Thursday, December 20, 2012

"What has it got in its nasssty little pocketssss?"

 Today you all get the chance to meet Bella and learn about the book she is writing!!

  Hello Everyone;

This is Bella here! First off I want to say Thank you to Jack for letting me guest post on her blog; that was very kind of her.

So, hmm… where to begin?

I have always loved to write. I have stories scribbled in notebooks from when I was eight. It has always been something I enjoyed doing. When I got into High school I started taking it a little more seriously, especially the building of my plot and characters. I started writing short fantasy stories and have started my first fantasy/steam punk book this year.

I must say, it has been a real adventure and often very nerve wracking, writing this story and the adventures continues as I try to finish it up. This book is called “Dimensions in Space,” and is the first of a (possible) trilogy. It has a good deal of outer-space islands as well as under-water lands and a good dollop of magic thrown in. The rough plot is this;

The United Worlds are at stake; all of the Time is cracking; a portal of Eight Dimensions all ticking down. When the last dimension vanishes all of Time will be unleashed. It is up to four wanderers and outcasts to set things right. They will face many threats. The Queen will hunt them, Nightmares will chase them, trials will hunt them and distrust will plague them.

 Can they make it?

The main characters are Chloe, who can change into any creature she wishes, and Walker. He is a Master of Elements. Their stories are very much connected and each one has much to bring to the story. This is a scene that I wrote last night;

Night had covered everything in blankets of doom and fear. The trees shrunk into themselves and the stars refused to give their light.

  Chloe shifted her position, vaguely aware that something was wrong. The sound of the crackling fire was gradually breaking her slumber. A sudden snap startled her awake. Walker sat beside the fire. His fingers moved across the flames, turning them silver and gold, crushing them as ice, forming them into flames of water, rekindling them in the coal. He sat so still, only his hands moved. Chloe watched the flames jump in the palm of his hand, shifting and spluttering. Walker spun the fire in his palm like a globe. It twirled, forming islands, stars and wave. Figures began  moving and dancing atop these forms. They were beautiful, delicate, full of life. It was as if Walker was creating a small world from his flame. It lit up the forest and every tree shone.

  Then Walker closed his hands over the moving figures, crushing them. They turned to dust and fell to the flames. His eyes flashed and the flames leapt high, devouring the dream world. Chloe felt sick and empty, the whole world turned black. Walkers face was terrible. He turned toward her. She hastily lay back down, heart racing. There was something wrong with that boy; something twisted.

I am still in the editing process but I think this is one of the best scenes in the book. Walker is a very interesting character and there is a lot about him that remains uncertain until the end. His story has a lot of conflict, I love working with conflict.

I learned a lot from writing my first, genuine book. One; Read, read, read! You can be a reader and not write. You can’t be a writer and not read. You have to explore your options, expand your imagination, chose your favorite styles. If you don’t have plenty of reading material than you probably won’t progress very far in the writing world. I also learned to be patient. Stories are hard work. You can’t expect to have it finished within days or even weeks. Your story will often take unexpected turns with both your plots and characters. You have to give yourself time to adjust, learn and grow. Don’t rush yourself and just have fun!
Like most writers I wish to be published one day. This may happen tomorrow, next month, next year or never! If it be never than I will be very sad. I can live with years, but never? That would be harsh. Either way, writing has helped me grow and learn in many ways and I am glad to pursue it whether it be a job or a hoby.
Thank you all for giving me a bit of your day! This was fun and I hope you all gained something from it. Have a nice day you all!

God Bless!!



  1. Bella - your story sounds fascinating, and Walker sounds like a really intriguing character. I love your description of the way he manipulates the flames.
    You will be published someday - just keep writing and keep believing in yourself!

  2. Bella, good luck! Sounds like a great book.

  3. Wow! It's good, Bella. I want to read the rest of it!

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I wasn't sure how else to reply - I hope you get this :) Thank you for commenting. How long you may have to wait for the rest, I don't know. I am FAR from finished- but thanks anyway!
      God Bless

  4. Hello, Bella! Your story sounds fascinating! I love the concept as well as that scene you shared!
    And I also agree with you very much that you can't be a writer and without being a reader. Reading is what inspired me to write in the first place! I just wrote the story I knew I would want to read.(: and of course, experiencing other types of writing in different genres and styles can also help you to define your own style as well as what constitutes good writing.

    Oh, and Jack! In response to your question...I'm not entirely sure how much Howl is in the other books. I have read the second one, since I had it in a dual copy of both Howl's Moving Castle and whatever the other one is called (it has completely slipped my mind!). And Howl was not a main character, but he did make some small appearances, I believe. I think Sophie was in it more than Howl. And then I don't know about the third one...I only recently discovered there was one, in fact! I'm definitely going to have to pick that one up and reread the other (which I just remembered is called Castle in the Air) soon! Have you read any of Diana Wynne Jones' other books?

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. It does sound like a fascinating novel premise, Bella! And I agree with the fact that writers have to be patient. But it's so hard!! :) True, but hard fact. I hope you get your dream someday!

  6. You have an interesting idea going on, Bella! Keep chipping away at your editting ;)

  7. That's an intriguing scene, Bella! Sounds like you've got some interesting characters on your hands. I also totally agree with the reading comment. Can't be a decent writer with reading voraciously!

  8. Wow. Very well done, Bella! I am impressed. :D I loved the way you describe Walker playing with the flames. That was really good imagery. Keep up the good work!

    Yes, Jack. I saw the Hobbit and totally loved it. Martin Freeman was absolutely perfect...
    I will say that if you're really into Tolkin, some of the changes they made might bug you a little. But it was still awesome.

    I would love to talk a walk and look at lights! Should we sing carols as we go? :D
    I hope your 'Christmas Spirit' picks up a bit for you.



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