Thursday, November 22, 2012

"No, mate, that's adorable."

 I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed some pumpkin pie, which I missed out on because I was too busy playing a game. I have something to add to my Thanksgiving list. I finally learned how to spell pumpkin! I know, cool, right?!

 So, pumpkins aside for the time being. Today is Friday and, as promised, I have a picture for all of you! Yes, one of Clair's lovely drawings which will be appearing in the book! And Clair has done us the honour and picked out which will be revealed today.

 I would tell you a long story to put this off, but since this is one of her pictures I think I shall be kind - besides, it is the day after a holiday. So, here you are!

Face to Face with his Worst Enemy

 There! What do you think? (And if you would really like to make Clair's day you could nip over to her blog HERE and let her know what you think.)

 And now I shall leave you. Because I didn't edit today as I was planning and now have to get at it.

 Quote is from Rise of the Guardians, from Bunny to North while he (Bunny) has his arms full of eggs. And, in spite of the boomerangs and exploding eggs, it was a pretty adorable moment. 




  1. Lovely picture! She's a wonderful artist, and you're lucky to have her!

    And I had about two square inches of pumpkin pie, even though we had ... three(?) pies yesterday. *shrug* Our family doesn't care for pumpkin (solid pecan lovers, all of us) so we bring pumpkin pie to thanksgiving, and eat pecan at home ....

  2. Picture is well done!
    So how was that movie?

  3. wonderful! It looks amazing. :D I wish I could draw like that. <3
    Missed out on Pumpkin pie?? Oh, I would die. It's probably my favorite dessert on the planet. lol.

    1. P.S. I'm actually having a piece with my coffee this morning while I read people's wonderful bloggys. :D Cold pumpkin pie for breakfast is definitely almost heaven. ^_^

  4. I'm hooooome! Just letting you know. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I won't get any work done tonight, because I'm staying with a friend after she writes exams today, but this weekend I'll probably have to more drawings to send to you.

    I missed not reading your blog for three days :)

  5. Mmmm, pie, I wonder if we have any leftover..... *nomnom*

    Great picture by the way!

  6. yay on learning how to spell pumpkin! I've never had pumpkin pie. is it good?

    The picture is really really good :) And your quotes are making me want to see Rise of the Guardians.

    Did you know that today is DW day? my sistes and I are going to watch a couple Specials tonight in its honor. Treski will probably do a blog post. Me? I am going to work on my Doctor Who/Merlin inspired bag *GRIN*

    God Bless

    1. Wait...Treskie, you mean, THIS Treskie is your sister?

      Good, you should want to see Rise of the Guardians, it is a fun movie. I think I liked it slightly a little more then Brave even. It didn't make me laugh as much, I almost fell out of my chair watching Brave, but it had a fun story.

      How did the bag go? And the specials? I missed DW day because I was...editing I believe. I forget, my days all mushed together with editing and more editing.


  7. Awesome picture. I shall pop over to Clair's blog and tell her.:D

    I really want to see the Guardians. I am sort f a Hugh Jackman fan and I've always wished they'd let him speak with his accent in movies! The Australian Easter Bunny. I do believe Hugh Jackman might be the only man that could pull that off!

    That's too bad about the pie! *Ahem* Did you win the game?
    We did not have pumpkin pie. We had chocolate pudding pie...I don't think I've ever eaten pumpkin pie. I think I'll put it one my bucket list of things to eat. Along with Turkish delight.

  8. Love the picture! And the kilt...kilts are cool.(;

    I'm sorry you missed out on the pumpkin pie! That's one of the things I always look forward to the most! :P
    My grandma makes the most amazing pumpkin pie.(: unfortunately...I missed out on that because we were at the other side of the family, who had Costco's pie instead! But it was still good. Maybe there will be more pie at Christmas for you!


  9. Great picture!

    Glad you had a great thanksgiving. (We had our last month). I'm not a pie fan, but I really want to cook another turkey :)

  10. Awesome picture! Clair really is a wonderful artist.

  11. Oooh, Jack---Clair---both of you! You guys are so talented: You with your words Jack, and Clair with her pencil. Amazing!

    I had a great Thanksgiving, thank you. =) The *ahem*pumpkin*ahem* pie was exceedingly splendid.

    God bless!
    (and glad you've been enjoying Merlin recently ;)


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