Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Probable murder weapon. No prints." "There never are."

 For a long time I've been trying to decide where to go from here. I have one book published, but I have a lot of work to do still. I've been working on marketing plans and am making some progress there. Though I still have to come up with some others. (A slow process right now.)

 And I still have other books to publish. Such as, book two. However, with that one certain things have come up so my original plan got changed, which changed some other things as well. (The short of it was whether or not to move back the publication date or to publish without pictures. The other short of it is I moved back the date. *Smirk*)

 But this left the set publication date open. (It also got me to address the issue of price. Which I have lowered. Sadly, Lulu wouldn't let me lower it as much as I wanted. I am working on this to see if I can find a way around it. I set a discount but am not sure how it will end up working. Keep an eye on the site, it should be down to 12 now, if the discount worked. Which I am hoping it did.)

 All of this, though, is leading up to this. My next, to be published project. And today, I will tell you all about it. (Well, most about it.)
 This book was my second NaNo project. It came about as most of mine do, last minute when I ditched the plot I had and tried to come up with something new.

 What first started it was a desire to tell a story about a prince (partly brought on by watching Stardust and thinking the princes were one of the best parts of the whole movie.) Holding to this idea, I asked around and soon had so many ideas thrown at me I had a plot.
 I also had a kind friend who not only drew a map for me but outlined the whole country. I need to pull that file out sometime soon and share some of the facts. But for now, I will skip it.

 By the time NaNo ended I had a two part book series and some quirky characters I hadn't set out to meet. (Some of which included an elf and some dwarves.)
 Before this I had never written a story with elves and dwarves, and I've never done so since, but I had a lot of fun doing so with this book. I suppose, with the elves and such, it makes it a fantasy book, with no magic in it. It was written before I learned of Steampunk so it has none of that in it either.
 It just has some princes, an elf, hungry dwarves, and some other creatures. And an adventure all centering around one little boy.

 And today, since I am feeling kind, I will share with you not only the title, but the summery! (Aye! Bask in my kindness!)


 Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the characters, kind of like I did for Haphazardly Implausible and am doing for The Broken Blade.
 This also means book two's cover and trailer will be on hold, and we will be working on everything for this book. 
 It also means I am planning on revealing the release date next week. (Okay, there went some of my kindness.)

 I am hoping this made some kind of sense. I don't know what is with me today, but I can't seem to think coherently. 
 Here is the link though for my book. Please let me know if the price hasn't changed as it all looks good from my end, but it might be doing that because I am the one who did it. PAPERBACK BOOK. (Note, the ebooks will also have new prices.)

 And now, here is the summery and title of the book I will be publishing next.

 A Stretch of Loyalty

 Prince Lachlan's only crime is that he is the youngest son of the king, a selfish man who took what he wanted no matter the cost. Now Lachlan's life is in danger because his father's last law was that the last of his sons left living will be the new king.

 Lachlan's half brothers are determined to get rid of him first before they work on killing each other, but their plans are foiled when Lachlan is saved by a young girl named Magda. Knowing Lachlan would make a better king then any of his brothers, Magda flees into the wild, hoping to find help and safety for the boy in one of the neighboring kingdoms. Instead, all Magda finds is rejection.

 But help might be closer then she thinks, and it comes in the form of a grumpy, one handed hermit, an elf with a sense of humor, and two dwarf brothers. Together, they might have a chance to save the boy - but what price do you pay to keep a stranger alive? Just how far are they willing to go to make sure he is kept safe?

 What do you think? (I think it still needs some work and will be polishing it up over the next few months, as I always do with my summeries.)

 But, I have the site for it set up, so you can go and look around if you like. HERE

 And I think that is about it. For now. I might have some more exciting news later, but I have to check on when to talk about that one. (See?! Not talking coherently. And I didn't even crack my head today...)

 I think I will go before I start up more babbling. Character voting is open! Check the sidebar!

 (Note, the title series, Because of Loyalty, is very likely to be changed. It is all I could come up with at the moment though.)

 Another Columbo quote, this one reminded me of a line from the old Avengers TV show.

 Au Revoir!




  1. Actually, it sounds really good.
    Sometimes I get a little worried with this type of story, seeing as it is often cliched. But I think you can handle it Lewis.

  2. Sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear more!

    Hmmm ... would the "More exciting news" be what I think they are?

    I don't think I could do NaNo with a idea I had only just stumbled upon the day before. Sew I had been plotting since summer, Infiltration ... forever ... and book 3 ... since December. I'm not a heavy plotter, but I like to know where I'm going, or I end up going nowhere.

  3. My stories often get two or three titles before I find one that sticks.

    I'm glad you told us where the quote came from— I couldn't place it.

    Happy writing!

  4. Sounds like a GREAT book! Full of great characters, just like the others. =D I'm especially intrigued by the one handed hermit. Does he go to Hermits United as well? And the Dwarf brothers. *Sniff* Dwarf brothers make me think of Fili and Kili and that makes me sad. Please don't kill your Dwarf brothers.
    Remember that E-Lock episode where that one twin was trying to kill her half siblings so she could get her father's fortune? They stole the idea from you.

