Monday, January 28, 2013

"Please, Spock. Do me a favour and don't say it's fascinating." "Of course not, but it is interesting."

 Part Two

  Wherein Jack lists reasons she doesn't like a world famous series and ducks the tomatoes.

 So, as I said, I was doing this post in two parts. And, since I normally don't do two parts, I am not sure where to start. So I will just start in the middle, because that usually works.

 Remember, these thoughts are my own opinion. I'm not going to burn you at the stake if you disagree. 

 So, aside from not caring for Harry, Ron, and Hermionie much, nor the actual writing style of the book, there is another part I couldn't get past.
 The adults.

 I am sure some of you can see where I am going with this. Aye, Snape.
 Now, when I first heard of this man it was my sister saying how much she liked him. I didn't care at the time, not seeing the movies. But when I did, I found myself liking him as well. Grumpy, quiet, glaring most of the time, something about him interested me. Even if he was a bit mean sounding at times, he was likable.
 Then I read the books.

 Now, those who do not know. Snape is Harry's teacher, one of them. He's a greasy haired man who never smiles, or hardly ever does, and has it in for Harry. He also favours Draco, this spoiled brat boy who torments Harry.
 It turns out, Snape loved Lily, Harry's mother. He tried to save her but got to the house too late the night she and her husband were killed. (He didn't like her husband because James bullied him when they were boys, then went and stole his true love just to add insult to injury. Okay, maybe not to ruin Snape's life, but he seems to think it.)
 Now, Snape hates Harry. (Hey, why not? Your sweetheart and tormentor's son. You've got nothing better to do.)

 Now, Snape sets out to make Harry's life miserable. (Keep in mind I'm talking about book Snape, NOT movie Snape who had less of this 13-year-old grudge issue.)
 Now, here is where I have problems with this fellow. I made it to the middle of book four and in them Snape is horrible. He is very hard on Harry. Harry will mess something up in class - in other words he will be a student and not get everything perfect - and Snape will take points away from his House. Meanwhile, Draco can pretty much get away with murder and Snape will give him a cookie for it.
 I didn't finish book four. I was told he redeems himself in book 7 because we find out about James. 
 Here is my point. I. Don't. Care.

 I don't care that Snape was bullied. I don't care that Snape lost his girl. I don't care he couldn't save her. I do not for one moment think ANY of this gives him the right to act as he does. And I don't see how learning his past can fix any of this and get me to like him. (Yes, he saves Harry's life at least once, but still. Is this any reason to torment a boy and his friends.?!)

 Example. Draco is mocking Harry in one part and Harry losses his temper. He and Draco pull out wands to zap each other with something and miss. Well, Draco misses. Harry's hits Draco and something happens. Draco's hits Hermionie. Snape shows up.
 Seeing Draco, he says he should go and see the doctor and get all mended. Meanwhile, Hermionie's teeth have begun to grow very large. Normally a girl with buck teeth, this is, well, not normal. But Snape looks at her and says, "I see no difference."
 And this is supposed to be an adult. A teacher. And the kids act more mature then him.

 (And that is just one example.)

 So, in short, I do not think anything should give him the right to behave in a childish manner and to so obviously bully Harry.
 Also, the other problem I have with this. It doesn't feel real. I have read books where kids are mistreated, but it was realistic. As I said before, when Harry's aunt and uncle are mean to him it is unbelievable. It is like Cinderella. The same with Snape. I have a hard time believing any adult would do any of that to a kid. (And yes, adults do do horrible things to children. But there is realistic and there is wicked step-mother where it is just the author wanting you to feel bad for the hero and making it almost silly.)

 Nevelle is another problem I have. He is a quiet, shy, frightened boy with big teeth and a bad memory. And even Harry is mean to him sometimes. What kind of example is this? If you don't fit in you might as well get used to not having friends? It is okay to pick on someone who has struggles with things?

 Lastly, is the insistence that everyone in the world should read these books. I made book four, I plan to read no further. I like the basic plotline, but I can get that from the movies and I can enjoy the charactrers more - just not the spiders.
 But, many seem to think if one DOESN'T read these books there is something wrong with them. They cannot go through life without reading them.

