Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"Bring him home, bring him peace, he is alone, he is only a boy."

 Wherein Jack talks about Book Two.

 Last summer was spent in writing a four part book series. It was a fun way to pass a summer, up in an Airship with some ill temptered Air Pirates, fighting in a daring rebellion. By the end of it all I was sorry to see everyone go - until it came to editing book one and realizing said rebellion fighters hadn't told me their complete story. I don't know why this surprised me as it is a common fact with my writing.

 On finishing book one, I discovered so many small changes had taken place in the plot that I had to re-write the three other books. I didn't complain, I would rather re-write then edit anyhow. So, after the holidays I dusted off my trusty lap top and began. I am now up to chapter eight, have two editors - YES! I have really good editors this time! - and a plan. I even have a release date.

 However, before I reveal some of the book two things with you, I have other writing information.

 Awhile ago I mentioned another series I've been working on for years. A series which came to life the day two friends declared a book couldn't be titled The Broken Blade. I've a love for swords, and such a title appealed to me, as well as a plot which had been simmering in the back of my mind for ages. A plot in which someone goes on a quest to find a sword.
 After lots of thought and work, I have finally come up with a working plot to go with the title. And this year my goal is to finally finish this series. (It is the longest living project I have. Most I write the moment I think them up, or a few years later.) I shall be revealing information on this during the next few months. I will not be setting myself a publication date for this series yet, right now my goal is to just get them written.
 I will, however, open up the book page for this series again and be introducing you all to some of the characters.

 Now that you know some of the things coming this year, I will share some news about...well, you know.

 As of right now, it has a title, but I am not certain it will be the one which stays. So we shall call it a Working Title Which Will Very Likely Be The End Title.

 Abolished Impracticality

 Work has always begun on publishing, in other words plans are in the works for the trailer and book cover. And there is a reason behind all of this coming out so soon. And it all has to do with the release date. Which I'm going to be evil about and keep secret just a bit longer - along with the summery. Summery because I am still working on it. I should have it ready by next week - which seems like a good time to reveal the publication date.

 Before I go, I set up a page for The Broken Blade, which you can find HERE. Also, I've a special reveal coming on Friday. Oh yes, and a new author picture, which should be here tomorrow. (An author picture which nearly caused my arms to freeze and fall off. *Nods*)
 What do you all think of the title? Would it perk your curiosity, or cause you to giggle?

 Title quote is from some famous musical which I was FINALLY able to go and see. (And you should all be proud of me - I somehow manged NOT to sing along during it. Somehow. Barely.)




  1. I LOVE the title! I think it's great! It has the same kind of flow as Haphazardly Implausible. I'm looking very forward to hearing more info on Book Two and the Broken Blade series!

    You haven't missed too much with E-Lock... Just more murder mysteries.

  2. *What do you all think of the title? Would it perk your curiosity, or cause you to giggle?*

    Both. I would giggle because it is a quirky title. Quirky is good, though, because it would make me take it off the shelf for a better look.

    The Broken Blade sounds good. I love swords too.

  3. I like the title! Abolished Impracticality has a nice ring to it and it compliments book one's title really well!
    I've read a book called The Broken Blade (can't for the life of me remember what the author was), but it was historical fiction. Still, it's a catchy title. :)

  4. I just went and saw said famous musical too, it was amazing! =)
    I love the title, it has the same feel as the first books!

  5. Yes, that title would definitely pique my curiosity.

    And when I go and see said famous musical, I will not be able to resist the urge to sing along. I'm sure everyone else in the theatre with me will be thrilled.

  6. I LOVE the title! It's the kind that would make me hesitate, go back, and pick up the book for a better look. It's clever. And I've always loved the word Abolished. (s'true!)

    Also, the Broken Blade sounds good. I love swordy books.

    I really want to see Les Mis.... I think I'm going to end up waiting until it comes to DVD though. *sigh*

    Can't wait to see the new profile pic!

  7. I like it. But it does sound non-fiction. Course I tried to come with alternatives and couldn't. I like that it's different though.

  8. MY interest is definetely perked :D But your books always excite me so.... yeah *Huge grin*

    How was Les Miserables? Was it pretty clean?

    We watched the last EP. of Doctor Who S6 last night. It was good but it had No Ponds which was sad. then the ending came and The Doctor went to have Christmas dinner with them.

    Doctor "As long as it is no problem."

    Amy "Come in, we've set you a place."

    Doctor "But you didn't know I was coming, why would you set..."

    Amy "Oh because we always do! Its Christmas you moron!"

    Rory nods and waves him in. And then The Doctor turns around and wipes a tear away. "Happy Tears" and I just cried. A lot. The ending was worth the wait!

    God Bless

    1. Les Miserables was fairly clean I suppose...though I might not be the best person to ask about this. I still do not like Master of the House though it was TEN times better then the two live musicals I saw. Also, Lovely Ladies was more sad then I thought it would be, but still...not the best scene. Yet, again, compared to the live musical I went to, it was SO much better. (The reason I am not a good judge on just how clean the movie was, because I am comparing it to those two and one was horrible.)

      I loved that Doctor Who Christmas special!
      "Is this fairy land?"
      "Grow up! Fairy land looks completely different."
      The Doctor...the 900 year old boy.

  9. Loved your first book, so I'm excited for the second, and the third, and so on!

  10. Oiy, Lewis! Your titles make me groan.
    I already have a problem with mumbling and muttering and slurring my words as it is. Haphazardly Implausible was a tongue-twister on its own---and you ask what I think of Abolished Impracticality??

    Of course, to be sure, it is original. And who cares if your reader and correctly pronounce your book titles, so long as they remember it?

    Most importantly, do remember that it's critical to keep your readers from getting the incorrect idea about the content of your book from the title. You'd better be sure that some impracticality gets abolished by he closing paragraph. ;)

    On another note, please do help yourself to the Aconite. It comes in handy during those frequent occasions in which you find yourself stealthily overthrowing the universe on the sly.


  11. I like The Broken Blade. The word blade catches one's attention, then I want to know why its broken and who's going to do something about it.

  12. It's so hard to not sing along!!!! Totally understand. The title sounds fun :)

  13. I like the title of Abolished Impracticality. One has to think a bit to figure out what it could mean, which is always interesting.

  14. The title DOES make me giggle. It just sounds gigglish It definitely would peek my interest! First I got to read the first though...So many good books to read!

  15. I like it {the title}!!! Is book one available in paperback now? Can I get one?
    And I am finally back, for real!!! Hurrah!!! Who'd have thought I'd have missed so much around here? I like the new look, too, btw!!!

  16. I love your titles. But I admit, The Broken Blade just sounds so intriguing. I would totally read it :)

  17. Totally picked up on the title this time. :)

  18. I hate to sound like a critique in a room of fans, but, in my opinion, Abolished Impracticality just doesn't have the same ring that book one's title had. It's a good title, just not as good, know what I mean.

    Oh, and Broken Blade sounds really good - mind if I make an offer to be an editor for it when you get around to it?

    Oh, and Jen and Derek belong to The Ankulen which will probably be the next book out after Take. It probably would have turned out very different if Derek was aware that he was a character and I his author. He doesn't have a high opinion of authors. And according to my mom, it's called fancy because it's been pureed longer than regular ketchup. Unfortunately, I had not been aware of that when I ran into Jen and Derek.


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