Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"These humans and their emotions. They are more interested in their feelings then chocolate."

  I was tagged by Cait! And this is an author tag, so it is sure to be fun. (Or a writing tag. Whatever it's proper name is.)

 Anyhow, I am supposed to answer the questions she has asked me. So, here I go.

 1. When did you start writing?
 When I was 13. Or 12. Around that age. I wrote about siblings and floods and a goat. *Nods*

 2. Do you have a soft spot for a particular character? (Come now, be honest!)
 Aye, I do. PETER!

 3. If you have to choose between writing or reading, which would you pick?
 Writing, likely.

 4. How often do you have to "rush off" to write down an idea before it escapes?
 Once a week at the least.

 5. Do you plot and outline your book or wing it?
 *Laughs and snorts* I plot, my characters change EVERYTHING. So, I kind of gave plotting up. Why go through all the extra work?

 6. Are you a sucker for a happy ending or do you leave your readers in misery?
 Misery and torture and suffering when it is in the middle of the series, happy by the end of it all. I can't stand endings which leave you sobbing your eyes out. Unless it is Snicket.

 7. How protective are you of your novel?
 Very. Not where I would strangle the person who said bad things about it. Just where I would knock them with my boot.

 8. Plans for publishing eventually? Are you going to self-publish or go traditional?
 Um, no comment.

 9. Are you guilty of using the odd cliche plot element? How are you trying to make it fresh?
 A bit I suppose. Most plots, all, are cliche. We just have to add new things to them. Such as, throw in some airships, and a trigger happy villain, and a dog...

 10. Tell a little about a character you're currently fleshing out.
 I don't flesh them out. I write them, they come to life on their own. This is how we work.

 11. Which is a better type of chocolate? White, milky, or 75% dark?
 Oh, cool! I just found the % sign!
 White. Anyone who says other wise is sane and needs help.

 I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. This is the part where I tell you mine was very nice. I had to work, but my family and I celebrated in the evening and work wasn't too bad. I got to meet lots of people passing through town on their way home.
 Anyhow, in the evening I had a big dinner, watching A Christmas Carol, and opened presents with my family while sitting by the roaring fire. Then I spent the night on the couch - by the not so roaring fire. It was all rather fun even though the cold water pipe froze. *Smirk*
 I then got home today and opened the one Christmas gift I was most eager to see. My wonderful Artist surprised me with a cyber space gift which consisted of a wonderful coloured drawing of Jack and Isidore and a story to go along with it!! 

 And right now, I'm enjoying the rest of my holiday while reading almost every book I can get my hands on. I think I've read every new good book the library has and am now wandering about not sure what else to try. (I've plenty of book reviews after the holidays.)

 What about all of you? How was your Christmas? What did you do? I'd love to hear all about it! (Oh, and since it is the day or so after Christmas, I'm just going to tag all of you again.)

 Adieu for now. John and I are going to go to bed and finish reading Clair's story.

 Title quote is from the book Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies. It is a quote from Bunnymund. 




  1. Do we get to see the picture of Jack and Isidore? =)
    And also.... I had something else to say but I forgot because I'm so tired. So goodnight. and I will eventually I will get to your comment! When I'm more awake!

    P.s. I'm at the famous tree-branch hitting part! And the Isidore in the closet part.

  2. You tageth again! Shall I respond? I don't know...


  3. Merry Christmas!

    Eish, Snicket loves leaving you hanging! The End had about the most unsatisfying ending EVER. I was so annoyed. I went and looked the whole thing up on wikapedia, to make sure I hadn't missed anything, reserved the Beatrice letters, because I really wanted to read THEM, and then... and then... the library lost them. HOW COULD THEY LET THAT HAPPEN?! -_- Oh well. :)

  4. I agree with you on the Snicket frontier, but personally I'm a sucker for that kind of ending. It's so...ah, fun. ;) Thanks for doing the tag! It was fun seeing your answers (and yeah, the publishing one was kind of redundant, eh?). Your characters sure have the upper hand. Tell me, do you get any say? At all? (Name choice? Colour of favourite hankerchief preference? Mmm...)

  5. I love reading your tags! I totally get about not plotting, the first few books I tried, but by the end almost everything was different so I don't bother any more! =P

  6. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and sorry you hadda work! :P That's no fun...
    Your tagged posts are so fun! :D You always have great answers!

    {P.S. haha! I totally figured that was a DW quote but I couldn't for the life of me remember. ^_^ Lol. Thanks so much for reminding me. :D love that line. <3 }

  7. I am glad you had a happy Christmas. Happy Christmases are all the rage, you know. :)
    Mine was nice and I got books and chocolate (Not white. Never white.) and socks and an orange. Which, if I do say so myself, is very pleasing.

    If anyone is looking for me, they might want to look in the fish barrel, seeing as it worked well for Kirk.

    Farewell from Arizona, land of not-frozen pipes,
    *bows back*

  8. I tagged you; get it at my blog! I hope you had a happy Christmas! LOL

  9. Oooh, fun tag!! I think I'll do this one, once I get caught up on my backlog of tags.... :)

    I'm not fond of endings that leave you crying either.

    YES!!!! White chocolate is the BEST!!


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