Monday, November 26, 2012

"You don't want to race a rabbit, mate."

 Sunday I went to heat up my sandwich for lunch, and in just two seconds I caught my microwave on fire. Two seconds! That has to be some kind of record. (Apparently foil can catch fire in a microwave. Now those who didn't know, know.)

 This, being the last week of November, shall be filled with some randomness. So, here is a tag. A tag I commandeered from Amy HERE. After this I have another book review, the last snippet, and another picture.

 What is the name of your project? When did you first come up with the idea? And how long have you been working on it?

 The name is...Haphazardly Implausible. I came up with the plot idea last summer when I wanted to write a book about an airship - I came up with the title a few months later with some help from a good friend. I've been working on it for...a year and a half? Aye, that's right...I think.

 Sum up your novel in five words or less.

 I'm just going to commandeer someone's five sum up. More fun then is legal. (And whoever knows where I got that from gets one of John's cookies.)

 Who is your favourite character? Tell us about him or her.

 Oh dear. If I pick one, won't it make the others envious? And if they get envious they might stab me in my sleep...
 Oh well, here's risking it.
 Peter Jones. I have a kind of bond with him, we understand each other well. He's slightly clueless in social matters, he has a bit of an odd sense of humor. He's short...and Scottish. And he is completely fine with being himself, even if others pick on him for it. Also, he's at a point where he doesn't know who he can trust and isn't sure who are his true friends and who are out to kill him.

 Where does your novel take place? What time Period? 

 Mostly in the well as in Scotland, England, and on the ocean. The time period is the Victorian Era.

 Do you have a theme song for your story? What is it?

 I suppose I do. Well, I had rather a lot which I got ideas from while writing the first drafts. Some I have mentioned before, such as I'll Make a Man out of You (which is the reason I used it for the bloopers.) But there is one song which I listen to a great deal while writing - but I shan't tell you because I am saving it for a certain post I have coming later.

 What's been the hardest part to write so far?

 The ending. I was very sad to end the first book. I enjoyed writing the other three, but Peter changed in those books. And I missed him, though I didn't like him any less. (Fellow authors probably understand this, as well as those who have read a really good series in which the character you like grows up.)

 What chapter was your favourite so far?

 I should say the last one because that is the one my readers fancied the most and we had a lot of fun giggling over it. But my favourite, there was this one scene with Steed in which I realized he wasn't the brash, know it all I thought he was. He actually had a bit of a sense of humor and could be awkward while still managing to pull of dashing. That was fun to write. As well as certain scenes between Peter and Darcy.

 Can you share one of your favourite snippets?

 Oh! You are asking a lot of me with this...Hm. I suppose one wouldn't hurt.

 Are any aspects of your story drawn directly from your own life? Give us an example.

 Well, yes. During the first draft, no. But when I did the final, I was going through some friend things myself. So I was able to put in Peter's struggle better since I understood it. All his doubt and uncertainty and fear. (Though, with me, my former friend wasn't out to kill me. So, it was a bit different.) Also, how Peter has to willing accept who he is and not be ashamed of it. That was something I was learning at the same time.

 Your main character gets dumped into a bit city in the modern era. (Or, if you're writing a contemporary work he/ she gets dumped in medieval London). How does he/ she respond?

 He would blame Darcy right off, because somehow it has to be Darcy's fault. Then, I think he would go about exploring everything, but especially any Air Force base or airport he could find. Then, once he had found it, he would test out the air planes, though I have a feeling he wouldn't like the new ones as much as he likes his Triple Wing. However, if he happened upon a biplane, I think he would have a lot of fun flying it about and might decide he was okay living in this modern world. (Peter adapts to changes fairly easy.)

