Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

 How come it is that after Thanksgiving there is always a ton of turkey left but after Christmas there is no left over ham? Are people just cruel like that? *Eyes BBC* Aye, from now on I blame all my sorrows and grief on BBC. (You KNOW what you did.)

 Ham aside though, today I've another book review to share with all of you.

 This book was written by my friend Kendra and is called Sew, It's a Quest. (I mentioned it a few times now.)
 This is the first book in her series which is a kind of wild, fun mix-up of fairy tales. (And if there is any kind of fairy tale I like it is one which has been mixed up.)

 This book is very fast paced. It is full of all kinds of quirky mishaps - such as a storm which rains cats and dogs and a bow which likes to attack a certain princess.

 There were some parts were I got a bit lost. As if the story took a leap and left me behind to catch up, but in spite of that it was well written - kind of in a fun, bed time story telling kind of manner. I enjoyed the characters, especially Robert, and even came to like Robin - though not as much as he.
 The interludes caught me off guard for a long while, but I soon got what they were about and then enjoyed them. And in the end it all ties together. Though it does have a bit of a cliff hanger. *Arches eyebrows.*

 If I were still babysitting, this is a book I would read to my little friends. A story they would just love.
 It is also one I enjoyed a great deal. A fun type of story, with some good laughs in it. And I was given the chance to read over the draft of book two, and trust me, if you've read one you will love two.

 Also, someone requested to see mine and John's Star Trek cookie men (you know who you are). I can finally share them! (Took me forever to get pictures...)

 First off we tried gingerbread men  but some in my family don't like them so we didn't use those when we did the Star Trek chaps.

John liked the gingerbread cookies.

This was our stack of sugar men. He wanted to eat all of took a lot of work to convince him not to

We did have one, because they were right out of the oven

We then had to mix the sugar and milk frosting

He kind of licked some but we didn't tell anyone

Add the food colouring

And put shirts on the poor little chaps without last names

Then you be a nerd and act out their deaths - most of them lost their heads to giant Aliens before Kirk could get to them. It was rather tragic.

 And that is how John and I cook.

 The End.


 I decided it was time for a more wintery look around here now that Christmas is over.



  1. I love the new look!
    And the cookies. I'm in love with those cookies. Now I have to make some.
    You got ham?! Lucky! In Canada they eat turkey for Christmas.

    BBC is mean. End of story.

    Oh yeah, I saw that picture with Catwoman stamping on Kirk's foot with Gimli and Mary Poppins watching. It was funny. I think I saved it to my computer... xD

    I did have a nice New Years. We stayed up until 1 AM (because the dog was throwing up) and I spied on some old people across the street who all hugged each other at midnight.
    It was fun.

    How about you?

  2. Jack ~ giving your Star Trek cookie men red shirts is brilliant and hilarious. At least, I thought it was hilarious, but I have a weird sense of humour. My dad is a Trekkie from *way* back, which means that we grew up to be rather Trekkie too.

    I've been enjoying your book reviews. I am always looking for new books to read. I am extremely picky about what I will read, and get fed up by the sort of books that seem to be popular nowadays - nasty. It is exciting to get pointed in the direction of good books.

  3. Sounds like John is a good cook! (And you must be a very helpful helper.) And nice look too. Very wintery. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness. That's (the cookies and the redshirt frosting) funniest thing I've heard in forever. Just epic.

  5. Cookies....why you taunt me I just don't know. Thanks for a good book rec!

  6. This took epic to a new level of epic-ness :)

  7. lol! those are adorable!
    I love the new look around here. :) It's lovely! <3

    {P.S. I used to constantly keep my hair pretty short...Right at my shoulders, actually. Recently I decided to grow it out though and now it's almost down to my bra strap! xD I love having it long again. }

  8. :-D lol! Those pictures are so cute! And I love the new look!!! SO pretty!!! <3

  9. I love the new look, and the pictures of cooking with John are really cute. Gingerbread and sugar cookies often have their heads bitten off by giant aliens at our house too - maybe Kirk should come investigate. :-)
    Your review is wonderful . ..I'll have to find that book.

  10. Ooh, the cookies look yummy! :) I want a little hedgehog now -- so I can name him Sebastian. *grins gleefully* "Move! Give him some air!!" :D

    BBC is evil. They've killed one too many of my favoritest characters. -_- (You know who, in particular).... Love the new template, by the by!

    Anna ;)

  11. Get that hedgehog his own cooking show!

  12. Love your new background :) It is so blue!!! that book sounds like fun. "Raining cats and dogs" that is perfect!

    I watched "Night Terrors" and "The Girl who waited." Night terrors was sooo scary. Evil Dolls! *shiver* "The Girl who waited" was sad :'( It was wrong to put Rory in that position. How can he choose? it wasn't fair! Poor Rory. Poor, poor Rory. That scene where Future Amy is locked out of the TARDIS reminded me of the Doomsday scene. What with Rory touching his hand to hers and leaning against the door. It was like the Doctor and Rose :'(

    *John* --
    You're a Treki!I like Star Trek too... that is the original series. With Kurk, Bones, Scottie and Spock. The other seasons just aren't as good *nod* Do you like Doctor Who? Do you watch it with Jack?

    God Bless!

    1. Moffat likes to make things we've always liked scary. Statues, dolls, the game of copy cat...his list is endless.
      (Aye, poor Rory!! The Girl Who Waited was so sad, but also sweet. how Amy gave him she could have him. Timey whimey.)

      John says yes, he is a Trekkie, and he only likes the orginal as well - though we've never see the others. And he does watch Doctor Who, and likes it a lot.

  13. lol red shirted cookie Star Trek men. Seems fair. :D

  14. You are just weird enough to make me love reading your posts. haha. And I think John would be friends with my Inky (I did a post on him awhile back--he's my small, stuffed muse)

    The new blog is really pretty and your friend's book sounds like lots of fun!

  15. Love the new look! The cookies look really good too. :)

  16. I am reading your book and it is so good, Jack! I love it! so interesting and entertaining! Keep up the good work!
    Wow, red shirts, that is funny...

  17. Sounds like a sweet book, I shall have to read it, as I am rather a fan of whimsically-stuff.

    I'm glad you were pleased with my review, and I dearly hope I didn't come across as too heartless, and I truly loved your book (which is now being borrowed by one of my uttermost-bookworm friends =).

    You're errs awe forgivabel. ;)

    And yes, to be sure, typos do pop up only on the finished product.

    God bless,

  18. I LOVE the cookies! It made me laugh so hard to think about eating one of the red shirt fellows. *Snicker.* I'm nerdy that way.

    I don't know if you'd really want me to act in any of your stuff...I have a feeling I'd be rubbish at it. *Shrugs* I'm one of those people that does all sorts of acting when I'm alone, but the second someone is there I loose all talent and look a bit ridiculous. And yet I still ponder the merits of taking an acting class... I am a glutton for punishment. :D

    Happy New Year to you!

  19. Jack ~ Happy New Year back! That is so cool that you have a piper piping outside of Walmart during Christmas. One would think that I'd be immune to te charms of street pipers, regardless of how brawly kilted they are - being a piper myself and all - but I'm not. I still get wildly excited when I see someone else piping. Incidentally, there is a very ancient *Italian* custom of playing bagpipes at Christmas. It is one of the highlights of the season in Italy. According to a great aunt, there are Italian pipers in our background, which makes me feel like I am keeping up a family custom :-D

  20. Oh wow, that is so awesome! And now I'm hungry! You and John should cook together for the blog more often :)

    "giant aliens" LOL

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