Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

 I have some exciting news! A fellow blogger, Tryean, has a book out! And it is one I've been very excited about, it has swords in it. The book is called Champion in Darkness and you can find out more about it HERE!

 In other news I'm behind on editing - who knew! It is hard to edit and do secret projects and write and work - and I accadently spent my first royalties check on Josh Groban's new CD. (And for some reason I have this sudden inability to spell accadently...) Anyhow, I'm not saying it is a bad way to spend one's first royalty check, I just kind of wish it hadn't been an accadent...though there are worse things on can accadently do, such as flood the bathroom. (Note, I've not flooded the bathroom for at least three months now.)

 So, while I try and get everything adjusted I've also somehow managed to finish season one of Psych - I won't say in how many days because I like to believe you all think I have a life. No wait...maybe I don't want you to think I have a life, because then you might start to think I'm strange.
 And no, none of that was supposed to make any sense.

 Anyhow, since I finished season one I thought I could review it, since I don't have much else to post about. (This could likely be redeemed if I did have a life...)

 It is kind of a known fact I took awhile to actually watch Psych. My sister showed me or two in an attempt to get me to watch them but I never liked Shawn. But I kept reading all his quotes and I needed a comedy one night so I found some on Hulu. I am surprised how fast and how much I have come to like the show.

 I love detective shows, which might have been part of my hesitation to watch these because for a long time I thought Shawn was psychic and they would be all weird and....psychic. And then my sister explained that he was just really observant which was better, but then I was disappointed he wasn't a real detective. (I like Sherlock like detectives I suppose and to find one who was a Sherlock like one but no one knew sounded rather...disappointing.)
 But I kind of like how they did this. It is sort of like Monk and Columbo, a Sherlock like detective who is different enough to not be another copy. And at the same time I can see Sherlock like qualities. (His lack of social skills...is this a detective requirement? I need to meet a real detective to see.) So, it is a fun take on a Sherlock like character.

 I was also surprised to realize how much I do like Shawn. At first I thought he was just annoying, but I kind of get him now and he is a fun character. More complex then I first thought, and not the kind of moody complex. (Such as, his past with his dad which explains his childish behavior as an adult but it isn't in the way that one would feel bad for him. Which I like, because I don't like drama shows.)

 Actually, all of the characters are well done. I REALLY like Lassie. Next to Lestrade I think he is my favourite Lestrade like character. (The Lestrade in Sherlock. I don't like the Lestrade in the Robert Downy Jr. ones as much.)
 Anyhow, Lassie is brilliant. Grumpy, easily irritated, and somehow so very likable. (Also note, his hair went gray really fast in season one. And I point this out because I think it is important. Just, ponder it for awhile.) And he is still different enough from the other Lestrades. He only puts up with Shawn because the Chief makes him. (If anyone was close to becoming a murderer it is Lassie. Shawn should be grateful he is a policeman.)

 My other surprise was how much I like Jules. I think she is the best girl character I've ever come across, surpassing any of the others I might have said this about before. She is the prefect mix. Very brave, while still able to be sweet, a little clueless, brilliant, girly, slightly childish, and serious. She is just brilliant and amazing. I'm very impressed with how they did her. Anyone who does girl characters needs to watch this to get some pointers.

 The only character I am not overly fond of is Gus, the one I thought would be the only one I would end up liking. I like him well enough, he is just not one of my top favourites.

 (I'm curious though. I heard somewhere that the fellow playing Shawn quit or something and they got a new actor. I thought I saw a little bit of a difference between one of the seasons, but Netflix says it is the same guy. Does anyone know if they did get a new actor, or no?)

 Characters aside. I also like the mysteries. They might not be the most complex mysteries I've ever seen, I think Columbo holds a record for most complex murders ever pulled, but they are good. A little lighter, but it is a comedy, so that is to be expected.
 Also, there was a Columbo reference AND Sulu in one of the episodes. So, it wins points for mentioning Columbo.

 So, everyone was right who said I should watch it. Maybe I should listen to you all more often. Except for Downton Abbey...not sure I will do that one. Me and drama don't mix to well.

 And I think that is it. I have things to do, or not do...I might just sleep. Sleep sounds like a good option. Either way, I am going.

 Quote is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (HA! You thought I was going to do another Psych one! I have to keep you all on your guard.)




  1. I knew that Hitch-hiker's Guide quote. Fun post about Psych - I agree with you on all counts, except I will say that Gus gets better from season to season. I think the show's writers finally started developing his character more in later seasons. I'm not sure what season I'm on now . . .we're at episode 50ish on Netflix - I never seem to pay attention to seasons on Netflix.
    They don't change the actor that plays
    Shawn (or at least not so far), he just does his hair a little differently or something . . .but he's still a goofball, which is funny, embarrassing, and annoying all at once. He gives a reason for this at some point in the 40ish episode area when Gus has to fill in with the goofiness for him.

