Friday, December 14, 2012

"We were all someone before we were chosen." "You should have seen Bunny!" "You promised not to mention that!"

 Wherein Jack gets a little sappy and does another blog fest.

 This has been a bit hard to write. I wasn't even sure how I was going to go at it for a long time. I've often mentioned how this book started, well - at least once or twice. All I wanted to do was write a story about an airship. And somehow, by the end of it all, I had four books and a complex, fun, exciting story I have become very fond of.

 There are many reasons I am so attached to this story. It was written during a very hard time in my life - I know, sounds dramatic, right? Yet, setting out to publish this book has brought me many new friends I have become very endeared to. So, though I have lost some very dear friends - which I think I will always regret - I am very honoured to have so many new ones.

 Publishing was harder then I ever dreamed it would be. I thought when I set out to do it I would have many people at my side, helping me out and holding me up. I came to realize that since this was something I wanted, I had to be the one who did most of the work. This book could not mean much to those who had not written it and if I wished to see it become anything I had to stick at it and go on even when it was hard.
 And it did get hard.

 The editing alone was enough to try my devotion. Did I want to publish enough to go through the torture of editing. And re-writing, and taking things out and adding things in - all at the last minute? Wouldn't it be better to back out and just keep writing, tucking my books away into documents to never face editing? (I considered this more then once.)

 And the research I had to go through. I had to research EVERYTHING. It started with the differences between self publishing and traditional. I researched agents, publishers, editors, and when I decided to self publish I researched other authors, Steampunk books. covers, more editors, formatting, layouts, other blogs, twitters, facebooks. I looked through piles of stuff, I read up on authors, I STALKED authors. In the past year I can tell you which authors made it and which didn't and why. I can now tell you which authors are likely to make it in the near future and which aren't. I read blog after blog, commented on blog after blog, trying to find at least one person outside of my family who would be interested in my book.

 Ever since I was 13 I dreamed of publishing so when I set out in earnest my family didn't think much of it. Why should they? This was likely just another attempt at it which would flop. It wasn't until I got closer to accomplishing it that they took me seriously.
 During the first few months, through the research and stalking, though I felt completely lost and often alone, aside from my sister who later got busy with her own life - happens when one turns 18.

 And during all this discouragement and feeling like I was failing and muffing everything, I met a girl. Aye, you know her, Clair Caprice.

 How it happened I never remember exactly, but she left a comment. Then another and another and then an email, asking if she could read my book. I was very reluctant to let anyone aside from my family read it as I wished to be a serious author. But for some reason, I couldn't tell Clair no. Everyone else I said they could read chapter one, but for a reason I still don't understand, I sent Clair the whole book.
 I shudder to think where I would be if I hadn't.

 After she read it, Clair emailed me one of the sweetest emails I've ever gotten. She not only liked my book, she loved it. And she gave me hope. Maybe this idea of publishing wasn't as mad as it seemed. Maybe I could actually do this. (I still have that email, I re-read it when I feel like running for the hills and moving into a cave.)

 And now I wish to thank you, each and every one of you. Everyone who read, commented, passed on word, or just stopped by for a glance at my site. Thanks to my sister who refused to let me hide when it came to stepping out into the internet world. Thanks to my brothers, who don't flee from my mad schemes and offer me a helping hand when I need it. Thanks to my mum and my dad who aren't afraid to tell me when something doesn't sound right in the book. Thanks to my brilliant photographer who walking through the capitol with me wielding a sword at his side.
 And I would like to send out a special thanks to Clair. Very often the people who stand behind and build another up are often overlooked. And if it wasn't for Clair, for her refusing to let me quit, I wouldn't be here.

 It was Clair who stood by me through the whole thing. She listened to me when I ranted and whined about how much I hated editing. She always had advice on what should be added to the book or taken out. (She gave Isidore a place to stay after I called him cute.) She answered all my late night emails. She showed me the importance of Hogan. She laughed with me, cried with me over the ending, and never turned me away when I just wanted a hug and some chocolate. Clair has been amazing through this all and there is no way I can ever thank her enough. (Not to mention she did me the honour of putting her wonderful drawings into my story.)
 And her being here for me, during the last month when I was sent the worse trial in my writing life, was the biggest blessing of all.