 Who's the funniest character in your story? Tell us why! Give examples! Support your argument. 8-D

 Well, I don't think any of them are terribly funny on their own. If they were, it would probably be Darcy, or maybe Kirk. Maybe it is because I've not much of a sense of humor myself so I don't know how to do funny, but I do know how to bounce humor off the other characters. They are usually only funny when they are together.
 That said, some of the funniest pairs are Tony and Steed - and they pretty much are the only ones who stay funny throughout the whole series, for reasons I cannot say for the sake of spoilers. I had a lot of fun with them.
 Darcy and Peter also have their moments as well as Hogan's two pilots whom live to dislike each other. There is also Kirk and his....friend, though I'm not sure they would really call themselves such. And Kirk and Darcy get into it sometimes, though not as much as Kirk and Steed.
 All that said, I will say again that I don't think anyone surpasses Tony and Steed. But you will have to read the book to see if you agree or disagree.

 If you were forced to eliminate a character from your story - just wash them clean off the slate - who would it be?

 Peter's sister.
 Okay...fine. But she was the one who had to go, as there were too many. I thought about taking more out as I feared I had too many, but none of them could go. (I worked around this and figured it out, by the way.)
 Anyhow, if I had to remove one now...and still be able to keep the plot going...I guess it would have to be Hogan. Which is tragic to think about, and I am not even sure I could take him out because he has a big role to play. But...I think he is the only one who could be removed if I HAD to.

 Do you plan on writing a sequel to your novel?

 Oh no. I plan to leave it at the cliff hanger in the end of the first and make everyone suffer. 
 Okay, I shan't be that mean.
 There will be three sequels, all of which are now written.

 Lastly, Sunday I wasn't well so I stayed in bed and read all day. Which means I finished The Mark of Athena. It won't get a review though as I don't wish to spoil it. I will say that I enjoyed it, maybe not as much as Son of Neptune, but better then The Lost Hero. And I REALLY liked Leo in it. He made it to my second favourite character. Something I could have done without? The spiders. (I think spiders are stalking me. Can I get a restraining order on them?)

 Wait, that wasn't lastly. Lastly is this. A new author I found has a sell on her books! And they sound like good books. I am reading Peter's Angel now, actually. You can check them out HERE!!

 The title is another Rise of the Guardians quote.




  1. I set the microwave in my dorm room on fire once reheated some lo mein (set that on fire too). The funniest part was me running down the hall with a box of flaming lo mein. The scariest part was that the fire alarm never went off.

    Neat meme... your story sounds like an awful lot of fun.

  2. and don't forget...styrofoam will melt in the microwave! glad you're learning... :)

  3. My brother exploded a plastic bottle of honey in the microwave once. Killed the microwave. And the honey.

    I liked reading your little Q&A! It's nice to find out more about this infamous novel...coming soon... I too have favourites amongst my rabbly bunch of characters. Depends on who I'm writing that I feel the most fondness for. But the one I cherish the most gets hurt a LOT. Funny, that, eh.

  4. Haha, yes, I've been yelled at for trying to microwave aluminum. And once I stuck a paper cup in the microwave--that was really stupid! I'm never quite sure what's running through my mind when I do things like that. :P

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers to the tag! I can't wait to actually meet all of your characters! I think I'm going to especially like Peter.(:

    Ooh, and thanks for the book recommendations! I immediately hopped over to download her two books.(: I'll save those for later--it's always nice to have new books waiting for me!

    I've only made it through the first Hunchback Apprentice book. I really want to catch up on the others, though! Well, just a few more weeks till school's done...(;


  5. I can't even imagine being forced to write a character out after the book was done! *shudder*
    I have been stopped many a time from putting spoons, forks, jelly lids, tinfoil ect ect ect, in the microwave as metal does spark if you nuke was I supposed to know this???

  6. And to answer your question, nope that's not my room, but our front parlor, It's kind of weird to have a parlor, but we already have a living room and it was getting confusing calling them both living rooms!

  7. Hi, Jack.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

    Enjoye the interview. I'm glad you wrote a period book. It's so much more fun to read about the past. And don't worry about the time you are taking on this.

    I wrote my first novel over three years ago, and I am still tweaking it. LOL.


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