 We read because we enjoy it. Everyone has different tastes. I do not enjoy these books, someone else might. (Same with the Ergon books. I don't enjoy them and never finished the first, but others love them.)

 We each read what we enjoy. And there should be no law that we HAVE to read something even if we don't enjoy it. 

 So, there you have it. The reason I won't be finishing the Harry Potter books. (Besides, in book 7 she kills a lot of the characters I DID like. Fred, Remus, his wife, Fred. And leaves George. Alone. Without his twin brother. All get my point.)

 And that is all. Quote is from Star Trek. (Spock likes to say fascinating when some disaster hits. And, well, it finally got on McCoy's nerves. Shocking, I know.)

 Au Reivor 




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  2. Haha, I've quite enjoyed reading your review, Jack! I may not totally agree with it myself (Harry Potter fan that I am), but your comments mostly hit the nail on the head, an I had to chuckle a bit at how accurate they are. :P

    There will be no tomato chucking from me! Everyone's entitled to her own opinion, right?(; I save the tomatoes for those who say they don't like Lord of the Rings!


  3. ~Wow, guess this is a series I`m never going to read xD I watched the movies, and I quite liked them(But not as much as my friends) but the movies did nothing to motivate me to read the books. Many people were telling me the book was better, meh. And OMG Snape does sound evil(and dumb) in the book!

  4. ~Also,you have been nominated for the Libster Award!! ^^ Here`s the link for more details :

  5. I think I watched that episode yesterday....

    I always hated hot Harry and co. always got away with rule-breaking. It's crazy. And Harry was annoying much of the time. I wanted to punch him when he was a jerk to Neville. I mean, seriously...

  6. Lovely, Jack! You are absolutely right! We should not have to read books just because the world reads them! (Eragon was good, but the whole series went downhill from there) On this same note, I did not like Seraphina. I flipped ahead, got an idea of how it ended, then never reallly finished it. But that's okay. I don't have to read it. We don't have to read something (or finish it) if we don't like it. :)
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I have heard a lot of talk on Eragon as well. I have tried several times to finish book one at least but it isn't really my kind of story. I did like Eregon's half brother, he was interesting. And Brom, but then he had to go and die 8-P. I made it to when they reach the desert but could never make it past. But a lot of people love these books, which is cool as well. They're just not my type.
      Same with you and I and Seraphina I suppose. *Grin* That was one I loved and would read again - but not everyone will feel the same. And, as you said, no one should HAVE to finish a book if they don't care for it.

  7. After reading this line "I do not for one moment think ANY of this gives him the right to act as he does." I about squealed. Hurrah for you!!!

    I have not read the books - in fact I only watch the movies for Fred, George, and Neville - but I was quite happy you said that because I have had that same problem with other characters in books/movies. A great example is the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (not sure if you've seen that or not)....but, frankly, he's a jerk. I mean, really. He is. And everyone defends him for his past! Ugh. No excuse. Whatsoever. He's a mega-creeper who does not love Christine no matter how much he may say it. {if he really loved her do you think he'd threaten to kill her fiance - and would - if she didn't marry him?}

    As far as reading a book BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HUMAN IF YOU DON'T!!! I fell for that horrid trap last Spring. :( Hunger Games anyone? *gags* I stopped after the first one. Right about when I wanted to kill both Katniss and the guy.

    Anyway, I wanted to scream "HURRAH!" when you said that. Just thought you should know. :)


  8. Thank-you for giving me more reasons to not read HP. There aren't very many "popular" series that I read (I think my list is limited to Percy Jackson, and I only got into them because I was studying ancient Greece. Oh, and a friend has recently convinced me to read the Hunger Games.), since I can usually find out pretty much anything I want to know about them via Wikipedia.

    Heh, heh. I'm actually getting better at my guy characters. Actually, I was reading over book three, and was surprised to note that it was mostly being told from Eric's and Arthur's POV's. There's about a chapter and a half from Robin, but that's about it for girls. It's possible that Doranna might get some POV later on though ... but for the most part, I connect better with my girls.

    You know, we ought to co-author a book together, you writing the guy's POV, I writing the girl's. I'm thinking about a pair of siblings (to prevent romance ye know?). What say ye?