    I've never seen any Pink Panther cartoons (ok, I saw the end of something where he was at a Muscle Beech or something, the other night. That was pretty funny) but I love the music!

    Yes, go watch The Great Race *jedi mind trick.* Peter Falk is great in it. He has one of the best lines, in my opinion. And the other best line is about him. (And the other best line doesn't have anything to do with him.)
    Ah, I didn't know that about the glass eye. At least, I didn't remember it. Hee hee, I'm still working on my Sherlock skills too. I have a loooong way to go.

    I can believe that about Stephanie Meyer. Especially since her characters are also good, to an extent. (Ok.... NOT Bella. She's a bad example. But Edward's siblings are pretty interesting).

    Yeah. It's part of Deryn's personality.

    I know! That was so cool! And I like the guy Donna ended up with. He seemed nice.
    I laughed SO hard at the end of the first part... When the whole world turned into the Master. That press conference with the "president".... That was so funny.

    Hee hee Columbo may be next after Doctor Who! My local library has it too - at least some of the seasons.

    My brain isn't working tonight either... I blame it on too much writing homework.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. It sounds good-oh, but then again, I love a good Fantasy. The names are awesome too. Lachlan. *sigh* What's NOT to love in that name?

  6. JACK!!! Ok, so I just remembered that Peter Falk had a cameo apperance in The Great Muppet Caper.

    Hee hee so funny... Is he spoofing Columbo?

  7. OH OH OH that's a good title.

    No killing off the grumpy, one handed hermit, okay? I have a feeling I'll like him and would cry rather a lot should he end up.... dead. :D

  8. Do your ebooks have lower prices on amazon? (I checked, and it didn't appear too...)

    Your new book sounds great! It's awesome that you have so many ideas and are actually doing something about them! I usually struggle for an idea. Any idea. XD But I'm good at helping Mime. The other day we went for a walk and, in 30min, came up with an entire novel for her to write.

  9. I like it! Stylish, yet functional... but where did the mountains go? (just kidding and I hope you got the reference)

    I really do like it, Jack. And I'm going to echo what everyone else said, don't kill the lovable people! Maybe just do in the villians. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. ACK! I have a feeling I should know that reference...but I don't. 8-P What's it from?

    2. Alvin and the Chipmunks. :)


  10. It sounds very intriguing, this new book of yours! Sort of like Ella Enchanted in a sort of way but not really, if you know what I mean. (That made no sense, but it makes sense to me, so there.) I am eager to learn more about it!

    Also, I shall investigate the nook store to see if its price has lowered or not. I still need to buy it...It's on the next book-buy-spree list ;)

  11. You've seen Stardust?! I've seen parts of it and plan to watch the whole thing eventually. I first heard about when I was looking up Ben Barnes' filmography, after watching Prince Caspian. Then I saw that Michelle Pfeiffer was in it, too, and I knew I had to see it. How well do you like it?

    I like your new story!!! I especially want to hear more about Magda. She sounds very intriguing.

    (Oh, and I double checked your book on Lulu and it does show the $12 price.)

    Awww! Thank you for your feedback on my story snippets!! It is so encouraging to know that my writing isn't boring. :)

    Have a good night!

  12. Sounds like it's going to be a great story. :D I love great stories...Fantasy is fun. One of my favorite genre's, actually.

    My Dad tends to dig up old TV shows too. Some of them I'm not overly found of ("The Wild, Wild West"...I find that TV show ever so lame. :) but there are some great ones. Have you ever watched Macgyver? I really like his show. The first two/three seasons, mostly. He's kind of a cornball spy/adventurer. I think he's cool.


  13. Love the title! And your work sounds fabulous. I'm stoked for you. Keep pushing. Keep rockin. :D

  14. You have a new book??? *happy Dance* YAY!!!! I love the title and I love the idea. A not-perfect Prince for once *Grin* Can hardly wait to see more.

    God Bless!

  15. ~Stardust!! I love that movie!! =D And your new book`s synopsis sounds awesome!! Stories about Princes are never dull when they have a bunch of evil brothers trying to get rid of him! And dwarfs! ^^

    ~This may be random, but who was the first person to create Dwarfs or Elfs or the mythical creatures in general? Did they once really exist or was it some author who wrote about them and they became famous so other authors began using them too, making them into a whole species that had existed before which we never saw?

    ~Lol, she killed off practically all your favourite characters, eh? =( TV tropes even has a trope for twin-killings!! :

    ~I don`t think Rowling is bad either. Just, maybe when she was writing she became possessed? O_O Like, her body was used as a medium by the devil to get the story across? Gosh, what am I blabbering about? Ignore this.

    ~Book Snape does sound horrible >.< I kind of sympathized with movie Snape. With Harry`s father being such a big bully... *pouts* Why did Harry`s mum choose his dad, anyway?

    ~Yeah, I agree! I`ll enjoy the movies!(although part 1 of movie 6(or was it 7?) was pretty slow moving...) And maybe someday, when there is almost no more books left in the world to read(impossible, I hope) I shall read Harry Potter!

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