Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"My wife says I'm second best. She says they'res eighty fellas tied for first."

 Someday a fellow is going to ask me to dinner by saying, "My mother is cooking." And I will reply with, "Good. Put her on a slow heat and let her simmer." And I will then loose all chances of getting married.

 I was tagged, twice. Once by Bella HERE and second by River HERE. And I will be doing the answers, this way. 

 I tagged all of you, by the way. Questions are at the end of the video. Sorry for the long ramble, I wasn't sure what to say half the time.

 Quote is from Columbo

 Au Revior!




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  3. OH YES! I'm going to say that now, as well. Who needs husbands anyway? Heh.

    Also, I can't see the video. Boo.

  4. You make me laugh :-D I loved "The Moment of Truth" also. It is one of the few episodes where Arthur is kind to Merlin - he's like "Here let me help you put on your armor. I think you are very brave." LOVE IT!!! Sedric the Servant was a jerk, but I liked him. Poor Merlin "I WAS NOT ASLEEP!" lol. All of your answers were brilliant and I agreed 100% tell me how you like the Troll. *Grin* I'll do the tag soon.

    "Never go against a Cecilian when DEATH is on the line!! hahahahahahahahahahahaaa...." *Dies*

  5. I shall have to watch this later, when I'm not multitasking and checking blog-ness and doing my geometry homework at the same time! Though rest assured I'm gonna be a rebel and decline the tag :p

    Also, no, Neville's parents were tortured by the three Lestranges and I believe Barty Crouch Junior. I believe that was addressed in Order of the Phoinex, when Neville's motives for helping them are discovered and the like.

  6. LOVE your voice. I always imagined it deep, for some reason. Not deep, like mandeep, but deep, like womandeep.
    I was wrong.
    Oh well, not the first or last time!
    Anyway, you should be a narrator! Your voice is perfect!

  7. I would meet Arthur and have Maryanne on hand so that she can dump another bucket of water on his head. That's all the more opinion I have of Merlin at the present. If I ever miraculously obtain more time and access to them, I'll be sure to watch them so I can obtain more opinion. I did like the one episode I've seen, The Changling.

    I copied down your questions and will be sure to answer them at some time or another.

    Oh, and I love your shawl.

    Oh, and expect an email from me shortly.

    1. Oh, and in my sister's book, the character based on me has a crush on a guy named Moon. (He also glows ...) So, um, you could say that I love the moon.

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  9. ~OMG your voice is so cute!!!! ^^ And the first paragraph, haha good one!!


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