis!! My favorite book by him is the Silver Chair. I like Puddleglum. And the Movies are brilliant. I hope The Silver Chair comes to film.

    Oh. that quote is from "Excallibur" or "The Moment of Truth"
    Something like that. Isn't Merlin *amazing*? I'm a Merkin. A big one. *nod* Did you know that Merlin Day is September 20th? (see?)

    after watching a couple episodes I've decided Doctor 11 is good. I like him :) But he's no Nine or Ten. (Sorry Matt)

    God Bless

    1. I like The Silver Chair as well. That one was a lot of fun, and I love Puddleglum. I like to go about saying, "You are miserable now, but just think about how much more miserable you will be tonight." I hope it is made into a movie too.

      I am REALLY enjoying Merlin, but that one was an especial favourite. I liked the part where Arthur helped Merlin with his armor instead of the other way around.

      11 is a good Doctor. I like him, but I am a bit like you. He's no 9 or 10. But he is fun.

  10. I love the old style scuba suit. Though I'm slightly concerned that Singur is in that bag he's carrying...That can't possibly be good for his health.

  11. I made it, Jack! I made my word count goal of 17,000!
    On a post-related comment, happy birthday, C.S. Lewis! Did you know that he went by Jack, too? And that he was friends with Tolkien and they were in a writing group together? And what's your favorite Narnia book? Mine is Prince Caspian.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Good job on finishing!!! That is always wonderful!!

      Actually, it is because C.S. Lewis went by Jack that I was given the nick name, well, half the reason. The other half involved an early morning, a friend talking in French, and a pirate.
      I did hear about the group he and Tolkien were in, I was delighted when I learned they were friends. They used to meet in the back of a pub and if one goes to Britain now, they can visit the place. I hope to go there someday.

      My favourite Narnia book...that one is hard. I like The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Last Battle. They all kind of tie for me.

    2. I thought the "Lewis" was the part that came from C.S. Lewis. Or is that it on a whole-- Jack Lewis?

      I started reading Seraphina. Mom bought the book for me as part of payment for cleaning part of the house. So... in chapter 2, did the dragon-people actually plan the attack on Basind or were they waitning for an attack so they could see if the Guard would actaully help effectively?

      ~Robyn Hoode

    3. It is the whole Jack Lewis, more or less. The Jack part is half from him and half from an insane friend being awake too early in the morning.

      I really didn't get a lot of the main plot, the political stuff I, all I can say is, I have no idea. I know, a lot of help I am, eh?
      What part are you up to now?

  12. Phina is interveiwing two old knights in hopes to get info whether or not the rogue dragon is Imlann.



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