Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Stop! We need to go back! I forgot my pocket handkerchief."

 Instead of doing a New Year's resolution post I am going to be authory and geeky and do a 2012 Books and Movies Which Stood Out To Me Post. These books I mostly read in the last two months. I didn't do a lot of reading the beginning of the year - maybe five books all told. I read more in a month then most of the year...But all of these books have become some of my favourites. And the movies I've likely already talked about, but they deserve to be talked about again. 

 Howl's Moving Castle:

 Because I grew very fond of Howl in spite of his green slime temper. When he raced out to save his family I almost squealed. And Sophie was amazing. I adored her. As well as Michael, Calficer, and all the others. Wonderful characters. 


 This book stumped all my expectations. Kiggs was amazing and I loved Phina. I even wouldn't mind an uncle like Omar.

 Nicolas St. North:

 A sword wielding thief who doesn't hesitate to help those in need. Hm...need I say more?


 A very nice way to say goodbye to Art, Jack, and Myrtle. I didn't feel as if I was really saying goodbye, more like, I will see you soon. Which is less sad then goodbye.

 The Invisible Man:

 A surprisingly rather funny adventure. Though by the end of it I felt bad for Griffin.

 The Search for WondLa

 Science Fiction at its finest. This is one book I am glad I didn't quit reading. And one I was sad when it ended.

 Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies:

 North, Bunnymund, Kathrine, Nightlight - all of them back, all of them battling Pitch. And the best part? North and Bunnymund.

 Sew, It's a Quest:

 A new telling of Robin Hood. Twins with mixed up gifts. Quests. Swords. Fairy tales. A very fun book.

 Rise of the Guardians:

 Jack Frost, North, lots of cold and snow. Hugh Jackman as a giant boomerang wielding bunny...all the mixings for a good movie

 The Hobbit:

Right, I needn't go on, need I?

 The Avengers:

 Aliens, a bunch of superheroes having to work together to save the world. Hawkeye, a Lord of the Rings reference, Tony Stark having to work together with Rodgers. Nick Fury who never smiled because he couldn't see the movie in 3D. And an appearance by Dick Van Dyke.


 Scotland. A dad who has a sense of humor and picked on his daughter's suitors almost more then his daughter. A cute mother and daughter story. Very cool music. And a heroine with wild, red curls.

 This will be my last post until after New Years. I will be back on the second with some book reviews, then the completion of the Blog Party! After that, I should be ready to share news about Book Two in my series. So, I hope you all have a very Happy New Years! And a very fun New Years Eve!

What about you? Which books and movies have stood out to you this year? Any you are looking forward to next year?




  1. I need to read a few of the books and see the Hobbit but other then that I have to agree with you about the awesomeness of all the books and movies on your list!! =)
    You should watch the movie of Howls Moving Castle, it's different from the book but still good!

  2. Haa! You actually listed just about every movie/book that I loved this year! 'Cept you left out Bourne Legacy. (Loved that movie... with so much love. :D)

    Howl. Oh gosh, I love Howl. He's a brilliant character. I thought Diana Wynne Jones ought to have written a book told from Howl's perspective, because she does three with him in it, but two of them he only makes brief appearances, and he deserved a book of his own. :)

    RISE OF THE GUARDIANS WAS AWESOME!!!! So much better than Polar Express. Ummmm... Well I liked Polar Express... but I loved Rise of the Guardians so much more.

    The Hobbit-- 'nuff said.

    The Avengers!!!!! Wait.... when did Dick Van Dyke make an appearance???? I don't remember him in there!?!

    Brave is awesome. I actually one of my favorites and one of the few movies when it's better the second time you watch it. I loved her dad. And I loved how Merida got her comeuppance at the end. It's especially special to me because-having been to Scotland- it was like being there again. They did a fantastic job on the scenery, it looked just like Scotland, and one part, I'm fairly sure was Glencoe. :D

  3. Movies:
    The Hobbit (no explanation necessary)

    Brave (basically because Merida is my twin. Seriously, EXACT same hair, same accent when angry, same hobbies, basic was freaky. But cool)

    The Avengers (again, no explanation)

    Sherlock Holmes, a Game of Shadows (can't remember if it actually came out this year, but I saw it this year, and I love any character that I relate to, like Sherlock. Plus the soundtrack is just pure epicness.)

    Star Trek (the latest one) (again, didn't come out this year, but I saw it this year, and loved it (despite its deviations in the characters' personalities from hiwbthey are in tue original series) because I have friends like Spock, and now I can subtly tease them about their similarities. And science fiction is just awesome)

    The Red Baron (2008, I think) (a very interesting and colorful look into the life of Monfred von Richtofen, the Red Baron. It was German-made, so the bias is obvious, but not overpowering. Not sure how accurate, but it was still good.)

    Larklight (steampunk. Science fiction. Sold.)

    Forbidden (Ted Dekker. Dystopian. Thought-provoking. Epic.)

    The Man who was Thursday (Anarchy. Secret societies. Spies. Weird, but fantastic. Intellectual)

    Ender's Game (child genius. Science fiction. Sociopaths. Plot twists)

    The Memoirs and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (classic, if ironically predictable. Entertaining. Intellectual.)

    Honestly can't remember what else I read. It's been the longest year of my life.
    And I'll be impressed if you actually read all of that.

  4. A list of very interesting and intriguing stuff. I need to find and read Sarafina, as it sounds distantly similar to one of my WIP's. I've not read Howl, but I've watched most of the movie (or all of it, I don't remember. It was several years ago.)

    Oh, and I'm honored that Sew made the list!

  5. I read The Invisible Man when I was quite young and loved it! I always felt to bad for Griffin! I loved the bit where someone thought he stole their cat, but he had just made it invisible! And I hated the nosy townspeople, didn't feel that bad for them. I would have hated that awful landlady too!