    Thank you for the wonderful mention!!!!

  2. It took me a while to warm-up to Psyche too. I didn't like Shawn at all at first. I thought he was obnoxious and immature, and I wouldn't have blamed Lassiter at all if he had beaten the little twit to a ruddy pulp. As the show goes on, both Shawn and Gus grow up a bit - not enough to lose the humour, just enough to make them more likeable. Also, as the show developes, there are occasionally more serious episodes that give the characters a little more moral weight too, which I appreciate. Jules really is a good character. I like that she is cool and smart and brave, but is never annoyingly so. She is still also very sweet and feminine too. She is a good foil to all the male characters.

    I am digging my feet in on Downton Abbey too. It looks lovely, but I have a very low tolerance for sweeping historical drama that goes on and on and on.

  3. I forgote to mention that I really like Shawn's dad as a character too. He's a bit of a crank at first, but the more I see of him the better I like him.


    Well, if Rory *and* Amy *and* the Doctor come calling, then I will not worry about it, since I know they will fix it, but will simply serve them tea and chocolate and recommend several friends and relations whom they simply *must* stop in to see. And if I do disappear, I shall appreciate a rescue party. It is one thing to disappear voluntarily. It is quite another to disappear into a creepy crack of light on the floor ;-)

  4. Oh, I'm glad you like Psych. It was one of those things one of my sisters showed me, and it was so corny, and I was in a mood to be amused, so I liked them pretty much from the moment I saw them. Gus does get better, but Shawn is still my favourite.

    Hey, I tagged you for a Blog Award. If you'd like to claim it you may. If you are tired of tags and Blog Awards, you don't have to pick it up. Just letting you know yours is one of those blogs I love to award. :)


  5. I've only watch Psych once and ... I don't remember it.(Insert awkward pause.) But don't worry, I watch too many things as it is. I absolutely love the dearly deceased Monk series.


  6. Oh well, there are worse things to buy accidentally. xD

    Nice review on both this and Elementary! I'm not sure if this show will make it onto my list of to-watch-maybe-eventually shows... But who knows!

    It was a very good silent film. Aside from the marrying business... We don't actually see them get married, though. Which is nice. They don't even kiss.

    YES! We must steal the scarff! Then we can give it to Moriarty and he can BURN it!
    Oh my word. Joan will be SO mad if E-lock fakes his own death.

    Downton Abbey is alright.... I am getting increasingly less fond of it. Both in Downton Abbey and in Cranford, the writers kill off a LOT of characters. Something about the BBC... they just want to torture us. I hates them, I do, precious! Gollum, gollum.

    That's sad that Emma is hiding from you. It's an amazing adaption. And Jonny Lee Miller makes the weirdest faces. Hee hee.

    I absolutely loved The Scarlet Pimpernell! Sink meh! So funny.... I really want to read the book now. I own it (it came with The Vancouver Sun children's classics series) but I can't find the time to pick it up... Especially right now since I'm reading Moby Dick.

    Hee hee, I wonder what Jaspert thought of his sister serving on Leviathan? I think he needs his own book series. Or Borvil should get his own series... Then we can find out what happens to Deryn and Alek after the war!

    The first couple episode of Eleven I didn't really like... They seemed like copies of older episode. (The first episode was a tad bit too confusing. The second episode took place on a big station/ship thingy that was all run down and stuff... It reminded me of Platform One and all the other old run down ships we've seen. Episode three took place in WW2 and I was expecting 11 and Amy to run into Nine and Rose. xD)
    Anyway, the episode with the angels is the first one in season five that I really like so far. It's new and different and has River and it's a two-parter and it has Angels! I like the Weeping Angels. They are the only Doctor Who baddy that scares me.

    Anyway, I shall go now!

  7. I wasn't sure about the new Sherlock, but I have to admit he's growing on me. I suspect because he seems more vulnerable now. I absolutely love the BBC's Sherlock. I watched the first season in one weekend off Netflix. Now I'm hooked and slightly depressed because it takes so long for new series to come out. Watched Psych once; couldn't grasp the concept. Like Mentalist a lot. Miss Monk. Did you know the Lieutenant in Monk was Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. Did the role justice, most certainly.

  8. Oh, I'm so glad you like Psych! That show is awesome for when I need a laugh. :D Gus gets better as the show goes along, in my opinion. He's a little bit of-again-on-again really. Mostly I like him.
    Lassie is cool.There's one episode called, "Lassie did a bad, bad thing" and I think he's awesome in that one. *Grin.*
    When I first started watching Psych, I tried to show my sister and she did not like them at all at first. She went on for quite a while about how immature and ridiculous they were...
    Then she said they reminded her of me and my best fried when we are together. I was like, "Whaaaaaaat?" That seems like an insult! LOL.
    She likes them now. Which I find a relief. :P




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