Friday, November 30, 2012

"Sorry. I'm afraid all I can do is keep you cold."

 It is a good thing I do not live in the 1800's. I fear I should not be able to faint on cue, if at all. It seems like a favourite pastime for girls back then. I think I would be very bad at it and since that seems to be the best means to getting a husband back then...I would probably be an old maid. Unless I smashed a slate over his head...that worked for Anne.

 Okay, all of that aside.

 Two weeks. I  never thought I'd be this close to publishing, and I'm about one step away from running for the hills. Just when I thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, everything decided too. I'm afraid to ask what else could happen, and I'm afraid to count down the days to the 14th. That day will be the busiest out of the year for me, and if I somehow survive it I intend to fall over till Christmas.

 I had to sit down and do a lot of thinking on how I would pass the final two weeks. I wanted to do something fun and important and it took me awhile to think up something. (Such as, more then a month) But I finally have a plan.
 Up till the 14th, I will  be posting about some books which are coming out. These are all books I plan on reading, some I am reading right now, and some of who Indie Published. (Though not all.) They are also written by some great bloggers I know. (Exciting, right? Finding new books is always exciting, and hopefully I shall have all of you wishing you had more money by the end of it - like me. I have a list of books I plan to buy. One which is slowly shrinking.)

 I also now have details on the giveaway and signed copies. Because of certain things which happened I will now be able to buy three copies which I will be signing. If you are interested in buying one you will need to email me so we can work out details.

 I had a bit of trouble with the giveaway. The last one I did was for a Barnes and Nobles card back when my blog was first starting and it got about three entries. It was one of those basic kinds. "Blog about the give away, follow my blog, so on and so forth and you shall be entered." It didn't go over to well.
 With this giveaway I wanted to do something different. I mean, sure if you want to spread word I'm all for that. I love getting new readers and spreading word will help me out a lot. So, if you wish to do so I'm  not going to stop you. However, it isn't required. I set up a page for the giveaway, to keep everything straight.

 Through the weeks of December 1st - 13th post about a book which has stood out to you recently - it would be preferable if this is a new book just coming out or which hasn't been out very long but it is't required.

 In your post, tell about what drew you to this book. (Cover, summery, author, website.) Tell others about it, and if you've finished it, you can tell us what you enjoyed about the story.

 (If the author has a website or blog, you might even leave a comment there to tell them about the post. Not required.)

 Once the post is up link back to the page! DO NOT leave the comment on my blog or it will not be counted. (As I won't be able to keep track of them)
 Leave a comment at the bottom of the page along with the link to your post. (I will be reading all the posts.)
 The comment will enter you in the giveaway.

 You may enter more then once, but you must do a new post for each comment, and it must be about a different book.

 Spread the word about new books you've discovered! 

 The winner will be contacted on the 13th. Their book will be mailed out the 14th so it will reach them at the same time as the others. I am excited to read your entries! 

 HERE/ CLICK HERE!! to get to the page. Remember, all comments MUST go on that page.

 Also, I set up a website, long, tiring story behind that. I doubt I will do much with it, but here it is if you wish to look. WEBSITE

 Quote is from Rise of the Guardians, a rather sad part with Jack and...well, I can't say. Spoilers. But it was one of my favourite scenes.




  1. Gasp, so much commenting to catch up on!
    First of all, I LOVED the snippets you posted two posts ago. I am dying to know what happened to Trilsi and the Dragon! And I loved the name yelling part betwix the Haphazardly Implausible characters. xD It was great.
    Also I LOVED Clair's drawing! It was so cool and has me wondering what happens in the book!
    I love the website! Very authorly. (<--- that's Jessica's word. I stole it).

    I must admit, I yelled when I saw Rose as well. "ROSE! ROSE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE ROSE?! ROSE!! ROOOSE!" My dad stared at me strange.
    The Pompeii episode is one of my favorites now. It was so great.
    I saw the Planet of the Ood one. That one was sad but cool. I love the Ood. I think they are my favorite Doctor Who aliens (along with the Face of Boe).
    I can't imagine them not bringing Jack back.... I really can't imagine them not bringing anyone back, unless said person said that they didn't want to come back. Did that make sense? I hope so.

    I haven't seen the Lizzie Bennett Diaries but I have heard of them. I will have to check them out sometime! Especially if their Darcy doesn't make weird faces. I like to laugh at the other Darcy's because of their weird looks.

    Art has just meet Charity in Mothstom. I didn't read it at all yesterday and I'm dying to find out what happened! I must say, though, giant moths are as bad as giant spiders.
    I can't decide which character is my favorite... I love them all. I really like Mr. Mumby. He's great. So oblivious... Oblivious families are funny.

    I've never heard of Ronald Howard Sherlock Holmes - I must rectify this! I haven't actually seen any Basil Rathbone SH either... But I've heard about his bumbling Watson. Not enough time in the day....

    Grrr. I am so mad at Joan in Elementary. Why can't she just leave E-Lock alone? I like that Alfredo guy, though.
    I realised this morning why Elementary ISN'T Sherlock Holmes. It isn't the female Watson.... or the deviation from the books... It's that E-Lock isn't a consulting detective! He helps the police and that is where it ends. Not one person has come to him of their own free will - it is always the police.

    I can't wait for the book - and don't overwork yourself.

  2. Oo! Sounds like an exciting giveaway! I'm off to concoct a post with mime. Is it random choice winning?

  3. Hello!
    I'm sorry I've been absolutely TERRIBLE about commenting lately. Nano sort of eclipsed my life this last week and a half or so and I've avoided the internet for the most part. :D

    But anyway.

    I know what you mean about fainting. I don't think I would be able to pull it off. I'd probably try it, then ruin the moment by laughing. Have you ever heard of a book called 'the Sherwood Ring'? It's a really awesome book and one of the characters talks about just reminded me of that.

    I am really interested in the Rise of the Guardians now. I want to read the books and I want to see the movie. It sounds cooler than I was expecting. I'm like, "There are swords int this? No one mentioned swords before!" I love animated movies! I conveniently have little sisters to hide behind when I go watch them in theaters.

    The giveaway sounds great. I will check it out better tomorrow. Right now I think I'm going to head off to bed!


  4. I'm not sure I can participate in the giveaway, but I would love to help you spread the word about your book. We authors have to stick together, eh! Anyhoo, there's any day after the 15th this month waiting for you on my blog, if you like. Do something very daring and send it to me, and I will make sure it airs the next day! This is very exciting. If you don't have time this month, maybe we can do something next month.

    Happy 2 weeks, Jack. Life is about to get very busy.

  5. Hmm, this givaway intrigues me. *strokes proverbial beard* I'll have to see if there are any new(er) books on my list of to-reads and review one of them. I'm certainly getting excited about your books publication!

  6. My aunt taught me how to faint when I was two. I can still do it, but I have to be careful where I do it, since the ground is further away than it used to be.

    You're considering running from the whole publication thing, too? I've had to postpone Take's publication day. It won't be out tomorrow. I have no idea when it will be out, but it won't be tomorrow - though it will hopefully be before Christmas. I still need to set up an announcement for that to post tomorrow.

    Love the new background. I'll be sure to enter the contest - I have at least one book that I can post about. (one that your NaNo book reminded me of, actually.)

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