Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Oh boy, I'm never sure what's going to happen when he goes nutty with the chocolate."

The book I am reviewing today is one I started, thinking I had found a fun, quirky story. I was very disappointed in it and only finished in the hopes it would get better.

 The book is called A Spy Like Me. The summery sounds fun. A girl who has to spy on a boy she likes, because he seems to be out to kill her. It is set in Paris, with pasties and coffee and chases involving poodles.

 I will give some things to this book. It is well written. It is fast paced, with a good voice, and the characters are fun. Savvy, the main girl who is telling the story, is a scared, reckless, kind of innocent bystander. Everything she does seems to fall a part on her, and she has an insanely wild imagination. (Much like me, with thinking there are assassins under my bed.)
 When her friend goes missing, Savvy turns spy to find her and learns that Malcolm - this rather handsome boy - is out to kill her. Why, she has no idea. But she is going to get the answers even if it means getting into a cake fight.

 Now, what made me dislike this book.

 One, there was a lot of language in it. Sometimes, in books, I don't mind some language if it is few and far between. But this was all over. 

 Two...there were a lot of sexual implications in it. Savvy and Malcolm kiss...A LOT - if a fellow was out to kill me I wouldn't kiss him every chance I got. And sometimes the kissing implied it would turn into something more. (As in, he would touch her arms and she would get all swoony and they would kiss more and before anything could happen something would interrupt them. Thank goodness!)
 I don't know why someone would write a book like this, intended for teen girls. They have enough of that without needing to read something like this.

 Anyhow, I would not recommend this book at all. So, if you are misled like me and think it is just a fun spy story, take my warning and skip it. It is not worth the money, I feel, or the time to read. (I was rather disappointed I didn't know about all that before hand too. I could have bought another book instead. But at least I didn't buy the second one!)

 Now, on a more cheerful note...

 I was tagged by Kelly. You can find her blog HERE.

 What is the working title of your book?
 Not telling anyone that yet. (Mostly because I don't know if the title is going to stay. More on this later.)

 Where did the idea come from for the book?
 From me reading a book about airships and wishing I could fly on one.

 What genre does your book fall under?
 Steampunk. Maybe pirates, but that isn't a genre...though it should be. There's enough pirate books for it to be.

 Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
 The thing with friends are insistent that my books will one day be movies. I don't protest much because the whole movie making fascinates me. So I made a promise that I'd never let this happen unless I get to be a part of it. I want to go and watch them film, I want to watch them edit, I want to watch every step of it. And that means, I'd be about so much I'd get to meet the actors, right?
 So, since I get to meet them...let's cast all my favourite actors so I can shake their hands! Even if they are too old to play my characters.
 I would cast David Tennent, The actor who played Nine, Merlin and Arthur, Bennedict Cumberbach, Martin Freeman, Thornton, 
 (Hm, all boy actors. *Walks away innocently with hands behind back while whistling.* They're British too...)

 I shall not be posting again until Sunday, or Monday. I will be out of town, spending two wonderful days in a natural hot springs to celebrate some birthdays and Christmas. I will be eating Star Trek cookie men, playing Creature from the Black Lagoon with my brothers, and enjoying myself while I do nothing productive.
 So, Au Rievor!

 Quote is from Toothiana, the third guardian book. A comment by North when Bunnymund eats a special chocolate which helps him fight.




  1. So disappointing wasting precious time reading a dodgy book, eh? I felt that way reading Robert Muchamore's CHERUB series. Awesome series, foul language, and it just dives downhill. But the plot and idea was sooo good. Not fair.

    Hot springs sounds nice! Have fun. :D

  2. Disappointing books are always disappointing. A certain very popular book about wallflowers comes to mind...Regardles, hopefully you find some better words on paper to devour!

  3. So sad when a really promising book or show is really good then they have to go and ruin it with questionable content! New Girl pops into my mind, I love Zooey, but just couldn't keep watching the show in good conscience! =(

    When you do make that movie with all those fantastic British boys, I'm just letting you know I'm willing to help out in anyway I atelier motive meeting them or anything.....just want to help out..... ;-)

  4. Ew. Sounds like a bad book. Thanks for the review! And have lots of fun on your vacation!

    I really like Kirk. Him and the Steed siblings Darcy! Gasp!) and Tony are my favorite characters I think (I like Peter too - though more on that when I finish the book and send you my thoughts!) =D I can't help but read Steed in a French accent and Tony in a Russian accent.

    I saw The Hobbit for the second time yesterday with my cousins. I may go a third time this weekend with my other cousins... if they want to.
    Although I did enjoy it as much as the first time (you notice so much more!), I didn't remember it being so long! I think everytime you watch the LotR's or The Hobbit, they get longer. Hee hee. Did you enjoy it the second time through?
    I live in a suburb of a large city. I'm pretty much always surrounded by people. My cousins live in a small town, though, and the theater was absolutely PACKED last night! We had to wait in line for tickets (something I have never done in my whole life because I'm in a large city where we get our tickets in advance, online). The theater was more packed than the first time I saw The Hobbit!
    I'm short too. Why is it that the short people always get seated behind the tall people?
    My heart did a little leap at the Fili and Kili part again. They look so sad and scared! They die at the end of the book, during the battle of the Five Armies which takes place after Smaug is killed.
    Oh I HATE it when one brother (or sister) dies and the other lives! Especially if they are close. Like Fred and George. I have never read or watched Harry Potter, but I have my sources.

    Hee hee I love the new Scotty as well. And Chekov. They are so funny. Them and McCoy. I don't really like the new Spock either. The new Kirk is alright, probably because I like his actor.
    I think it is so sad that the new Star Treks focus so much on action and violence. That isn't what the old series focused on at all! The old series was all about "Space, the final frontier, our five year expedition to explore new worlds.... etc." They had more character development.

    Anyway, have a great holiday!

  5. Ugh!! I hate it when I find a book that looks brilliant and is such a disappointment! Especially when it's THAT kind of disappointing... where there's too much junk in it to ever consider reading it again. Putting that kind of nastiness in teens' books is just wrong, they/we don't need that. :(

    Well... what do you know? We both cast the same actors. LOL. I think I'm just more attracted to the British look over the American look. (Accents aside even.... I am most ridiculously fond of Jeremy Renner, and he's American, but he looks like a Brit... Britt? Is it one T or two?)

    Anyhoo, I hope you have a lovely getaway... eating Star Trek men. Speaking of which, who do you like better in the TV show, Scotty or Kirk?

    Cheers! And Merry-after-Christmas.

  6. Glad to hear you have an awesome vacation coming, Jack!! Hope you like your next book better!! :) Eat some cookies for me. :)

  7. Finished Haphazardly Implausible...more later, and hints at a review. ;)



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