Sunday, November 04, 2012

"What about a compromise? I'll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I'll apologize."

 I'm very busy today so this is me running through like Percy with the giant after him. 

 Tomorrow I will be doing a blog fest. This is a blog fest for all of you, my readers. 

 Tomorrow I will also announce when the short story collection will be out. (Hint, I will be publishing it this month so if you are waiting for it, this next bit might not apply to you much.)

 Today Reveille is out! You can buy it on Smashwords. Or you can wait for the paperback edition. (The paperback WILL be out before the book, so those of you who want can read the short stories before you read the actual book.) Reveille is now HERE.

 Cover picture taken by William Knisley at WKPhotography. I highly suggest you have a look around his site. You can find it HERE

 And now I have to keep running. Giants and all.

 Hermits United word count is at 6018. I think I am behind but am hoping I can keep caught up.

 Editing I am on chapter fourteen. Hopefully I can finish this week so I can polish the final stages of formatting next week.




  1. I'm actually formatting and editing Take at the same time. I sent it to my Kindle, and am copying it into a formatted document, editing as I go.

    I really like this method of editing.

    Really great cover! I'd buy it, but my money's in the form of Amazon Gift cards, and I can't make purchases on Smashwords.

  2. Great cover - exciting times for you! Good luck with it :)

  3. I am so excited :) I hope your editing goes well
    God Bless

    1. Thank you!

      How have you been? How is Doctor Who?

  4. Really cool cover. I'm behind in Nano too--WAY behind, but I think I can still catch up with it. Good luck!!

  5. Oh, I am excited about the short story collection, and am planning to buy it as soon as it is out in paperback. Good luck with the editing. Editing is hard. Editing makes me feel like this

    I hope you're able to keep on top of Nano. After that rather dramatic start, my story has decided to behave itself. It is flowing well, and my characters are staying in character, and speaking to me the way I want them to, which is jolly. I'm still behind, but I am starting to catch up.

    Ah yes. Jean jumpers. I have only recently become aware of them as the garment of choice for the cliched homeschooler. I don't think I had one either, though I must be soothfast and admit that I went through a cowgirl stage, and wore a lot of jean for the duration. If ever I had a jean jumper, it was then. However, cowgirls do not carry swords, nor do they sneak into the Mines of Moria to visit the dwarves, against the advice of Gandalf and various well meaning friends, so it was an extremely brief stage.


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