Thursday, December 20, 2012

"We must away, at break of day."

 My wonderful Artist has interviewed me. You can read it HERE!
 I guest posted on Joylene's blog as well. You can find it HERE!!
 Also, I have a Christmas surprise for all of you! Which I will post on Christmas, and leave up for awhile so it can be found by those of you who won't be about the internet world at Christmas.
 Today's post is by one of my favourite bloggers, Grace! Enjoy!

  Today's post is by Grace at STORIES IN THE MIND. And she is going to tell us about her book!

 Love. If you’ve never seen it, how are you supposed to know what it is? How can you feel it?” ~ Breem

 Books are supposed to mean something. They aren’t just a bunch of black marks scattered across a page. Every book, be it the mushiest romance or the stringiest theology is packing some sort of worldview. And we are the ones who have to read into that. 

 I started this book when a random inspiration hit me to do a simple analogy from life. It took some blood, hair-ripping nights, and a struggle to fight my idea before I gave in to doing it. I had already been editing a completed book I have written (found here:!/pages/In-the-Shadow-Night-Will-Fall-Till-Dawn-Comes-The-Endless-Fire-Trilogy/161566997316332) and I have never written fantasy before. Mostly, I stick to historical fiction because of my passion for ancient cultures. The idea came on a puff of cloud and I expected it to fly away on a breeze. It didn’t.

 It has been one of the most thrilling, challenging things I have undertaken and I am so excited I get to share with you. 
So, without further ado:

The Last Scribe
Dark fantasy.
A world crumbling into ruin. 
A lost king and stolen key.
Words whispered into the darkness by the Unseen.

For nineteen years, Breem lived in a small hamlet edging the Wild Ranges of Messeran. There was nothing that made him suspect his identity was anything other than an orphan taken in by his aunt. Until Zealeth, Scribe of Faragwon, came...and changed everything.
Now he is bound to a scroll, commanded to keep his true name hidden, and find the lost king. He must set out on a dangerous journey, wrought with his own fear, confusion, and inadequacy, to regain a stolen key, while desperate to hear the words of the silent Unseen.
And now I am alone. The only scribe. The last scribe.” 
First person, told by my protagonist, - - - - n (“Breem”). 

 “My heart is pumping so hard it hurts, a fierce arrhythmic pattern that deafens. My legs feel like jelly. I’ve been sprinting so long, and beating up this hill is torture. Grass whips at my ankles, tangling my feet, tripping me. I fight for balance as I race the pace of my pulse. I can’t fall. Not now.
I glance behind me at the charging horses churning up the plain, manes whipping in their faces, trappers beating at their sides, the knights poised and ready in the saddle, crossbows aimed, heavy swords lifted high, bloodthirsty shouts splitting the air. Blood rushes to my head. I feel as though it is going to explode if I keep going. But I have to. Arrows whiz past me, strike the ground only inches away from the path I run, and ricochet into the air. I jerk away, gasping, my lungs scorching as though I breathe fire. I don’t know why they shoot. They want me alive, not dead.
But dead is the only way I can be delivered to them. If I’m not dead, I may as well be.”
 © Pure Grace 

 You can find my facebook page here:!/TheLastScribe, where I update lines and quotes from the book ~ a juicy morsel to pique your interest but not tell you anything…
There you go!! Have a great day!!!!!

 Quote is from The Hobbit. *Silent gasp* I was listening to the Misty Mountain song all day while I baked Gingerbread men for the tea party I held at my flat. (Well, I listened to the Misty Mountain song and Josh Groban's new song, Brave. Very good songs to bake to.)




  1. Oo, I think I recognize this blogger... ;) Nice writing, as always. Oh, but Jack, just thought I'd point out, the words are so very tiny (or is that just my computer?) it's very hard to read the post.

  2. Oh, I've been listening to the Misty Mountain song too. I absolutely love it. I think that might have been my favourite scene in The Hobbit.

  3. You combined both aspects into one story! Congratulations, Grace.

  4. Ooo, sounds amazing! I love the name Breem, it's very fun to say!

  5. Its great to meet Grace. The FB link didn't work so I had to manually open FB and type in The Last Scribe in the search box. Went there and LIKED!


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