Saturday, December 22, 2012

"You should know, this is the strangest thing I've EVER done!"

 I was tagged. By Melody! Thank you, Melody! You can find her blog HERE

 This is one of those seven tags, which I've done before so I shall skip the rules. *Nods*

 Share Seven Unusual Things About Yourself.

 1. I like garlic, which makes conversations awkward

 2. My dyslexia makes everything look like Spanish - something I discovered by mistake. If you put something written in Spanish in front of me I wouldn't notice the difference for awhile.

 3. This was my first year ever reading A Christmas Carol.

 4. I usually answer emails, read, write, and work on posts all at the same time

 5. I'm working on the details for my next book

 6. And William is already helping me plan out the newest trailer

 7. I've yet to learn if one says herb, Herb or Erb.

 A bit of a random post, but I'm still on a bit of a holiday. Therefore, I tag all of you...and I shall stalk you all to see how many does it. *Raises eyebrows.*

 Don't forget! I've a Christmas present for all of you! It will be up Christmas day and some days after so those who shan't be about that day can find it.

 And now I am going, a good book calls.




  1. Very interesting!

    And I, an aspiring herbalist, shall put you to rights. I, personally, pronounce it erb, as does most everyone else I know who knows anything worth anything about herbs.

  2. spanish? really? wow. i know herb is irritating...psst it's "erb" sounding. :)

  3. The pronounciation of herb depends on where you're from. Americans say 'erb', whereas the British pronounce it 'herb'.

  4. I'll cautiously say Aussies say "herb" (but that may be people I know). Definitely with a "H", though. But we still write "an herb"...okay, I'm weirding myself out.

    What good book calls?! I love it when a book calls. They have the most tantalizing voice.

  5. How you pronounced herb depends on where you are from. And nothing wrong with garlic. It keeps away vampires and annoying people.

  6. I say it both ways. Where I'm from it's 'erb', though I know people named 'Herb', so sometimes I mix them up just to mess with the world xD Makes me feel like a rebel.

  7. I say 'erb. Yep. I grew up around 'em, so. :D

    You tag me? Nay, I shall not comply!

    Tangled quote!

  8. Hahaha, I needed an idea for a bloggy post. Doing this... prolly later tonight. :D

    And oooh, that herb thing?! I KNOW!! I'm fairly sure it's pronounced 'erb' but I say 'herb' anyway. I'm a very phonetic person. lol


  9. Giggle. I love your tags!

    Does this TAG extend to followers? Are you going to haunt me? :-O

    Garlic can be very good. I like it too, usually. words looking Spanish sounds strange... I wonder what thats like. Well, probably like reading spanish (In my Doctor Ten voice)

    I call it *H*erb not Erb. But I think its Erb. Right?

    We are going caroling tonight, singing trational songs such as Silent night, Away in a manger, O holy Night... etc. With falling snow included! This is a lucky bonus FYI. So I must say goodnight. Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    God Bless

  10. Oh yes, this tag extends to everyone. Followers, blog owners, readers...Aliens. (THAT MEANS YOU, DOCTOR!)

    I suppose words looking like Spanish would be like reading Spanish...that rather makes my head spin. I wonder what languages I could look at which would look English...Pity Gaelic isn't like them, then I could maybe learn Gaelic.
    I'm probably not making scene now. I should sleep...ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    AW! Caroling! I didn't get to go this year which I'm still sad about. It is such fun! I hope you had a nice time!! Did you dress up at all?

    1. I doubt the Doctor will comply. He doesn't like obeying rules

      7 unusual things about myself-

      1) I can never fall asleep until after midnight. Whether this is a psychological thing or a physiclal, I don't know. Its just annoying.

      2) I enjoy pretending that the characters in movies and books that I especially like are actually real. (Like the Doctor)

      3) I have magic hair that glows when I sing.

      4) when I like TV shows I make an outfit in its honor (such as a blue skirt and white shirt for Doctor Who and a green shirt with a jean skirt for Psych) Treski takes credit for this Idea *GRIN*

      5) I like being haunted by eccentric bloggers.

      6) I am beyond crazy and enjoy being so

      7) I try to program my dreams.

      :D I hope you enjoyed that.

      Caroling is so much fun!!! We got some watchers and we sounded pretty dang good. Of course we dressed up... we even took a true, old fashion lantern along :D IT WAS SO FUN!! *HUGE GRIN*

      We are going to be showing Kat "Doomsday" Tonight. (hopefully) We'll all get our hearts broken. Her's for the 1st time, mine for the 2nd. I want to see Doomsday again but I'm also worried. Last time I couldn't stop crying!

      Have a merry Christmas. I can barely believe its already Christmas Eve :-O Where does the time go? Besides in the vortex I mean.


      God Bless

  11. I am also Dyslexic, If you look on Figment under V. Kathie Ardnek you can read the poem I wrote on dyslexia, anyways I like Garlic to and will you tag me? or how about a character from a book Kendj and I love doing that it is a wonderful way to get to know your character in a fun way imaginative way.

  12. My family tries to have plenty of garlic in meals during the summertime. Keeps the mosquitoes away. (Horrible, nasty beasties that make some of us look like we have some strange disease.)

    Yay! Another person who reads, writes, blogs and emails all at the same time. I tell my family it is called mental multi-tasking. It is excellent training for spies. *smirk*


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