Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Slow down, I've been trying to break in here for years, I want to look around!" "Break in?" "Don't worry, I never made it past the Yetis."

 I'm not even going to bother denying this. This is my last snippet for Hermits United, and I'm going to be evil. So, here you are. This is me at my evilest. 

It is all right, the silver shoulders shrugged, I was going to run away, but I don't want to anymore. Having two humans understand you is rare. I barely got over loosing my friendship with Bear's son – and yours was so much better. Leaving, would just bring a slower, more sorrowful death. And it will save you having to chase me down. Now you can get what you've always wanted.
Trisli didn't think that would be happening. The king wouldn't banish him, his name wouldn't be tarnished, but he would be responsible for killing one of his best friends – and loosing three more.
I wish you would have ran,” he said, anger starting to bowl in him. “Why did you stay, to make me choose?”
The jaws turned up, just a little. Because – I guess, I wanted to see what choice you would make.
You don't know what they will do to me!”
This time, he said nothing. His glowing eyes, when Trisli dared to look into them, were dim – all the glow almost gone. Even the silver in his scales seemed to be fading to gray.
I cannot be banished! I cannot go through life, having people think I'm a lair.”
It is up to you, Dragon whispered. You have your chance now. You can be the last DragonSlayer – or you can be the one who fought to accomplish something even bigger.
I don't want to fight!” Trisli yelled. He didn't want to think about the looks he was surely getting. “I want to live a life of ease and peace! I am tired of people laughing at me behind my back! I am tried of being thought as unimportant.” Trisli didn't realize until that moment that he had drawn his sword.
I think you are important. So does Hugh, and Maye – and Alyce. To them, you are one of the most important people in the world.
That is three to a thousand.”
That is four to a thousand.
The sword trembled. Trisli tore his eyes from Dragon's and they landed on the scale which protected his heart. One stab upward – that was all it would take.
Bear's son, Dragon's whisper interrupted his thoughts, I never told you, but he stabbed me.
The pain in Trisli's chest grew. “But you are alive still,” he pointed out.
Maybe I didn't trust him as much as I thought. I kept my eyes on him, and when he betrayed me, I found a way to stop the blow from killing me.
Why are you telling me this?”
Because I trust you more then I trusted him.
The words cut sharper then any dagger could have. The sword lowered and almost fell from his hand – until someone spoke behind him.
What are you doing, DragonSlayer?” a man asked. “Who are you talking to?”
Aren't you going to save us?” a woman said around sobs.
Trisli turned his head. He saw a sea of faces, eyes looking to him for hope. He saw the king, his face set as he waited. And he felt his pride double. He couldn't let his name get tarnished.
Before he could think about what he was doing, Trisli turned and lunged. Alyce screamed but it was too late to stop. The sword flashed upward, Dragon reared back – as the blade dug deep under the scale.

 Now, to make up for my evilness, I realized I forgot to share the snippet I was going to on the interview type post I did on my book. See, editing. Anyways, sorry about that. So, here it is now.

 What? What happened?” Darcy groaned.
Darcy!” a voice exclaimed, a voice which belonged to none other than Captain Shamus Steed.
Steed!” Peter gasped in disbelief.
Pete!” Tony yelped, making Peter jump.
Shamus!” Darcy snorted.
Jones?” Steed asked, baffled.
Tony?” Peter gasped.
Steed, Captain Shamus Steed?” Tony asked, looking at the tall Air Pirate.
Oh shut up, everyone!” Darcy growled, brushing leaves from his pants.
What's going on?” Tony pushed himself to his feet as well, carefully rubbing his head. “What hit me?”
I think I did,” Steed admitted.
Who are you?” Tony demanded, his eyes flashing as he glared hard at the man. “Don't tell me you are the Steed? Captain Shamus Steed?” Peter worried his friend was about to punch the Air Pirate. That was usually how he introduced himself.
My name is Anthony Verne. Smack!
Steed broke into a wide grin. “See? Someone knows how to get my name right!”
Peter stepped back and stared at everyone, not sure how to take everything in, especially Tony's unexpected appearance. “What's going on?” he asked, not sure who might have the answer. They all looked as baffled as he felt, which wasn't a common thing. He hoped Darcy didn't start laughing at him again.
The grin on Darcy's lips showed he was enjoying something, even if it wasn't Peter's dumb question. But he didn't laugh, instead he tossed his head back with pride and began to introduce them to each other.
Captain Shamus Steed meet Peter Jones. Peter Jones, Captain Shamus Steed.” He then looked at Tony. “And I have no idea who you are.”

 There. Now it is late and that was a long post. So, quote is from Rise of the Guardians. And...

 Allons-y and Bonne Nuit!


  1. Too stunned. Can't speak. Type. Whatever.

  2. WHAT?!!! Um. What??!! I'm sorry. I should say something else, and I did enjoy the second snippet, but I'm still breathing hard from the first. WHAT??? You're very evil. Enjoy it.

  3. So, so evil! I can't believe you stopped the snippet there! I mean, you did warn me you were going to be evil but sheesh, you most definitely weren't kidding! Great snippet, I so wanted Trisli to climb and the dragons back and fly off into the sunset.....

  4. You are very mean author... why do I like you? Why I am I trying to sound like Toothless? (If you have never read How to Train Your Dragon (yes it's a book series)you should) ;)Why do we love authors that leave us hanging? You will try to get this published right? I mean, you wouldn't leave us hanging forever... would you? Maybe you will decide that for one last snippet... *I pull my best pouting and pleading face*
    And now I must end my ranting and begging. Next to last day of NaNo and I have about 2500 words left!
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. *Evil grin*
      I wonder that as well...not about me. I kind of have to like me. Since I'm me. But I've read some books by evil authors and I wonder why I like them when they are so mean to me. Being mean to my readers is kind of my payback. *Smirk*
      I plan to read the HTTYD books. I started the first one and liked it, but now I just have to find a copy somewhere I can finish. (Weird town I live in.)

      I cannot give too much information on this book yet, but yes, it should be out rather soon. (Though, the idea of leaving you wondering for years is appealing...) But no, if all goes as I am planning, it should be out rather very soon. No dates yet though, I need to get some things planned before hand. And get some sleep. For a week.

      HURRAY! Did you make it or do you still have a bit to go?

  5. Interesting. Both of them. Yes, you are evil. But most good authors are, after all.

  6. Jack, you're a master at being evil. Well done!

  7. Evilness. I like it.

    Your new backround color is cool :D
    God Bless

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