Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Sorry for what? That you find my feelings for you offensive?"

 Today's picture from Clair is one of my favourites. (I say one because I have one I like slightly better. It redeemed things between Isidore and I since I said he looks very dashing in it.That made up for my cute comment.)

 I was rather glad Clair picked this one to reveal as I love the detail in it. (Especially the lamp.) And Jack. I love how Clair captures her smirk.

 This is the last picture reveal I will be holding. You know what that means, right? The book is out in one week!

 And now I shall stop talking and let you all enjoy Clair's wonderful picture!

 Everyone who entered the Book Party, I need your posts soon! *Arches eyebrows* So, if you could get those to me soon that would be great. (This week would be best.)

 There is still a chance to enter to win a free, signed copy of my book!!!! Click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! to read the rules!!!!!

 I have a surprise for tomorrow for all of you, so be sure to drop back by!!

 Quote from North and South.




  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! =D
    (More later).

  2. Awesome picture! I have a question, too, though. Does your character *Jack* have anything to do with your pen-name-Jack? :) Or is that top notch spy secrets?

    Oh phew still have a week to work on my review for the giveaway. I started panicking today, but mime said we still had a week. I wish my books from the library would hurry up and arrive!! Grr.

  3. Oooo, I like this one! But then again I am a sucker for lamp posts and castles (or I guess it could be a cathedral), I do love Jacks expression as well!

    Did you get my entry or do I need to send it again?

  4. One more week!
    Really like the way she did the fence.

  5. Oh, gorgeous.

    (these pictures are making me jealous! You really got lucky with Clair!)

  6. As someone who obbsesses with shading (especially when using graphite), I am impressed. That is quite the drawing.

  7. Clair has such amazing drawings :) I love them.

    Oooo you've seen North and South. *Happy Dance* Don't you just love John Thorton? He is a brilliant actor and an awesome character. He's playing Thorin in the Hobbit!

    Ok, I really like Eleven now. He is very fun and energetic as well as a bit nuts. He's a great Doctor. Nine Ten and Eleven; much more than numbers *Grin*

    I watched "Vampires in Venice" and have fallen for Rory. He is such a nice guy! Amy should be kinder to him.

    Amy "They aren't vampires. They're aliens!"

    Doctor "I KNOW!"

    Rory "Why is this good news? What is WRONG with you people?"

    Poor Rory. he's the only one in the bunch. How would he react to a werewolf? *Giggle*

    I am very sad that Merlin is coming to an end. I'll have to say that my favorite season (Next to 5) is probably S1. I love how much the characters grow in that one. And when Arthur helps Merlin into his armor? I loved that.

    God Bless

    1. North and South is probably the only romantic movie I can sit through without wishing to bang my head on something. I love Thornton. he is, so kind and wonderful. In fact, when I go for walks, I say I am looking for him. *Smirk* He even surpasses Laurie for me, but just a little. I still and shall always adore Laurie.
      I know! It is so cool he is in The Hobbit! And he has such a cool voice when he sings!

      Oh, I love Rory!! He only gets better - well...season 7 is iffy but that wasn't his fault.
      But he is very sweet and takes such good care of Amy. I was mad at her for the longest time for not being nicer to him. The Doctor is cool, yes, but Rory loves her and he is soooo wonderfully amazing! (Wait till the end of this series. *Grin*)

      I think series one in Merlin shall always be one of my favourites too. It was a fun series and now they will be all grown up in series two and I shall rather miss them being all young...though still liking is a confusing emotion I guess.


  8. There's amazing detail in the drawing! It's so cool to see.

  9. I love this picture. It has tons of feeling to it.

  10. That's a really awesome picture. It's got a certain kind of old fashioned charm to it. :)


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