Friday, January 18, 2013

"Help! Crazy lady with the shovel!"

 Those who have been following me for the past couple weeks know I read Howl's Moving Castle recently. A book I couldn't help but love. (All thanks to Howl. *Nods*)

 Anyhow, those of you who have read and watched the movie insisted I needed to watch the movie now that I'd read the book. And since those who insisted on it have been reliable sources before I determined to do so as soon as I had enough to rent said movie. (Turns out I CANNOT rent it in town - and you thought I was making up all the weird things about my town. I could buy it, but that would cost more and I wasn't sure I'd like it enough to buy it.)
 To cut the suspense  I found it at the library, sometimes my library surprises me. So I grabbed it before anyone else could, brought it home, and spent about two hours giggling no stop over it.

 I'm sure all of you know the movie was made by one of the Japan directors. (I've seen bits and pieces of their other work but sadly this is the first I've had a chance to watch all the way through.)
 I wasn't sure how I'd like seeing Howl drawn in this way. I do like this form of art, what I've seen, but this is Howl. I didn't think something like an English wizard tale and this form of art would mix. So I wasn't sure what I'd think of the movie.
 Also, I knew it was different from the book, which I was okay with. The author herself said she was okay with it so that meant there could be no problems, right? Nonetheless I was slightly worried. What if Howl wasn't done right? What if he was all odd and not himself?

 I shouldn't have worried. The world of the movie was much more Steampunk then the book - that wasn't a complaint. I loved their airships and tanks and the train! Also, the art was amazing. I loved the detail and colours and everything.

 The movie Sophie was just like book Sophie. A timid girl who thought little of herself because she wasn't pretty, who hid from everyone and liked to keep to herself. Until she becomes an old woman. Then she became sassy and didn't care who she made mad. (That's the best part of being 90, you can annoy people and get away with it.)

 Michael is much younger in the movie then the book but he is sooo cute and sweet I couldn't help but love this version just as much as I loved him in the book.

 Calsifier had me laughing almost every time he was on screen. They got him spot on. Panicky and whinny and brilliant.

 The Witch of the Waste was quite a bit different. She is this old, fat lady who really isn't that scary, but the way they did her was a lot of fun. And by the end of it I couldn't help but love her. "What a nice fire." "What a nice dog." "What a handsome man." Were I not already sitting down I would have fallen over laughing.

 They took out one of Sophie's sisters in the movie but I didn't really miss her. (I loved her in the book but in the movie she wasn't really needed.) Also, the other sister wasn't in it much but again it wasn't really noticed.

 The prince had the end had me laughing as well. "Your curse will be broken when your kissed by your true love. But it looks as if your true love has another true love."

 And lastly, there is Howl. Because really, all my fears over the movie had to do with him. First off, he is voiced by Christian Bale - in the original someone else voiced him but they dubbed over it when they did the English version. Christian Bale has a rather cool voice and he is one of my kind of favourite actors. (He'd be more favourite if he hadn't played Batman.)
 (On a random note, Michael is talked by that fellow who played in the Hunger Games. The bread boy. His voice was SO cute when he was younger!!)

 Anyhow, back to Howl. So, it helped that I knew who did his voice and he was an actor I liked. But it takes more then an actor I like to bring Howl to life. Before seeing it I worried they would leave the green slime bit out and his dying over his cold. Then I worried they would put them pleasing me, right?

 Well, to put it simply, I shouldn't have worried. They did Howl brilliantly. He was just as charming, annoying, dashing, cowardly, and heroic as in the book. (And the green slime was in there and it fit in very well.)
 It was a bit odd seeing his hair flap all about and watching him smile and whine and sulk, but not enough so that it didn't seem like Howl. And I am glad I found it at the library because I shan't have to return it for awhile and can watch it again. (Like today.)

 I'm thinking of posting The Broken Blade's summery tomorrow so keep an eye out. if it isn't out tomorrow it will go up Monday.

 Quote is from the movie, when Sophie is moving Calcifer.




  1. I have my doubts about the movie as well... I'm not a huge fan of Anime. A friend at church loves this movie, though. And I loved the book. I might have to watch it! Especially if it has the green slime. Hee hee.

  2. ~I`ve watched the movie, but I haven`t read the book. =( He was older in the book? And there`s a missing sister? o.o I guess I didn`t have much worries that the movie could have been bad cause I haven`t read the book and my school friends said it was amazing! Which it was! ^^
    Will be waiting for the Broken Blade summary~ ^^

  3. I have been terrified of watching the movie because I love the book so much, but maybe now I will :-)

    God Bless!

  4. This book has been on my list for a while... now I'm more excited to read it. I always try to read a book first before I see the movie version.

  5. Hello Jack

    I've TAGGED You over at my blog -

    God Bless!

  6. I haven't really wanted to watch the movie, because I loved the book so much and what little art I saw of the movie didn't fit in with my idea of what the book was. However, now I may have to watch it. Thanks!! :)

  7. I like Christian Bale too. Erm... I think he could have played Howl in real life when he was younger. :D And oh, I didn't know Josh Hutcherson voiced Michael! I may have to look into it now... I was so very worried about the movie because it looked a lot different from the book. But I think I'll need to see if our library has it too. :)

  8. Hmmm. I've noticed that my library has that movie, too, but I've been super hesitant about watching it. I soooo love the book! But I might give it a go and just remind myself that it's going to be a bit different.

    "I am going on an Adventure!" We should. I do love an adventure as long as I'm with nice people and have snacks. And then tea after? Ooooh, sounds delightful. We will meet one day and it will be a blast! :D

    If you get your hands on 'The 39 Steps' before I do, you must tell me how it is. I know! That plan is awesome...even if it appears to be trying to kill him.

    If you ever do pull a "Sherlock" on your co-works and your deductions are wrong you can just sigh in frustration and say, "there's always something..." *smirk.*


  9. honestly I had no idea the movie was from a book, Blushes with embarrassment. I know my newest reading venture. I loved the movie and from that, and something about an english wizard thats my kind of book.
    Blessings Rachel Hope


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