Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Every time we go into a restaurant she steals an ashtray. It's very embarrassing in my line of work."

 Wherein Jack reviews something she does enjoy to make up for a two part review about something she didn't. (And also implies that at the end of this she might have something writing related.)

 I like crime shows. Rather, detective shows. I like to try and solve the cases before the detectives, and then at work I will stand about and try their methods of deduction on the costumers. I also like all shows that have a Sherlock like detective in them. (Because, let's face it, he was the most brilliant detective who never lived.)

 But, I REALLY like it when someone can take that Sherlock like man and make him unique. A good example of this is Monk. Adrain Monk, a very observant fellow who is scared of everything, even milk. "Hey, we are making good progress with the milk!"
 When I saw Monk I thought the writers had done it. They'd finally created a detective like Sherlock but unlike him. I didn't think anyone else would or had ever come close to doing this before. 
 I was wrong.

 My friend got me into watching an old TV show called Columbo, made around the late 1970's and early 1980's I believe.

 The show is about a rounded shouldered, slightly cross eyed, middle aged man named Columbo. He has thick, curly black hair, usually looks like he has just rolled out of bed and is in need of a long bath. His clothing is usually rumpled and askew, his rain coat apparently looks like it has been around since the dark ages. And if that wasn't enough to throw off the villains his eyes are. Very often he looks like a lost little boy, hoping to make a new friend who will go out for ice cream with him.

 And then, on top of his appearance, is his personality. Now, I am not sure how much of this is an act or if this is just really how he thinks. (I believe most of it is an act, but I cannot prove it. Which I think is one of the best parts of the show. One can never tell if he is serious or faking to throw bad guy's off their guard.)

 Anyhow, Columbo basically comes off as a little...a lot sometimes...dim, slow, clueless, who never pays attention to anything. He is the kind of detective bad guys DREAM of getting. He is the kind of man who looks and acts as if you were to tell him a chicken killed someone he would believe it. He acts as if he believes everything everyone tells him and every time he shows up on a case the villains assume they are home free.

 Haha, bad guys. Haha.

 I think Columbo, most of the time, knows who did it right off. He will then visit that person over and over and over and over and ramble on and on and on and on. He will ask them for help on the case and question them about things they have said that don't add up. (In other words he drives them insane by his constant, "Oh, one more question." Or, "You know, I have this little problem and I can't seem to figure it out. Maybe you can help."
 By the end of it I think they are happy to get arrested, just to get away from him. (He also loves to talk about his family, his wife, his daily life. I think he has nephews and nieces who have done pretty much everything there is to do. He's Italian, big family.)

 Another thing I love about him, is he will set up the bad guys. If he doesn't have any clue to prove they did it, he will find a way to fish them out. He goes out of his way to do this sometimes. (Borrowing a ring to worry a murdering wife into give away the location where she hid her husband's body. A borrowed contact which panics a murderer into tearing apart a car to find it and destroy it. A box of cigars which supposedly have a bomb in them {That one was pretty funny, actually. He was sitting there, all calm, and the bad guy was tearing apart the box trying to find the bomb and get rid of it.})
 And usually, nothing ever bothers him. He is a very calm fellow who apparently likes to go about playing as if he's an idiot until he catches the bad guys - and only then can one see how upset he is they committed murders in the first place.
 But, I've never actually seen him get mad, until last night when a doctor is trying to murder another doctor and Columbo is trying to save him. Trust me, you wouldn't like him when he's mad.

 Something I didn't think I'd like about the show, is always at the beginning it shows who the murder is and how they did it. And I didn't think it would be any fun, not getting to try and guess who did it before Columbo. But it is so much fun watching him work out all the clues and annoy the murderers I don't mind anymore.

 So, in short, it is a brilliant show and has a new twist on the typical Sherlock detective. (Side note, he's not really a detective. More of a policeman who investigates murders. Which is why someone always dies in every show.) Also, it has guest appearance of other actors I know. (Captain Kirk. Spock. Dick Van Dyke. You might not know it, but those three are rather sneaky in the murdering field. Makes me wonder just how the red shirts really did die.
 Spock was one of the creepiest because he played a murdering doctor. I knew I had a good reason not to trust doctors. And Kirk almost outsmarted Columbo - almost.)

 And, that is about it. So...aye, moving on.

 Tomorrow I will have a huge writing update for all of you. But for now, I will leave.

 Quote, again, is from Columbo.

 Au Revoir




  1. I have never heard of this show but it sounds fascinating! Spock playing an evil doctor?! Very intriguing!!!

  2. Oh, my family loves Columbo! I think we own all the season...he's brilliant. :D The one with Spock as the evil doctor is one of my all-time favorite episodes. Columbo doesn't get mad very often, and when he does he means business!I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Not many people know about him. Which is a shame.
    Hey, did you know that guy who plays Columbo is the grandpa on the Princess Bride? *Smirk* How awesome is that?
    I loved your review and now I'm sort of itching to do some re-runs!

  3. I LOVE Columbo! He's such a funny man.

    And ooooh, the Stitch in Crime episode with Spock... I love how he gets so mad and slams the coffee pot down with the whole, "I believe that you kill Sharon Martin, and I believe you're trying to kill Doctor Hidaman." And I was like.... Coool.

    Ohohoh, the reason he's slightly cross eyed... is because the actor had a glass eye. And yeah. OH and also! Peter Falk wasn't supposed to HAVE that trenchcoat. He brought it on set the day they started shooting. And to keep the rumbled look, the way they stored it, was the rolled it into a ball and put in in the corner until the next time. Isn't that clever? :)

    The one with William Shatner I was kind of sad when he got caught. That lady was blackmailing him... grrr.

