Monday, January 14, 2013

"Look on the bright side. You've still got me." "Is that supposed to cheer me up?" "Thought it might." "You really are a complete idiot."

 Since I published I've had a long list of posts written. I had book reviews, guest on and so forth. You were all here for it. This is the first post in about a month where I've sat down with no clue as to what I should write about.

 I do have an update as to what shall be coming up, writing wise.

 As I've mentioned, I should have the summery for Abolished Impracticality soon. I am working on it now, though since I always have trouble with summaries it is going slow.

 I am hoping to get William sometime soon - though not when the high is 6 degrees outside - so we can get the picture for the book cover. I want to get it VERY early this time so I won't be banging my head on the wall trying to get it done in time.

 Either coming with the summery or the cover - not such which yet - I will be revealing the release date for book two.

 Also, I am seriously considering releasing another project soon as well. I might need some second thoughts on this as I have three projects which could be published. I'm having trouble picking which I want to work on.

 I am now on chapter 12 of book two. It is likely to have the same amount of chapters as book one, maybe more though. (As always, I just write, my characters do whatever they fancy and I don't get much say in the matter.)

 Now, on to some Broken Blade news. I am thinking of introducing everyone to one of the characters this week. But I need some help on picking which one, which means you all get to vote again. (I know, haven't held one of those in months!) I will post the options at the end of this post, and see if I can get the voting box back up on the sidebar.

 Lastly, this completely unrelated to writing - okay not quite as I get inspiration from movies...I am on series two of Merlin. And, being the spoiler magnet I am, I know how series five ends. In fact, I know every spoiler in the show except for the one involving Gwen and Lancelot. 
 That said, I think I like the show as much as Doctor Who and Sherlock. It is re-enforcing my thoughts that I should move to England.

 I also watched Midnight, so I could again see Merlin as a random emo dude (as my friend so well put it.) Eh, it isn't every day you get to see a wizard wearing black nail polish and saying, "We've broke the middle of NOWHERE!"

 Now I shall bid you all a Bonne Nuit! And leave my voting list.


 Quote is from Merlin, after Arthur finds out Gwen loves Lancelot and Merlin tries to cheer him up. (As you can tell, he needs to work on it a bit more.)

 Don't forget to vote! Leave your votes in the comment box for now, I shall hopefully have the box up tomorrow. Too tired to hunt for it right now.




  1. I went screaming through the Doctor Who Series, and since I've watched Sherlock already I'm on a bit of a BBC high, where all I want to watch are BBC TV shows, preferably the magic or medieval ones. So, Merlin's on my To Watch list, as is the rest of the Robin Hood (I've watched five or six episodes of that series, and I found them cheesy but good) and possibly MI5. For some reason, I'd prefer to watch those rather than the CSI Miami, NY, and wherever else the CSI shows take place. Besides, once we get to Season 7 of MI5, Richard Armitage joins the cast! I mean, that's a hook right there.

    I want to hear more about BenArgon... simply because I love saying that name. SO much! I don't see a voting thing on the side, so can I throw my vote here?

    Cheers! (And I loved Merlin as the Emo dude in Midnight too. What his name in that? Jared? Or Jethro? Or something unfitting like that.)

  2. Oh my word! Your a spoiler magnet to? I try very very hard to stay away from spoilers... But they pull me in anyway. I read the end of Goliath and I haven't even started Behemoth yet... *dies of shame* If Jessica sees this comment, she's going to kill me.

    I haven't seen Merlin but as I watched Midnight I was like, "Why does that guy look so familiar? He looks like a mini Cumberbatch! Who is he?? OH! He's Merlin!"

    Hmmm.... I want to hear about... Gar. Striker and BenArgon both sound like Aragorn. I can't decide between them! How about Striker.

  3. Aaaaand I totally forgot to answer your comment. Hee hee.

    Why Tolkien?? Why did you kill them? Or, at least, why didn't you tell us more about their deaths??

    I was sad when the Walker died as well.

    I haven't come across many people who know about Philip Reeve... Actually, I know very few people who know about Steampunk. Only you, Jessica, my friend Jen, this girl in my choir, and the lady at the quilt shop.

  4. Ahaha! "A random emo dude..."

    Okay, I think I already know some of the characters in the Broken Blade (unless I'm completely mixed up... idk), so I'm really excited for you to introduce the others! *rubs hands together evilly* *evil Loki laugh*

    SERIOUSLY. I need to start watching Merlin. Even though I know how it ends and it almost seems counter-productive to drag my way through from the beginning. WHATEVER. I'm gonna do it one of these days.

  5. I vote for Striker. I like his name! (Considering I don't know anything about anyone in this new series...I'll just have to go off name preferences.) :P

  6. oh, oh, oh!! I want to watch Merlin really bad!! wasn't he freaking *adorable* in Midnight? or....maybe I just kinda might think that Emo boys are rather attractive and he's an especially cute one...perhaps...;) <3 Anyways...

    Striker! I vote for Striker. :D Like, Cait ^^ up there I just like his name. ;) lol.

  7. ~I`m voting for Lukeas!! It rolls off the tongue like silk ^^ Also, I wanna watch Sherlock and Merlin!!

  8. Firstly I vote for striker, it's the name, something about it that sounds adventurous. A rather good one if you ask me. But you didn't so....
    Merlin is one of those shows, my whole family all nine of us loved it and we were a bit sad when it ended, there's not enough good clean fun sort of shows out there. And now one less.
    Enjoy watching the seasons, you won't be disappointed. Oh and I think it's a side affect of watching BBC shows, wanting to move to the British isles. Oh well. It's funny I just watched midnight again the other day, for the hundredth time just to see Merlin with black nail polish. I guess I'm not as strangely alone in that as I thought.
    Can't wait to hear more about you new venture, and if that involves boarding a dirigible bound for England can I get a seat ?
    Blessings Rachel hope

  9. I voted Lukeas in the poll because it's almost like Lukas and Lukas is one of my favorite male names. All three are great, but I chose Lukeas.

    I have a character who (out of book) has a crush on BBC's Arthur. She even made me make her love interest a descendant of King Arthur because of this.

  10. I'm so for the name Striker too!!! It's awesome.

    And question: how can I get your button? I've seen it on other blogs but I can't find it. Thanks!

  11. I like the name Striker. It is a good name :) A 'mysterious' name.

    You're terrible! How could you spoil yourself like that?! You shouldn't snoop and spoil the surprise. River might have something to say about that!!

    I like Merlin as much as Doctor Who and Sherlock. BBC is so dang good. Unfortunately this trio has also taken their turns at breaking my heart. Several times! I wonder why I even like them. but I do. *sigh*

    Are you talking about Clara Oswin? Yeah, I worry about her. I think up terrible things that could happen to her without meaning to. Something is going to go wrong, I can see it a mile away. AND it is Moffat. So no happy ending unless he changes. Sometime impossible things are just a bit unlikely. I'll pray for the unlikely. *Grin*

    You don't know the Gwen and Lancelot thing yet. Ok, I won't say anything. Which Ep are you on? seven? Have you seen "Beauty and the Beast" yet? Uther marries a troll! Have you seen "Lady of the Lake"? That episode pulls at your heart strings :'( Tell me how you like it.

    God Bless

    1. Well then, his name fits because Striker is a mysterious fellow.

      I know what you mean, especially this year. BBC went all out and sent us bawling three times, or more.

      Aye, Clara Oswin. I have a feeling her ending is going to be horrid. There is something about her...

      No, I've yet to see Beauty and the Beast and Lady of the Lake. I am very eager to though. My friend loves Lady of the Lake.


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