Thursday, January 10, 2013

"That's why horses don't give speeches." "Horses don't have weddings either." "True. But we do have bridles."

 I've been unable to find book two in the Guardian books. I don't like reading books out of order but when my library got book three in I snatched it up and read the first bit carefully in case there were any spoilers from book two. I found one or two but not enough to ruin everything which happened in book two, so I read the rest of three.

 Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies.

 The best part of this book is that North was still in it. Still slightly reckless, he's now much wiser and compassionate, but he still has his wild moments (especially when it comes to Bunnymund.) I cannot WAIT for Bunnymund's book! I like him already. He's not used to humans and their emotions and prefers his chocolate to them. The arguments he gets into with Ombric and North are very funny. The best part is when the three get into an argument on how best to help Kathrine get to sleep.

 Toothiana is a fun character as well. Though wary of all grown ups, she adores children and joins up with the guardians so she can help save Kathrine. She's much like North. When things don't go the way she'd like, pull the swords out.

 I shan't say much about this book for the sake of spoilers, but it is just as good as North's book. And the best part? When I finished it I discovered that it book four Jack Frost will finally be showing up! HUZZAH!! That one cannot come out soon enough for me.
 Now, about my new author picture. As I said, I had planned to sneak into my photographer's house, Mission Impossible style, to get it. Knowing how to do this is handy for one who plans to take over the world, and I was very successful in my mission. Sure, I nearly decapitated myself tripping over the cat, but we shall ignore that.

 But, I now have it!! (Thanks to William Knisley who took it for me, and emailed it to me. Remember, he has a site now for his photography, you can find him HERE!. He has a lot of amazing pictures up now, well worth checking out. Some rather amusing family portrait ones. He has a very strange, cool family.)
 Anyhow...moving on.

 So, as you might have noticed, when an author gets their first book published they will proudly take a picture of them holding said book. Being a new author, I couldn't turn down the irresistible urge to do the same. (There is just something about holding your own book!)

 You must pardon my hair of course. Pools have that effect on hair.

 And, here it is. Again, thanks to William for taking it for me.

 Don't forget, tomorrow I have a special spoiler for all of you.

 Quote is from the last Ranger's Apprentice books, The Lost Stories. A conversation between Will and Tug, his horse.




  1. Is that... snow in the background? Please tell me it isn't! If that is snow, you are insane. :)

  2. Oh, dear. I honestly doubt that I would ever be brave enough to go to the pool in winter - much less have pictures done in a swimsuit. Sleeveless pixie-dress, yes. Swimsuit, no.

    I just checked to see if my library had that series ... but all it has is movie-related. Perhaps someday I'll get my hands on it ...

  3. It definitely sounds like an interesting series! I'm intrigued about the movie now... Perhaps I'll see it when it comes out on DVD.
    I, however, have too many books on my plate right now... I'm reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfield and really enjoying it! Also, Howl's Moving Castle is sitting next to me, waiting to be started. (I'm afraid that if I start it while I'm still reading Leviathan, that Leviathan won't get finished.)

    Very nice pictures! I do hope that pool is heated, though!

    Oh my word, did you see the new E-Lock? Gah! I'm bursting! It certainly is different than Sherlock.

  4. Ahha! Next time we'll see your face for sure. ;) It's only a matter of time... (Must be pretty awesome to hold your own book! Eek!)

    I really want to see The Rise of the Guardians movie!

  5. Glad your picture mission was successful, you and your book look splendid! =)

    I need to finish the Rangers Apprentice books, I have the first three but our library didn't have the rest of the series, I'll have to look at this new one and see if I can find them!

    Les Miz was fantastic! I hadn't seen it (or read the book) so everything was new and I loved it! My favorite part was the fact that they were all singing live as they were acting, it made the movie! It gave me hope that maybe they'll bring other musicals to the big screen in the same way! =)

    Though it did make me wonder, who read that rather long depressing book on the French Revolution and thought, hey this would make a great least, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be my first thought! ;-)

  6. Sneaky! That is Ninja sneaky. Well played, Jack.

  7. I really must see if our library has that series. I really want to read them. :D

    Ermm..... is that snow? Are you swimming with snow? Is that a heated pool? Please say it is!! :D

  8. It sounds like such a good series! And I love the covers. :)

  9. Is that a hot spring with steam rising up in the photo? Regardless, I love your new author picture!

  10. Toothiana sounds fun. That is a gorgeous cover picture.

    Congrats on your successful mission! :) And it is a very nice author photo!

    Cool quote!! Someday I hope to get around to reading the Ranger's Apprentice series....

  11. I suppose those are a few more books to add to the stack.

    Also, I like the picture! Of course, my first thought went immediately to 'I hope she didn't drop the book in the water!'Not every book is water-proof! (Though there is a Bible out there that's made specifically to be water resistant.)

    Yes, the comic is available on Nook! (Well, at least Nook color/Nook tablet. Not sure about any other nooks...) It is very easy to read it, as there's the magical pinch-and-zoom feature if the text is too small for you. However, I did not find the size of the text a problem.

    Indeed, I agree!


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