 And now, here it is. This has been an almost life time goal for me, and I never dreamed I would actually be here. An author, with a published book. Everything I researched. Every time I stood out in the snow on cold Saturday mornings. Every moment of filming the trailer and breaking branches. Every painful second of editing and nearly pulling my hair out. Every day of forgetting to eat, forgetting to look for clothes which didn't come up off my floor, of struggling through formatting has been worth it.
 All of the marketing I've done. All of the study I did. All of the late nights and early mornings. And I am finished - well, with book one. Not with the publishing and writing and editing and late nights and early mornings and forgetting to get the idea.

 I hope all of this will be worth it for all of you. Thank you for giving me a chance in the great big, writing world and I hope you will join me on the next adventure. I look forward to meeting you on board the airship and hope the journey there will be well worth the time it took to get there.

 And now I shall end my sappy ramblings and present to you...Haphazardly Implausible!

 Kindle Edition. HERE

 Nook Edition HERE (Sorry, it didn't like my cover so no cover imagine.)

 Paperback Edition from Lulu HERE!

 The Paperback should go up on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble - but I don't know if it will be there right away.

 Now for The Hobbit Fest I am taking part in - because what better way to end a post?

 First Question.
 What is your favourite Hobbit characteristic/ or the one that you think closely resembles you...?
 Their love of food. And the one that resembles me? Big, hairy feet. (How's that an image for all of you?) Yep, Jack has big, hairy feet.

 2. If you could choose between a scrumptious second breakfast and a perilous unexpected journey, which would you prefer?

 3. Have you ever left behind something on a journey (expected or unexpected_ and wished you could have it over and over again? (A pocket handkerchief?)
 I left my sword once. I almost cried.

 4. What is your favourite part or quote from the book that you hope will be in the movie?
 "What's in my pocket?" "What's in its pocketses, Precious?" That line caused me to fall in love with the story. I am certain it will be in the movie but if it isn't I am going to cry. More then I cried in Dawn Treader when Caspian didn't ask if Edmund and Lucy were from a round world.

 My last quote from Rise of the Guardians, until I see it again and can get more. I didn't get this quote the first time which is sad because it is my favourite now.
 Jack finds out he can find out who he was before he became Jack Frost and while he is talking to Tooth North comments on Bunny. Who, of course gets indigent over his friend's snickering. And now I wish I could have seen who Bunny was before he became a Guardian. *Smirk*

 I'm going to sleep.



  1. Congratulations Jack! I can't say how wonderful getting to know you and your book has been these past few months!

    Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


    Welcome to the league of self-published authors! Don't forget to feed John.

    Oh, and yes, I think you would like those triplets. They belong to book 2 of my Rizkaland legends, which was inspired by Narnia. Of course, meeting them all at one time, and in a manner that you can recognize them is a challenge ... Petra, the eldest, is one of the POV's, though. Of all my characters, I've come closest to crying Petra's tears.

    Although that was a long time ago when I was trying to get in character for it being a play.

    But anyways, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! (Oh, and I love your author description on B&N. Sigh, wouldn't we all love to live in Narnia?)

  3. Congratulations!! :D I'm so happy for you! I'm hoping to be able to read it sometime (I'm supposed to be reading like four different books and have a list waiting for me. lol)!
    This is awesome. And you're epic. :D

    Congrats on publihsing and I can't WAIT to read it! =)

  5. Congratulations!! A lot of hard work but worth it. Glad Clair was there to help along the way.

  6. I'm glad Clair gave you hope. Congrats on the book!

    It's hard not to fall in love with the Hobbitses. The shire sucked me right into it.

    1. They are just so very cute and quaint. Yes, very hard not to fall in love with them.

  7. I am speechless, so I will just leave a hug and a few tear stains here.

    LOVE YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME and you must never forget that!

    By the way may I interview you now that the book is out?

