Friday, January 11, 2013

"Of course he's not the boy's father! Look at the turn-ups on his jeans!"

 Because I am a spy and shan't be making any appearances now that my book is published (let's just say that and leave out the real reason, which is me being a starving author and barely able to afford gas to travel to work) I decided I would to online appearances.

 Aye, that is right. Jack Lewis Baillot is here to do an online reading of her book. (Since we shan't be meeting at a coffee shoppe you can go get your own coffee - I always do tea personally. Besides, this way you don't have to leave the comfort of your bedroom, which is always not pleasant when it is just 12 degrees outside. Or is that just here?)

 Now, if you would all stop chatting about the Giant's attack last night and take your seats we shall begin...
 Bear in mind, the part I am reading is still a rough draft. Also keep in my this is the first video I've ever done, so pardon the awkwardness.
 Sorry it is a day late, it was supposed to come out on Friday but some how I got my days mixed up. (It is one of my rare talents.)

 What are your thoughts on it? (Book and video.) Do you prefer the old way of spoilers, where I just post them? I've been tossing about the idea of doing some videos, but I'm still not sure how I feel talking to my computer.

 To all who asked about my author picture, yes, I am sitting by a pool in the middle of winter. And aye, that is snow in the background. 

 Quote is from Sherlock. Not sure I completely get it, but my jeans are turned up, so it reminded me of it.




  1. Oh Lewis!...pardon me for saying it, but you have a very cute voice. ;)
    Videos are good. I look forward to more (videos, I mean).
    Unfortunately, I'm a bit too ADD/ADHD to have the patience to listen to someone read me a book. I prefer to feast on it with my own eyes, rather than hear from word of mouth.
    Well done though.
    Swords and books combined are always a winner.

    And yes, the 12 degrees is only where you are at. It's thirty-five here.

    And---wonders never cease---I still complain about cold hands and toes.

    Good night,

  2. LOVE IT!! Fantastic!!

    Aww, and John waving was too cute! I'll be waiting to hear his book!

    It was actually colder here. We had below 0 this morning. My younger sister is ready for summer to return. :)

  3. I really enjoyed that. That was fun. Your voice is not what I expected however. Which isn't a bad thing! I just imagined it differently and listening to you read brought on an entirely different way to read your blog. *grin* Though, meeting in a coffee shop would also be fun, if it was just a few people that we knew, right? :D But seeing as it's even colder here than it is there... the probability of me leaving the semi-warmth of my home is not good.

    So I just made a pot of coffee which Kat and I shall consume with a few chocolates. You're welcome to join us. We're writing stories and drawing. Such artiness! :D

    I've been tossing around the idea of doing a vlog myself. Sort of thinking I'm probably too camera shy. We'll see. :)


  4. I loved it! Very intriguing. I always love stories that have swords (and bows and arrows) in them.
    More videos would be fun. =) Although I know how awkward it is to talk to nothing... Espcially if nosy parents are in the vicinity. Hee hee.
    Hi John!

    Oh my word... I didn't even think about Fili and Kili not dying together... What if one dies and the other is so overcome with grief that he does something reckless to get himself killed? I'm not a crier, but Fili and Kili dying.... GAH!

    I like the Adam-12 characters as well.

    I finished Leviathan! I can hardly wait to start reading the next one.
    I should really finish Howl's Moving Castle first, though. I'm just past halfway.... They just came back from our world - how interesting! I've never seen that done quite like that in a book before. Now they are going to Howl's teacher.
    On my blog a month or so ago I posted that I went into a quilt store with my mom while reading Larklight and one of the ladies there commented on it and told me how much she loves Phillip Reeve... Well, tonight I went in reading Howl's Moving Castle and all three of the ladies there were commenting on it and telling me that they loved Diana Wynne Jones, etc. etc. I was so happy. That one lady HAD to have been a teacher at one point. Either that or an eccstatic reader.

    The latest E-Lock has the mysterious 'M.' It was really a very interesting episode... Thrilling, yet not something Sherlock Holmes would do. And Joan! Silly girl.

  5. Not going to listen because I'm an adamant spoiler-avoider unless its something like episode summaries or something. Plus I should be working on my own novel right now...Shh...Don't tell the editing police!

  6. Lovely beginning - it has an air of the Authorian legends and other such stories! I think V. (who was listening across the room) enjoyed it too.

    And your voice, not quite what I had expected (as I think everyone else has iterated). I shall have to start applying your voice to your blog entries now, though.

    Tell John that I can't wait to hear him read his book and that he's still simply adorable.

  7. Why don't you try reading it in front of a mirror. That typically is what Kendj and I do for practice. I loved the story and am itching to read it.

    Ps. if you want to read my first version of Elvings away email me at and I will send it to you. It would be nice to get another dyslexic's view on it.

  8. Oops!!! (that seven makes all the difference ;D )

  9. YOU ARE BONKERS! Is that what you do? Wait for it to snow, sit by a pool?! You're like the Doctor! But that's okay, cause that means you are COOL. (Get it? *wink*)

    Soooooo ~
    Your book sounds AMAZING! Your video wasn't that bad, I didn't even think of it as awkward. :D I like a SUDDEN VIDEO but I also like expecting vids.

    Yes, I love DW specials too :) We are waiting for Whovian friends to lend us S7 cause we have no other way of watching it. Is this how time always passes? Really Slowly. In the Right Order...

    I have heard that Les Mis was fairly clean, but we decided to wait for it to come out on DVD. *Sigh*

    God Bless

    PS - I found you on Pinterest :) I was like "FOLLOW ALL THE BOARDS!!!" lol. Have you found me? *wink*

    1. Aye, I am bonkers 8-D Actually, I sit about thinking of completely insane things I can do, and then talk someone into doing them with me. This might explain my lack of friends...For some weird reason, they don't like getting into swim suits and sitting by a pool in the winter...odd.

      Glad you liked the video!

      Aw, series seven. I have mixed emotions about that series. I hope you like it!

      Thanks for following me on pintrest! I followed you back and haunted your Merlin posts last night. (I watched the one where Morgana finds out she can do magic and the one where Arthur disguises himself like a peasent so he can fight in the joust without being known as the prince. I liked that one, but his and Gwen's kiss...that has to be like the longest kiss in history!

  10. You shouldn't have haunted my MERLIN BOARD!! Spoilers! Oh well, no good now :-/ *Frowns*

    I have friends like you. "Lets do something crazy and invite a best-y along. Then we can both be idiotic and it will be AMAZING." Usually I end up doing the "AMAZING" thing with them and loving it, so maybe I would have swam (swum?) With you. Still.... Winter?

    Season Two of Merlin is BRILLIANT!!!! I love S1 and 2 - S3 is pretty good but S4 felt weak for me. S5? :-O LOVE LOVE LOVE!! S1 is probably still my favorite though.

    Merlin- "Gwen says your cooking."

    Arthur- "Merlin! Thank goodness. I need you to get some dinnes from the Palace Kitchen."

    Merlin- "So you're NOT cooking." <3

    God Bless

    1. Well, I already knew the Merlin spoilers before I followed your board. There is only a few I do not know. Such as what happens between Lancelot and Gwen...if he lives, if he comes back, so on and so forth. Shocking, the way spoilers jump out at me.

      Would it console you to know the pool was heated?


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