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  5. Columbo is one of my favorite detective shows! Reading your comments about it is really making me want to watch it again...maybe tonight. I feel like I haven't watched anything in forever!
    Hehe, I completely agree--I think he always starts out knowing who did it, and just has to prove it. I also thought I wouldn't like knowing who the murderer was (I usually can't stand shows like that!), but it ended up being so good that I didn't care.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. Sounds cool! I'm hopeless at mysteries though. I can't stay ahead of anyone and usually I'm the one asking..."But, huh?! What just happened? Why did that happen? Someone EXPLAIN." Basically, I'm horrible to watch a detective show with. :)

  7. Jack, out of curiosity, do you ever solve the mystery before the detective?
    Also, another good show is Murder, She Wrote. It's about an author (lovely, right?) who solves murders.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Once in awhile. I sometimes beat Monk, and once beat Sherlock. But I usually come up with these wild, elaborate schemes, and miss the obvious clues, my main downfall as a detective. I can find all the non obvious ones, but if it is slapping me in the face, I miss it.

    2. My mum likes Murder, she wrote. I've seen one or two and liked them, but they are hard to find on TV it seems.

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  9. Oh Monk! I've solved quite a few cases with him. It's rather sad that they didn't make any more seasons, don't you think?

    I shall have to investigate the Columbo...Sounds like s show the rest of my family would enjoy (or, if not all of them, at least my dad would).

    God bless!

  10. Yes Columbo is brilliant. I need to start watching him again right from the start - I'll just skip the ones that my Dad ALWAYS watches. That way I won't get bored. *Grin*

    His coat is like his trade-mark. It looks like it has been washed too many times and then bundled into a tiny ball and left in the back seat of a car for a few months... and it suits him perfectly. I love Columbo's little characteristics - Just One More Thing.... *Smile* I think some of his acting is really him because in Princess Bride he is still very Columbo like.

    OH I LOVE IT WHEN COLUMBO GETS ANGRY!!! there are only a couple of those moments when he is truly and terribly *angry*. Like with the Doctor when he bangs the coffee pot down on the desk. "I believe you killed Sharon Martin, and I believe you are trying to kill Doctor Hiderman." Uh Oh Spock. Better watch out.

    I like it when he is talking to the murderer over lunch or something and says things like "Well, sir, little things bother me. Things I can't quite put my finger on... like his shoes. Why would a man buy new, uncomfortable, squeaky shoes on the night he robs a house? Especially since his older shoes were in such good shape. You see sir, little things like that bother me..." *Smile* I just really love Columbo and how he is always referencing his family. He even mentions a daughter once but I can't remember when.

    There is an episode where Columbo cooks and it is one of my favorites. He treats the murderer out to home-made dinner. Columbo looks so at-home in a kitchen and while he cooks he tells the murderer about his big Italian family and how nice it is to have one. I love that too. big Italians family's are AWESOME!!

    My sister saw "les Miserables" yesterday. She loved it :-) she said that The Master of the House wasn't as bad as she'd thought it would be. It wasn't good but it wasn't terrible - it could have been worse. She absolutely loved Jean Valjean :D I still have to wait for it to come out on DVD. *frown*

    God Bless

  11. Ooh, I love a good mystery show, I'll have to see if I can find this series somewhere floating amidst the world of old TV shows!

  12. xD Those poor red shirts... Kirk! Spock! How could you do it?
    OH.MY.WORD!!! I just looked it up.... COLUMBO IS PLAYED BY PETER FALK!!!! Most people know Peter Falk as the grandpa in Princess Bride but I loved Peter Falk waaay before I saw Princess Bride... He is one of my favorite actors! I am definitely going to have to look up this show and watch watch watch it!
    Peter Falk stars in one of my all time favorite movies - The Great Race. He's the evil dude's sidekick Max. Oh my goodness.. Best movie ever.
    And I think Peter Falk was blind in one eye. Not sure... He died recently too, which is too bad.
    Ok, my ramble is over. I apologize.

    Maybe if you wore a really convincing fake beard, the Dwarves would believe you?

    A lot of people say that Twilight is really boring. I don't remember much of it, so maybe it was. xD I just remember that the author wrote in a way that I wanted to keep reading, even though the content was all fluff. Now I'm glad I read it, to say that I read it, but I would never read it again, or suggest it to someone. I enjoyed it at the time.... But now I'm ashamed I read it. It isn't a good example for kids, I think.
    The Hunger Games was alright. Kind of the same story as Twilight. I really didn't like the style it was written in, though. It was kind of hard to read at first.

    Yeah, that's another great thing about Deryn. She saves the day a lot, but she isn't proud about it.

    Hee hee I loved the part where Charmain tried to make a spell. That was funny.

    I know! Donna should have gotten her memory back and the Doctor should have come and erased it again so at least they could see each other that way.. Even though that would be kind of redundant.

    I'm glad your cold went away. =) Also, I enjoyed your post about the tags - and the video.
    Can't wait to hear your writing news!
    Now I'm off to see if I can find some Columbo somewhere....

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Hi Jack ~ I am behind on all my blog-reading so I just saw this. I'm sure glad you mentioned Monk. I was reading the first paragraph, about Sherlock-like detectives that aren't Sherlock, and I was all set to recommend Monk... and then, there was his name. Poor Monk! A man with the intelligence and observational skills of Sherlock, and so afraid of *everything*. He is very brave to keep doing what he does... and I can only watch a few of those at a time before I start straightening pictures, and organising closets, and sweeping my floors constantly.:-)

    It was fun to read an appreciation of Columbo. He is such a brilliant character, with his innocent face, and harmless manner. It is clever, the way they set the show up - you watch what looks like a perfect crime at the very beginning. Then Columbo comes shuffling in, and picks at th loose ends, and suddenly the perfect crime looks foolish.


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