Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Before you were all tall and cool. Now you are cute and cuddly."

 The last book I will be featuring for my...I never did title it, did I? Oh well, now that it is over I suppose it is too late to do so.

 Anyhow, this book was written by a good friend of mine. (I used to be a part of a writer's group with her in fact.) And it is the only book on my list I have had the chance to read. So this shall be a review of it. It is titled The Krestel, written by Trisha Yeager. 

 Darin White has been to Pluto, but never as the captain of his own ship. Although interplanetary travel is normal, when the Kestrel encounters spacepirates near Jupiter, Darin learns that space - and the people in it - remains more of a mystery than he'd ever assumed.

 I have loved Trisha's writing for years so when I saw she had FINALLY published a book I bought it right away. Since then I have been slowly reading it so I can longer draw it out - since she has no other books in print.

 I loved this story. I shall admit, Darin isn't my top favourite hero she created, I shall always hobour a special place in my heart for another of hers, but Darin comes in very close. He is a rather laid back character who takes almost everything in stride and who loves to fly in space - who wouldn't though?
 He sometimes gets easily board, with good reason, and he is brave and daring.

 Though this isn't a really fast paced book, it is a lot of fun. It has a good mix of excitement and danger and the characters are wonderful. (I especially liked the pirates.)
 One of the best parts about the book was the fact that the people living on Pluto were annoyed their planet was no longer considered a planet. (At least someone is as unhappy about that as I.)

 I also discovered the planets were named after Greek gods, later changed to their Roman names. (I know, how I didn't know that before is beyond me. When the characters started talking about it I wanted to smack my head on something. I mean, Neptune? I've been reading Roman and Greek books, how could I have missed THAT?!)

 This is a book I can highly recommend. It is a fun space adventure, in fact, one of my favourite space adventures.

 You can learn more about Trisha HERE

 Today I also announce the winner of the Free Signed Copy of my book! (Which will HOPEFULLY get here by Friday so I can mail it out! *Eyes the slow mail.*)
 To pick the winner, I wrote everyone's names on bits of paper, put them in my special hat, and drew one. (Those who entered more then once got two pieces of paper.)
 And the winner is Kiminst! You need to email me and send me your address please so I can send you the book.
 Thank you everyone who entered! I hope you had fun, and I enjoyed reading your entries, I even added some new books to my to-read list.

 And this ends the book reviews. Tomorrow, my book will be out. And it is finally sinking in. And I am kind of like this right now.

 Eccept, you know, I don't have long blond hair nor a Flynn Rider taking me to see the lights. Not that I would mind...Flynn, not the long blond hair. (Okay, that was a bit weird.)

 Anyhow, when I'm not falling asleep - fighting to keep awake - I am either bouncing off the walls or getting ready to sit down and have a nice cry. I'm going to be a basket case tomorrow. I pity those who must be around me. With the lack of sleep, viewing The Hobbit, and my book being out I don't think anyone will be able to endure my company for long. And all my friends must put up with me as Friday is the day of the play I am in.

 And none of this feels real. I'm kind of in a daze and I don't think I'm ready. But I can't back out now...I have a feeling if I did so some of you might be displeased with me. And my mum would throw her shoe at me because she has been telling all her friends about her soon to be published author daughter. She insisted they all watch the trailer and has made me sound like Tolkien. "My daughter, Jack, she has a book coming out. And it is the best book ever. And you should buy it!" She is my best marketer. 

 But now, I think I will close. I've rambled enough and sleep is calling. (And I NEED it because for the next two days I will be getting very little of it.)

 I shall see all of you tomorrow, about three in the morning, if not later.

 Quote is from Rise of the Guardians, again. This was a rather funny scene which I can't explain because of spoilers. But, I will say this, it is the only time a person might get away with calling Hugh Jackman cute without him pulling out his Wolverine claws on them.




  1. Congratulations to Kismet!!

    And your publishing unsurenessness amuses me. Makes me glad I opted for the more casual "Oh, this looks like a good day for publishing" approach.

    And, sigh, Robert's just not a questing sort of person. He'll keep showing up thoughout the series, but he just won't go on another quest. (He and I had a nice, lengthy conversation about what it would take to induce him to do so ... and I'd have to take out every ally he has ... and I don't think I could write a book with that low of odds. *shrug*)

    But as for Robin's eldest daughter (who takes over at age 9 and doesn't leave the spot light until she's married) well ... you've met her somewhere around the internet ... (I think you'll love her little brother though. He's got a personality similar to his uncle, and a name you like ...)

    Anyways, don't forget to feed John. He wouldn't like to stave, you know.

  2. No way!!! *attempts to dance but fails terribly*
    Ooh, you are tired Jack, my name is not Kimist. Get some sleep. ^_^
    But it's okay. I miss-spell my pen name too. ;)

    I can't wait for your book! I shall email you soon (however, life is quite hectic so...yeah...).

    I've enjoyed your book spotlight-thingy! Great job on surviving this week (hope you make it 'till the weekend ;).

    God bless,

  3. I'm very excited for you!! Just try to get a little bit of sleep and enjoy the ride!!!

    Also, I LOVE Tangled. One of my all time fave movies!!! :)

  4. the book sounds good :) Hmm, maybe I peek at it....

    Oh Dear! If I were there I'd rush up to you with tea, hand it to you and whisper- "Lets dress in blue and watch Doctor Who. It'll be cool" too bad we don't live closer. Don't you hate being emotional?

    Well I have the hair (minus its glow-y goldness) but no Flynn. Thats okay though. I have my book characters :D

    I have this sister that is really brilliant. She *fangirl's* with me, talks to me when I'm in a bad mood, demands me to stop crying when I'm upset and laugh at all the randomnly strange topics I bring up. Being eccentric is more fun when someone is eccentric with you. I love it when my best friend comes down and we all get crazy together. The things we say! Friends are life's greatest gifts.

    You know, a lot of the best people don't sleep- Merlin, Doctor, Sherlock, John, Rory, all the Doctor's companions... I think you have a lot going for you. Still, try to sleep. Its not fun being tired. I don't want you dropping in exhaustion. that is not good for you *Frown*

    God Bless

    1. The tea and Doctor Who sounds wonderful! I would be up for that! Aye, it is a pity we do not live closer.
      I think tanged hair might be fun, but is it hard to run with really long hair?

      Your sister sounds wonderful! I;ve always wanted a sister like that. Though my brothers are very grand and put up with my battiness and weird jokes.

      Oh! I shall be in the "We do not sleep" club and do all kinds of fun things! Soon my John will join because hanging out with me means not much sleep. (I guess we kind of are like Sherlock and Watson. he trying to sleep, me keeping him up.)

      I'll drop on Saturday. I will crawl into bed, allow my stomach to finally get sick (I;ve been holding it off) and sleep and read. *Nods* and sleep. *Grin*

      Did you make it to the Hobbit?!

  5. I wouldn't mind a Flynn, either... (that does sound really weird)

    Oh my goodness, a book about people being indignant over Pluto's status! I must read this! The name Darin is so cool... and I love love love the cover. So simple but so evocative and beautiful. Love it.

  6. Sounds like a great book!

    You should have heard the outcry in our house when Pluto's planet status was removed. Between all of us generally indignant, and me bringing out every scientific fact I could remember about why it was too a planet, and my younger brothers hilarious opinions on it... well it was pretty funny. (However, what is not funny is they haven't changed its status back.)


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