Friday, November 02, 2012

"Unfair? You can breath underwater and blow up glaciers and summon hurricanes and it's unfair I can be an elephant?"

 My name is Trisili. I am fifteen and I am a DragonSlayer.

 You are not!

 That was Hugh, my sometimes best friend as he likes to call himself. He is sixteen and has a thing called morals, which I find a waste of time.

 I have a thing called honesty, thank you very much!

 He is also incurably dull.

 Not as dull as you.

 And THAT is Alyce...and I really have no way to describe her.

 I am a dazzlingly, talented girl who is very clever and knows more about fighting then you.

 I thought you had a thing against lairs.

 That wasn't a lie.

 If you say so...

 Weren't you going to say something, Trisli?

 Oh yes, right! We three are the main characters in DragonSlayer. Well, I am the main character, those two just tag along to try and steal the spot light. They do a rather soddy job of it.

 As if you could tell a story without us. You would still be in Village if it wasn't for me!

 Someone needs a good dose of humility.

 *Arches eyebrows*

 I meant Alyce.

 I won't even lower myself to your level to reply to that.


 Since Trisli apparently only intends to use this post to brag about himself I shall take over and tell you why we are here, on Jack's computer.
 As Trisli hinted at, my name is Alyce. I am one of the king's messengers and he has assigned me the task of traveling into the Wild with Trisli to help him in slaying the last Dragon in the land of Myste.

 I don't need your help in slaying the dragon! I am the last DragonSlayer after all!

 You're a story teller who thinks too highly of himself.

 Shut up, Hugh.

 As I was saying before these boys so rudely cut in.


 The three of us are off on a quest to slay a dragon. I could go on and on about dragons but I shan't bore you with such details. Instead, I will say that we are certain to have many adventures, some of which are likely to be very life threatening since Trisli has no clue what he is doing.

 LAST DRAGONSLAYER! I know perfectly well what I am doing!

 Trisli, if you grab your sword below the hilt you will cut your hand - again. 

 I wasn't going to pull it out anyways.

 I think Jack needs to re-title this book. I think a more fitting name for it would be Hugh and Alyce, babysitters.

 Why you-

 Over the next few weeks, Alyce, Trisli, and I will be updating on here sometimes for Jack, thus allowing her more time for her writing and editing. This post was supposed to be an introduction. However, since Alyce and Trisli are now fighting in the corner I think it would be best if we just ended it. I do apologize for my unruly companions. They don't exactly get along - not that many people are able to get along with Trisli.

 I do hope you enjoy our little updates, as well as your own Hermits United journeys.

 Jack has asked that we end every post by asking what all of your word counts are. And I know I speak on behalf of my companions that we would all enjoy to hear what your books are about, as well as meet some of your characters if they would like to stop by.

 Hoping you all avoid writer's block and dragons,




 How come Hugh got to put his name first?



  1. Oh, hilarious. It sounds like you have an interesting cast. And I love the name Alyce. I have a 7yo named Alyce Withawie (Honest. That's her real last name) who I wish I could make a more important character in the rest of the book ... but as yet ... I haven't figured it out.

  2. Fun post by three strong-minded characters! My word count . . .well, it depends on the project. There's the almmost finished one - that's around 64,000 words, and the one I'm doing for NaNo - currently around 2,000 and needs my attention desparately today . ..but I'm procrastinating, trying to decide if I really need to know how a court martial works - poor Doug's being unjustly accused today, but it has to happen if he's going to become Captain Wrath.

  3. That was funny! I like these characters already.

  4. Hehe, I rather think I'm going to like these characters. Especially Hugh. And well...the other two as well. They all sound like fun in their own ways.(:

    Good luck with NaNo!
    And I absolutely agree with you, by the way, they should have a student NaNo....maybe not for the purpose of trying to reach the 50k, but just to see how much the average college student writes in a month! :P Now THAT would be interesting to see...or maybe dismaying, I don't know.(;


  5. These characters bounce off of eachother well! Excited to see more from them :)

    BK here:
    Yes, you're right. I don't particularly care. And you sound like Jess when I bug her to feed me while she's writing.
    Yeah, I've been told my conscious is my sister, and since we don't live together anymore I'm a free cat. And yes, I would like some chocolate.

  6. I love it!

    Anyway, my word count is somewhere between 640 and 720. Not good, my goal is 25,000. So I ask myself, why am I on the internet?

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Because the internet is a good place to escape weird characters who are too demanding?
      That's why I'm hiding out here. I have a nice hole, you can join me if you like.

