Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"A ghost you say, a ghost maybe she was just like a ghost to me. One minute there and then she was gone."

 I've been trying to write a review on Les Miserables, which I saw a week or so ago. For some reason I cannot manage it. It isn't that I disliked the movie. I love the story, though I've yet to read the book, and I loved the movie. I wasn't crazy about Lovely Ladies and Master of the House but compared to the two live musicals I went to these were ten times better.

 Also, if you figure in the fact I cried during most of it, and I don't cry during movies, then that should be some sign as to how much I liked it. Maybe that is the trouble. I liked it so much I cannot put it into words.

"And you will keep me close and rain, will make the flowers grow."

 One of my favourite book heroes is Valjean. His story, of how he allowed one act of mercy to change him forever, has always been one of the best I've ever heard. And the love he had for Cosette will always be my favourite father and daughter story. I liked all the other characters as well, Marius though and Enjoras were the only two that ever tied with Valjean for me. (I know, I spelt Enjoras' name wrong. French names are so tricky...8-P)

"Our darling Colette." "Cosette." "Whatever."

 Anyhow, I must confess, I never liked Cosette much. I couldn't understand how she could POSSIBLY not be happy to live with Valjean for the rest of her life. And she had to go and fall in love with Marius and have him fall in love with her and I never like it when the fellows I like go and fall in love. This movie shook up everything I thought I knew about the characters.

Javert's obsession with walking on the edge of tall things

 For the first time I understood Cosette. I realized she was a human girl, and like all natural humans she just wanted to go out and do things - and she wasn't able to understand why her dear papa had a panic attack every time she left the house.

 Marius I no longer viewed as a love struck boy after he met Cosette. Sure, he was love struck but he didn't loose any of his heroic coolness. (Barricade, barrel of powder...him with the torch. Really, need I say more? And when he sang Heart Full of Love I didn't cringe, like I do during the other ones. So he wins as my favourite Marius. Doubly so when he sang Empty Chairs and had me tearing up, yet again.)

 Enjoras, well, my thoughts haven't changed on him any. He's still cool and he should have lived and Epoine should have lived and they should have married and then I wouldn't have had to cry when they both died. (Though, his death...and his chum coming up next to him...aye, I could have cheered.)

 Javert is another I saw in a new light, though I never disliked him. I always kind of understood him. As far as he was concerned he was doing the right thing. Valjean had broken the law. Javert upheld the law and it was his duty to catch Valjean and lock him up. And then Valjean has the right to kill him. By law, Javert should have been shot. He was a spy and caught, and on top of all that, Valjean had every reason to kill him. And he lets him go. The sad part? This is something Javert cannot grasp, so ends up killing himself. (All the while before he jumped I was silently begging him not to.)

"Good evening dear inspector, lovely evening my dear! I know this man, I tell you, his name's inspector Javert!"

 Another thing I liked about the movie is one those who have seen it are likely able to guess. Though you might not know, one of my top favourite songs from the musical has always been the Confrontation. I never dreamed that song could get any cooler - until Javert pulls out his sword and Valjean grabbed that - whatever it was - and they had a sword fight before Valjean jumps out the window. Aye, that song is now the coolest song on earth.
 Another song which has become a fast favourite is Suddenly, which they wrote just for this movie. Wonderful song, and so sweet!

And for those wondering...Crowe did a pretty good stance. Jackman, not so much, but I think it was meant to look that way.

 I liked the other songs as well. I thought it would be odd, seeing them sing while they acted - okay, I thought it would be weird seeing Hugh Jackman sing and act along with Russel Crowe. Teach me to think too much. (I did have trouble getting used to their faces being inches from mine. For the first bit I kept leaning back in my seat to get away from Valjean who stood eye ball to eye ball with me. I am kind of glad I didn't go to a 3D one, if there is even one. I had enough trouble keeping back from him as it was.)

Cute, little Cosette

 Russel Crowe has a much deeper singing voice then I was expecting. I've never heard a Javert with that deep of a voice, it is always Valjean. I rather liked it, it fit him. (On a side note, another of Javert's parts I like was when he pinned his medal on Galrovche. I wanted to hug him - and tell him he had a heart but I'm not sure he would have liked that.)

They cut her hair while filming which makes me wonder...what about mistakes and retakes?

 This is another movie I plan to add to my collection, so I can bawl over it in peace without risk of my brothers and cousin seeing me. *Smirk* Especially the ending.

 I am hoping to go to it again before my theatre takes it out. But since they almost didn't show it, I'm not holding my breath.

Now stick your face next to the screen. That's kind of how I felt at the theatre.

 Have any of you seen it? What did you think?
 Also, the voting box is up on the side board, so don't forget to vote on which character you'd like to meet!

Valjean taking care of Javert

 Quote is from...I'll let you guess. Also, I was interviewed! You can find it HERE.




  1. I'm not a big fan of musicals...and my french is somewhat lacking. But, maybe when the DVD comes out, I'll see it! I do like movies Russell Crow and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine!)and Ann Hathaway have done. Loved your interview! :D

  2. i haven't seen the movie or read the book...but i sure have read tons of blogs basking in it's glory!! crap...i'm gonna have to see it, aren't i? like soon.

  3. I just posted my review of Les Mis. I've been a long time fan of the musical and I've read the book in both English and French. Yes, I am a nerd.

  4. Good review. =) From what my mom says (she saw it - I didn't), they had to cut a lot out from the book because they spend most of the movie singing.... Which I'm not too sure about. I love musicals, but I don't know if I could stand a movie where everything is sung.
    Who knows, though. I could surprised myself and enjoy it.
    I'm planning on reading the book eventually... Maybe in my college years or shortly after. Perhaps I'll watch the various versions of the play as well.

  5. Thanks for the concise review. I am planning to see it later this week and I am excited!

  6. ~AHHH! I can`t read this yet! Not till I watch the movie this Friday =) Hope it`s good, although I must admit i`m not a fan of musicals ._.

  7. I LOVED this movie. To death. It was incredible. I bawled and I'm not a crier. At all. Yep. It's a good one.
    And thanks so much for the interview! I enjoyed it very much! I can't wait to get to read your book!

    1. Oh, also, thanks for letting me know about your button! Silly thing! Just let me know when it's fixed! Thanks again!

  8. It sounds brilliant :) I hope it comes out on DVD soon ....

    "Who cares about your lonely soul?... We strive toward a larger goal! our little lives don't count at all."

    I'm glad you liked it.

    so Treski found this amazing mouse on line. When anything is loading on your computer, it becomes TARDIS! The TARDIS twirld and everything, and if you look closely, the 4th wall has a "pull to open" sign! here is the link;



    God Bless

    1. Enjoras is so caring. "You're lonely, get over it and come die with us!" I think that is why I like him. He's so devoted to his cause he comes off as unfeeling, but he really cares about his friends.

      Oh!!! I shall have to see about downloading that, if my computer doesn't get mad at me! That'd be fun!!

  9. Haven't seen the movie. Saw the original stage production in London many years ago though.

  10. Haven't been able to get myself to the movie yet. I saw a local high school group put on an amazing version of this several years back & they had me in tears. I figure a professional troupe will have me sobbing loudly - not a good thing. I'll pick up the DVD one day!

  11. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the musical wasn't too shabby. I'm probably not going to see it in theaters since it's so long, and I'm not some rabid fan of it. I've got so many other movies I want to see in theater (most with a friend of mine) so this one's waiting for when it comes out on DVD so I can watch it in the basement, all alone and free to hum along as I see fit.


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