  8. Congratulations on your entrance into the world of le published author!

    And, erm, sorry for what I say about hairy feet in my hobbit post, hehe.

  9. Congratulations on your book!!! I'm off to Amazon in a few minutes. Someone wonderful gave me a gift card, and I'm going to spend it!!! (And yes, I mean on your book!)

    Thank you for sharing your writing journey - it gives me hope, and courage, and inspires me to stop wallowing and whining over the revisions I need to make and just get it done, even if I don't get any sleep. Who get sleep when you wake up at 3a.m. thinking things like - "oh no, I should have remembered the character's burn wounds in that scene and she gets up and uses her sword arm like she's healthy! aagh!"

    I used to have hair on my toes as a teen (yes, I really did just publically admit that) . . .but somehow it went away - thankfully. My kids have it now. Poor kids. Hopefully it will go away for them too . . .maybe when they have kids (hopefully distant future).

    There were several teen Hobbit enthusiasts at the midnight movie last night with hair on their feet (both real and fake) so know that you aren't the only one.

    And I would like to echo Clair's question - may I interview you, or have you over at my blog for a guest post? I would really like that.

    Also, I hope it's ok that I'm planning to share this post with a few teen writers in my homeschool co-operative teen writing class. They might take heart from your journey.

  10. Yay, Jack! I look foward to reading your book. I went to Amzon and downloaded a sample to my PC Kindle.
    Now, are you going to go into a bookstore and walk up to the shelf, just to see your book sitting there? I plan to do just that when I am published. I plan to start querying agents in March. Have to edit and write other stuff first :)
    (By the way, if you are still a bit of an emotional wreck, you and John could go to that hobbit hole you and I were discussing back during NaNo... then I would come for tea on Wednesday and we would never go on any adventures or do anything unexpected...)
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I hope you enjoy the book!

      Sadly, I don't get to see it on a shelf yet, not until I can get enough copies to see if the book store in town will take some. When they are though, I do plan to sneak in and stare at them. Being a spy, I can't really declare myself as the author...confusing...I mean the real me can't. So I shall just go and stand there and pretend I'm not Jack and spy to see how many people look at it. Maybe I can be reading the inside and say things like, "Have you heard of this new book? It sounds rather good. You might like it." Though that might be a dead giveaway.

      Okay, the Hobbit hole and tea sounds wonderful! See you there!

  11. Congratulations on your book! :)

    I hope they include that quote, too. I think they will, though, since it's such an iconic part.

  12. Way-hey! Congratulation! I think it's awesome how you stuck to your writing and really worked like a crazy person to get everything the way you wanted it. I only write a little, more as a hobby than anything else, but I know there are times when writing is the worst thing you can do with your time. :) Authors are so unappreciated!:D

    So a HUGE Congratulations!

    I look forward to reading your book and I wish you all the best in the writing world.

    By the way, you've made me REALLY want to go see the Rise of the Guardians! *Sigh.* One of my sisters and I are hoping to sneak out together one of these days and see it.
    And I am so excited to see the Hobbit! I don't know what day I'm going, yet, but it will be soon. :)


  13. Congratulations!!! I'm really very happy for you.
    I know what I want for Christmas now. ;-)

  14. That was a great line, and so clever of Bilbo to think of it!

  15. YAAAAAAY!!! CONGRATS!! The glorious day is here! WOW. O.o Way to go for sticking through all the tough bits to get to this really rewarding moment (and it was really such a sweet post). Keep it up Jack!! :D


    I want to read your book so much. :) I finally got to read your Short Story Collection.... and I have to say, Lisbeth's death made me cry. Like actual tear leakage. So SAD! *sniffle* I absolutely love characters like Isadore, they seem real and they have a lot of soul to them. Your writing style is really good and gripping, and as soon as I get enough money that $22 won't break my bank, I want to buy Haphazardly Implausible.

    *bounces* but OOOOH, you're really, truly published!! AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! How 'citing, yeah!?