  9. Ooh. If that's how Snape is in the books no wonder you didn't like him. In the movies he's just a bit hard on Harry.

    And when Fred died in the movie I was rather horrified and depressed. I mean... really. Why would she break up the twins!?

    As it is, I know that one of the main things *I* personally think is a necessity, is... I need to care about the characters. I need to love the characters. For me, the plot can be so-so, but if the characters are brilliant, I'll love it anyway. If it's the other way around, where the plot is amazing and the characters are weak, or annoying, or I just don't care, then I will tend not to like the books. (The Hunger Games, for instance. I liked the books, the writing style was really good and gripping, but I hated Katniss to the point where I knew I wouldn't be sad if she died. That's not good, that's terrible, and it's one book I actually PREFER as a movie.)

    THEREFORE! or shall I say, IN CONCLUSION! Yes. I agree with everything you've said. Which is also why I'm very nervous about showing people MY writing, because I don't know if I fall into that category of not being able to make people care. Writing is more of a hobby for me, so I know that I DO fall into some cliches. *sigh* :)

  10. Yay! Someone else who doesn't like them! :D
    *giddy over here*
    I felt that way about The Hunger Games. Plkease. Someone. Gag. Me.
    And what happens when I mention, INNOCENTLY!, that I didn't like the movies or books.
    The world breaks loose.

  11. I am not going to fix that mistake.

  12. I really don't want to read a book series where the author makes me care about charries, then kills them. I don't need that kind of depressing... stuff. Just hand me The Two Towers. I'll cry over Sam supposing that Frodo is dead.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Aye, it is hard enough finding a character to love in modern books. but to then go and kill them 8-P Very tragic.

  13. I agree with you. Read what you like and nothing else.

    Also, yes, Harry does adopt Remus's son. It has a very satisfying ending, if you ask me. And yes, the books had much more information. It was one of the reasons I liked the book. I'm a sucker for world building, and Harry Potter is more or less a world building extravaganza.

  14. You're right, that's not fair - I don't see why anyone should look down their noses at a person just for not liking a book. It doesn't make a person better or worse than another to have read or not read some particular book. Sheesh! :-)

  15. Ditto to my comment on the first part....
    Sigh. It's so sad when grown ups act like kids. Unfortunately, that seems to happen a lot. Both in real life and in books.
    Perhaps someday I will pick up Harry Potter and give them a try. I've never been interested in them before. They do remain, however, the only super popular modern series that I haven't read the fist book of. (After reading the first Twilight and Hunger Games, I decided not to continue those series).

    I'm glad you and John liked my prologue! I really like the wizards to. They are really fun.
    The second half really fought me... I knew where I wanted it to go, I just didn't know how to get there. I can always fix it during editing - or take it out completely.

    In the Moon books, Calculas fogets who he is for a short time. I don't think Tintin ever has... Though I haven't read some of the older books for awhile.

    I really like the way you did your girl-as-boy thing. I think partly why it worked, was that we get to find out about it near the beginning of the book. Peter isn't kept in the dark about it for very long. Plus, the reader finds out with Peter so it's a huge shock. That's really nice.

    Cliche romances, as I said, are great if they are handled well. For example, I LOVE stories where the princess falls for the peasant or vice versa. I spent my childhood playing those out in my room or in the backyard.

    Have you finished House of Many Ways yet? My favorite part is when Twinkle takes the crumpet and goes, "Fank you!" I can just imagine him saying it. xD I love the last chapter as well, when all is revealed.

    You have sent me the SH/Star Trek fanfiction before. I'm afraid I haven't read it yet... *sheepish grin* It's saved in favorite and one of these days I will get to it. (The problem is, I hate reading books on electrical devices).

    Last night I FINALLY finished The End of Time Part 2!! Oh my word! The ending! I loved how he went to see everyone! Even Rose! That was so cool!
    Also, I'm about halfway through Goliath and really enjoying it! I can't wait to find out what happens next! And now Alek knows Deryn's secret... Scott Westerfield did a really good job with that girl-as-boy plot. I think because, again, the reader knows right off the bat (or pretty close to that) that the girl is actually a girl. Plus, Deryn is just loveable. And BORVIL! He's so cute!

    I hope you're feeling better! John said you were sick. How's the editing coming?



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