Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Gwen says you're cooking..."

 I've been able to keep up on my reading - shocking, right? (The real shocking thing? I've been managing to do this in spite of all my writing, editing, publishing planning, and work. I'm talented, my friend.)

 My amazing talents aside though, I thought I'd share with you a list of some of the books I've been reading. (Reviews, only short ones so I can do three at once. *Nods*)

 Fever Crumb:

 I've probably said it before, but if you want to get me to read a book all you have to do is talk about the characters. That is how I came to pick up this book - also, it helped a lot that it was written by one of my favourite authors, Philip Reeve.

 Fever lives in a future London England where the most insulting thing you can say about a person is to call them a blogger. (I'm thinking of using this insult myself now.) Fever has been raised by engineers - think Spock with buddies. They think emotions are bad.

 One day Fever is sent to help an Archaeologist and while with him she begins to remember things - but these memories aren't her own. So she sets out to get answers, and finds ones she doesn't like very much.

 I loved all the characters in this, but especially Fever - I know! A main girl character I can love! - and the Archaeologist, Kit. I also loved his children, they were so cute!

 Unlike most future books, I didn't find this one confusing. It felt a tad rushed in some places but I didn't mind because it felt like a story which needed to be fast paced.

 Fever reminded me so much of Spock and Sherlock I couldn't help loving her.
 (This series is a prequel to Mr. Reeve's popular Mortal Engine Series. It got me very excited to read that series.)

 The Wide-Awake Princess:

 A fun, kid's re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. (As I've said, I like fairy tales when they are re-told.) Also, as I said, this is a kids book so the characters aren't as deep as young adult books. But it is a really fun book - something enjoyable to read when one needs a light hearted story.

 This author has re-written a lot of fairy tales. I plan to read her Frog Princess books if my library ever gets the first one in.

 The Lost Stories:

 The last in the Ranger's Apprentice books. It has a collection of short stories which take place through the other books. (It also has some wedding stories.)
 I think this was a nice way to end Will, though the last story made me sad - our little Ranger has grown up. *Sniff*
 Some of the best stories in this book had both Will and Tug in them. Who knew some of the best banter could take place between Ranger and horse? (Also, I became even more fond of Halt. I especially love the one with Will's speech in it. That is one of the best Ranger stories I've ever read, even more so then The Burning Bridge.)
  Soon, maybe this week if I get things figured out, I plan to start an introduction on some of The Broken Blade characters. I just need to sit down and plan things out.

 Also, I should have more book two information soon - maybe even some this week. I'm at chapter 11 right now and the re-write has been going well so it should be done in a good amount of time.

 For now that is all my writing related news. And, since I've a slight case of the flu, I'm going to bed with a good book to sleep it off.

 Quote is from Merlin - of which I am on series two.




  1. Fever Crumb has been on my list of books to read... But I need to finish the books I'm currently reading first.

    Re-telling of fairy tales is cool! =)

    I've heard of the Ranger's Apprentice... I don't know too much about it, though. It's a series? Is it good?

    And exciting book news! I look forward to hearing more. Are you going to be publishing Haphazardly Implausible books and Broken Blade books at the same time?

  2. So many books. So little time.

  3. I haven't read any of them, but I've been wanting to read Wide-Awake Princess for a long time. (Truth be told, it slightly influenced Sew. If you want to take a guess how, feel free.)

  4. I do love re-told fairytales! And I just love the cover for Fever Crumb. When I first saw it I thought of little Red Riding Hood. lol.

    I can't believe I still haven't gotten around to watching Merlin... there are a lot of things I need to watch, and a lot of books I need to read. I'll never catch up! *bawls*

  5. Hope you feel better!
    Great characters are what pulls me into a book.

  6. so many books so little time. I must READ!!

    We showed Kat "Journeys End" last night. She hated Donna's ending too, and cried. So did I - I cried just as much the 2nd time. Ten had too many sad ending :( And now we will be watchind "End of time" soon. I will cry again - SO HARD! Eleven is happier than Ten was, but now "Angels take Manhattan" is on its way. I DON'T WANT THE PONDS TO LEAVE! :'( I don't want to watch The Doctor get his hearts broken - AGAIN! Hasn't he lost enough companions? Hasn't he been through enough? Why can't he be happy?? dang you Moffat!! *sob*

    This is how I feel *Growl* Did I make you cry? *evil laugh*

    I hope you like s2 of Melin!

    God Bless

    1. It takes a lot NOT to cry at the end of Journey's End. I still bawl when it comes on. I think you're right, the Doctor needs at least one happy ending. A companion who won't go away...not that that is possible I suppose. Maybe there is hope with Clara...

      I love series two!! Is this the one where Arthur gets donkey ears? I know Uthur marries a troll in this series, it is the next episode and all the dragon does is laugh. I cannot wait to see that.

  7. I've read Fever Crumb. First off: LOVE the name. I wish I'd though of it (pity I'm not that clever). The book didn't connect with me, but I did love Fever and her non-emotional-emotions. ;) And Will's speech was hilarious! I love Halt.

  8. Great reviews! And Fever Crumb sounds so good in particular.

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed Fever Crumb! Do you plan to read A Web of Air (its sequel) anytime soon? I just finished it and it was just as good.

    I avoid spoilers mostly by not going on the internet before watching a new episode of a show I watch, Since I typically watch shows live or shortly there-after, it's not a big issue. Otherwise, ALWAYS scan for spoiler tags. There typically are tags on stuff like that. If there's not, someone will yell at whoever wrote it. For books, I make sure to hold my friends at book-point and make them swear not to give anything away xD

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