    The Hobbit was wonderful! I saw it and Les Miserables in one day. I cried a lot during Les Miserables, and unfortunately, I had actually forgotten my pocket handkerchief! The irony only just occured to me today!

  6. I have read not one of those books you listed.
    Feeling very illiterate right now.
    Or you have eclectic tastes.
    Brave was so cute! And her hair! Love red hair! Too bad I'm stuck with my dreadfully boring blond locks. Poo.
    I have yet to see The Hobbit, but I know it will be good. :D (And Les Miserables! I'm going to see that next Saturday. I'm so excited I might pee myself.)
    The Avengers was a good action/superhero movie, but as always, Tony Stark is hilarious and I instantly fell in love with Tom Hiddleston. For all you people who only noticed the heroes, that was the guy who played the villain, Loki.
    And I shall not apologize.

    You have inspired me. I may do a post like this myself. Well, it was more like I was *thinking* about doing this kind of post, but yours kicked my butt in gear. Thank you.

  7. Eek! Love your movie choices. :D Excellent list (though I'm unfamiliar with most of the books, some of them because annoyingly our library doesn't have them!). I tried making lists for my New Years Eve post, but it flopped in my face. And then our blog crahsed. So I've done nothing. Well, we'll see what tomorrow (which is our New Year! Na-ha. We get to 2013 first!!) holds! :D

  8. Books/Movies that stood out to me this year were Westerfeld's Goliath, Riordan's Mark of Athena (even though I haven't read it yet), Reeves' 'Fever Crumb', and...Wow, I don't actually recall any other books I read this year that blew me away.

    Movie-wise, I'd say The Hobbit, Wreck-It-Ralph, The Blues Brothers (from the 80s) and The Breakfast Club (also from the 80s) were the best movies I watched this year.

    Also, no, I haven't read the larklight series. I plan to...someday. First I need to get off my rump and pick them up from the library xD

  9. I so want to read the Guardian books! I finally went and watched it and I totally LOVED the movie. I expected to enjoy it...I did not expect to be so impressed with it. It was brilliant! So brilliant, in fact, that some of my family are hoping to go again. :D So, yeah. I want to read the books. I can't believe I've never heard of them before.

    I haven't done a whole lot of reading myself this year, *sniff* but the books you read look really good and I might just have to pop off to the library soon.
    Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favorite books. I think Dianna Wynn Jones is probably my favorite fantasy author. I love it when Howl has that cold and is such a baby about it! Hehehe! *Ahem* anyway.

    The Hobbit... the Avengers...Brave... So much good stuff! :D For all that 2012 was something of a disappointment to me, there was some fantastic entertainment.

    God Bless and Happy New Year!

  10. Hobbit + 3D + IMAX = AWESOME!

    Wishing you great things in 2013. :)

  11. HOBBIT!!
    Oh Diana Wynn Jones is brilliant and "Howls Moving Castle" is one of my favorites by her. My only complaint? Not enough Howl :)


    Brave was so amazing. It made me cry... as usual. I loved Fergus, he was hillarious :) I want a sequel *nod*

    Oh did you like Wondla? I am so glad. It was strange but I enjoyed it :D


    1. My complaint with Howl's Moving Castle is the same as yours. He wasn't in it enough. I wanted to know more about him. he needs his own book I think.

      Oh yes, Fergus! He is one of my favourite characters. I loved him.

      Oh yes, I loved WondLa. I didn't think I would, but I couldn't help it. An amazing adventure. And I love Rovender. I can't wait to read the second book.

      Happy New Year to you as well!!

  12. I sent you an email review of sorts on Haphazardly Implausible!

    I'm planning on reading The Invisible Man soon! And The Search For Wondla sounds really really interesitng. I might have to check that one out too.
    The only movie that really stood out to me this year was The Hobbit, probably because it is the only one I remember watching that I hadn't seen before. xD
    I also discovered Doctor Who this year (and Sherlock for that matter) and I fell in love with the BBC (Moffat!).
    Bookwise... I read 38 books this year, all nicely tracked on my blog. The ones that stood out were the Larklight series and Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Probably also The Yanks are Coming and Gianna: Aborted and Lived to Tell About It.

    Oh, I definitely think it is possible to adore your own character. =) I adore Daniel. And Antony. Both of them. And a new character who I just made up today... His name is Otho and he's a Dwarf.

    If you go see The Hobbit again, take me with you! I'd love to see it again too! I don't know how I'll survive until the end of this year... waiting for the next movie. Or at least the next preview. Or Movie Blog from Peter Jackson.

    Hee hee I like the booster seat idea. Only, what if the people behind US are short?

    Oh, I didn't know Kirk was Jack Frost! That's cool! He was in the Princess Diaries 2, as Mia's love interest. When I was little I thought he was really ugly. I didn't even regocnize him in Star Trek because he grew up so much between the two movies. Now I think he is handsome (but as Mr. Darcy says, "Not handsome enough to tempt me." <---- My favorite quote).

    May God bless you in this New Year!

  13. I'm reading 'Seraphina' right now! I saw it at the library was like, "Hm, that's the one that Miss Jack had reviewed. Perhaps I will try it." I'm loving it so far. :)

    1. I am glad! It is a good story, and it has Kiggs in it. Which is the best hero I've read in a long time.

  14. So, I tried to comment on your newest blog post, but blogger refuses to let me.
    Yes, that was the end of Grimm season two. :p And I like Juliet, but then I don't. I'm wishy washy on her.

  15. Yes, it is nice to clean your room.
    I'm glad you liked my review! I will do a review of Haphazardly Implausible once I finish it. I am on chapter twenty-two or something. :)
    I posted on my blog!
    Did you get your edited chapters yet?


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