    I want to see The Hobbit so much! We were going to go to the midnight showing, but our theater decided not to host that for us. Grrrrrr. This means possibly this evening we'll be going, or tomorrow. I've heard a lot of good stuff about it, (and even if I didn't, I'd still go, it's MARTIN FREEMAN as a HOBBIT for goodness sake!)

    God bless and congrats again!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS JACK!!!!! =D I am SO happy for you! You have fulfilled your life long (well, since you were 13) dream! Huzzah! Huzzah! Hip hip hoorah!
    I woke up this morning and literally though, Jack's book came out today. I got up and rushed straight to the computer to confirm the news!
    And now, both the Short Story Collection and Haphazardly Implausible have been ordered! I can hardly wait for them to come!
    Oh Jack, I can not tell you how happy I am for you!

  18. Congratulations, Jack! I shall be going to the nook store soon to buy myself a copy :)

  19. Congratulations on your published book!!! That is very awesome! :D

    Your book looks interesting!

  20. Congratulations! It is such a glorious feeling to hold your very own book in your hands. :)

  21. Congrats on your book!

    And rest assured, the pockets quote from Riddles in the Dark is in the movie ;). The entire scene is fantastic, you'll love it.

  22. Congratulations on publication, Jack!! Can't wait to read it!!

    Haha!! Loved your Hobbit questions/answers!

    I've awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore, so please stop by!

  23. Jack- You deserve to be published and I congradulate you and salute you. I would never be as brave and relentless as you have been. I think I'd go mad and have to take the TARDIS out for a spin before I even got CLOSE to being where you've gotten. So.. CONGRADULATIONS!!

    See? The Doctor agrees!! *Highfives* You've done a great job Jack. I'd LOVE to read your books... and all your advice has been magnificent :-)

    There was no midnight showing of The Hobbit :'( so my sisters and I will either go tonight at 6:00 or tomorrow at the mattane :D I CAN BARELY WAIT!! I want that line in Riddles in the Dark too! "Not fair, not fair! It isssn't fair my preeciouss... to assk ussss what its got in its naasssty little pockettsessss!!" One of my favorite parts. Have you heard Tolkien read it out? :-o Brilliant!!

    God Bless

    1. Oh, I am quite mad and I did spin the TARDIS about quite a bit during all that. It only made me insaner of course, but I never was on the normal side.

      Were you able to make it to The Hobbit? I got to go again tonight because I tagged along with some friends and my brothers. The Riddles in the Dark was only more brilliant the second time. Martin Freeman has the best expressions ever!

  24. After seeing The Hobbit, I am super sad about Kili and Fili dying. In the books it isn't that big of a deal. They just say, "And Kili and Fili died defending Thorin who was their mother's brother." But in the movie they are sure to SHOW them dying! *sniff*

    Oh. My. Word. The nine minutes of Star Trek was amazing! It started out with MICKEY SMITH (well, not Mickey... The actor who plays Mickey) getting out of bed and going to the hospital with his wife where their sick daughter is dying. Then you see Mickey ('cause I don't know his characters name) leaning on a balcony and behind him comes a voice... "I can save your daughter." From the very first syllsnle I knew it was BC. Then they camera turns around and we see him in all his BC glory. (XD) And then the camera zooms in. And then we go to Bones and Kirk running through an alien forest.

    I didn't like Adam in Doctor Who either. Though it was funny when the Doctor kept snapping his head open. xD I didn't really like Madame De Pompador either.

    Eeep! I finished Mothstorm too! Hee hee, I liked the REAL chapter 18 and the second epilogue. And I laughed so hard when Mr. Cumberbatch came in. How often do you hear that name? There was something else that made me laugh but I can't remember what it is.

    Congrats on your book again! I can't wait to read it!


  25. Congrats Jack!! Wonderful blog you have sir.

  26. CONGRATULATIONS JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!

    And you richly deserve this success after your journey, dear!!!

  27. That is so awesome! Congrats! Keep going with the rest of the books!

    1. Thank you most kindly! I certainly shall! Book two is being worked on now in fact.

      How does the blog making coming along?


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