    2. Is it a hobbit hole? I like hobbit holes.

      ~Robyn Hoode

    3. Aye, a very nice Hobbit hole. Not one with bits of worms in it or musty or dark or damp

    4. Oh, very nice indeed! I don't like bits of worms. I will just gather up my stash of mallow creme pumpkins and chocolate, my favorite books, my coffee mug, and my dear cat Tempest, and we will come hide... I mean move in until we know the best course of action. By then, you and I will either have plotted the best book since The Hobbit or we'll look like hobbits! Come to think of it, I probably don't need pumpkins and chocolate, hobbit holes arte supposed to be stocked with food. And we will never go on any adventures or do anything unexpected.
      ~Robyn Hoode

  7. My...word count. It did well yesterday. But today I was so sick I couldn't do anything but sleep until 3:00 PM. Which kind of puts me behind with school. Which, in turn, puts me behind as concerns the story about pinto beans.

    Signed with a Kismint who wants to have a time machine,
    The Afore Mentioned K-Minty

  8. I'm still at around 2800, but I'm pulling out my computer right now to do some fevered typing. I hope to be at 3500 AT LEAST by the end of today. Preferably more. I prefer being ahead rather than behind.

    I hope Trisli, Alyce, and Hugh don't disagree TOO much! They'll be in for a rough ride of it... entertaining for us readers, but oh so hard on the cast. :)

  9. Love these characters! This conversation was a lot of fun to read. :)

    My word count is currently 7118.

  10. Nice to meet you Trilsi, Hugh, and Alyce!
    They sounds like great characters Jack! And I love your plot as well.

    I have a sword. We should definitely walk through a city with them. We should dress us as well. And eat pudding out of a mayo jar.

    Watson didn't observe much in the books and when he did, he always got most of it wrong. This Joan person is way too good at deduction.
    You know, you are right. Sherlock Holmes made a mess of the house but was super clean in the way he took care of himself (except with the drugs) . In Elementary, E-Lock is the opposite... He's not very clean himself but his house is rather TOO neat.
    I'm kind of actually hoping E-Lock and Joan get together... Becuase it would make him less like Sherlock and his character just seems to be in need or a friend. I just wish they'd get married before jumping into bed.... Sigh. American TV.
    You know, every episode has dealed with murder. It's getting kind of old. I hope they do a not-murder mystery sometime soon....

    I didn't even know that there was a colored version of Tintin in the Congo... I will have to watch out for it!
    I have read the unfinished Tintin and Alph-Art. There was no romance in that one... Except maybe with Castafoire and whatever the bad guy with the beard was named.... I like when Haddock buys an H.
    I get all the Tintin books that take place in the desert mixed up.... There are so many!
    Actually my dad read me Tintin. =) He grew up reading them and then we got them from the library... Then we bought them all. That was a good Christmas.
    I heard that Peter Jackson learned to read by Tintin as well. Sooo cool. And Jamie Bell grew up with them as well. They really picked the right actors for the parts. I can't wait to find out who does Calculas! Personally I think Benedict Cumberbatch or David Tennant would work wonderfully...

    Nighty night!

  11. Wow, that was brilliantly done! I was sitting here cracking up...such lively characters!
    Good luck with your Nano. It seems like you're off to a good start. :)

  12. Miss Jack ~ You are very good at dialogue, and your characters have clear, distinct voices. I admire people who can do that.

    My Nano count is low, only about 2400. I started out really well the first night, when I stayed up til midnight. Well over 700 words, and I was pleased with myself.... and then I had a *mass8ve* case of writers' cramp, and after hours of effort, I only managed to write about 4 sentences, and I cordially hated everyone in my story. So yesterday, I ditched the first try, and started over from scratch. All of those 2400 words are from me writing madly all last night. I'm off the next couple days, so I will catch up. Even if it kills me.

  13. You three are a riot. :) Don't worry, Trisili, all storytellers seem to be underestimated in some way or another. Anyways, have fun, try not to cut yourself again, and do try to survive. What would the world do if the last dragonslayer died?

    Miss Jack, this story sounds amazing! Have a good NaNo. :)

    1. Thank you, for your understanding. Being the last DragonSlayer is an unappreciated job. Ignore Hugh's snickering. (I shan't cut myself, that was just a slip of the blade.)
      Shut up, Alyce!

      Ahem, anyways, Jack here. Thank you for the comment! And for stopping by.


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