Thursday, January 24, 2013

"They're like giant - baby rats."

 I would say something clever before I begin but I have started this book. The title of which is The House of Many Ways. And it is set in Howl's world. And Howl shows up somewhere in it with Sophie and Calcifer. And the girl character is rather fun. So, I kind of want to crawl into bed and read.

 As you might have seen, it was Striker who won the voting. (He's not sure how he feels about this, except maybe hungry.)

 I forget when Striker came into being. His name was around for quite a while before he laid claim to it. And even when he took it up I didn't know him very well. I thought him to be a grumpy kind of person who had a tragic past and let it spoil his future. (Originally he had a half brother and sister, and a girl he fancied from a people who hated him. He betrayed his own family and ended up joining a bad of rebels rather reluctantly. Mostly because of the girl he fancied.)

 (Let it here be noted there are no girls in The Broken Blade. Aside from mothers and a certain little girl who all of the sudden got her name. I'd been trying to find her one for weeks. After declaring to my friends I WOULD write a book entitled The Broken Blade, I firmly stated I wouldn't put any girls in, therefore eliminating the risk of my characters falling in love.)

 Carrying on, though. That story got scrapped and when I worked out the plot for TBB, Striker moved there. Even then it took him awhile to adjust, and for me to really get to know him.

 Striker is complicated mainly because he doesn't remember anything about his past. He wakes up one fall day on a farm, and knows he doesn't belong there. But aside from that he can remember nothing, not even his real name.

 The name Striker is given to him, because of his incurable habit of punching people the moment he meets them. 

 For a reason he cannot explain he has trouble trusting people. Also, any time he comes close to remembering even a hint of his past he blacks out. 

 On hearing the legend of the blade, he becomes one of the few who firmly believes it will help Nightshade and determines to find it, yet also determined to never wield it as he doesn't wish to be Nightshade's next king.

 He has a dry sense of humor. Most of the villagers are scared of him so he uses this to his advantage and glowers at them just for fun. He is also one of the few who can get the twins to tell him which is which. (They are always scared he will punch them if they make him guess.)

 Striker's hair is dark brown, his eyes blue, and he is tall. Everyone assumes he is about 18 but there is no way to prove this point. He can handle a sword well, is somewhat clumsy with the bow,  and, has a tempter when provoked.

 I suppose that sums him up rather well - at least what I know of him. (I am still learning. I've only discovered recently who he is and how he lost his memory. All of the characters have been having fun, keeping me as much in the dark as possible. I have to force a lot of it out of them.)

 Now I shall go to bed, and Ingry in the chance I might run into Howl again. 

 Quote is from Merlin, same episode as the quote I used yesterday.




  1. Oooh, dry sense of humour an amnesia! I like him already! (And I like the name Striker. Except it makes me think of one of the bad guys in XMen[Colonel Striker] but it's still a great name.)

  2. Wow. I commented asking if you'd read House of Many Ways, and here you are reading it. xD If I happened to accidently spoil anything in the comment... Ignore it. It means nothing. *Jedi mind trick* I don't think I did. To be safe, maybe don't read that part. It's at the beginning.

    I like Striker already! Especially the mind loss business. It's always fun to read stories where the characters have no idea who they are. (Well, I can only remember one book like that... Tintin. I know I've read others though... Somewhere, sometime).

  3. Intriguing! Now you've really gotten me curious! Who is Striker? Why does his past make him black out??????

    I don't think I could write a book without girls. I personally find it hard to get into a guy's head, so ... anyways. (Need to read more marriage counselling books, I guess. They're a real help) Besides, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic ...

  4. Aw, no girls? So sad. I wrote 5 books about a girl/bro/guy trio and didn't have romance in it. (That may change in the future though...) :P Good luck! Striker sounds like a pretty cool character. I'd definitely read about him!

  5. ~A book without girls. *nods* I often get frustrated when characters fall in love and I have to read about how beautiful the other character is. xD Striker lost his memory? I wonder how that happened o.o I love dry humor! ^^

    ~o.o who`s that author who kills twins?! >=(

    ~Same here! I trust the words of other readers more than synopsis-es xD Same goes for movies! The problem is, most of my friends have different preferences on a good movie....

    ~Should we get a Pegasus as well? To ride on to chase em dragons! I wonder where Pegasus`es dwell....

    ~Monk was a fun watch! Heard of Psych? The show leans more to comedy, but it`s good! I`ll check out Columbo ^^

    ~o.o Lettie was in the movie, right? The perky one! I can`t even find the book in the public library...(the library`s pretty lame. Has power rangers in it...) I watched the show online (Psst, you can download it for free, although I`m not sure if its legal!) Haha, Howl`s such a beauty queen! xD

  6. Striker sounds like an awesome character. I like him already.

  7. He punches people when he first meets them?
    ...I like this character. He sounds like such fun to write!

  8. You've got a good grip on him so far. Probably not much of a charmer if he likes to punch people.
    And I wrote a book with no female characters for a multitude of reasons.

  9. Ah. Striker sounds awesome. I like those kind of characters a lot. I don't know why... because I'm pretty sure in real life I would have the hardest time with them... but in books or movies? So. Much. Love. :D

    Hahahaha, if you haven't gotten to Howl yet... *snort* He's SUCH a brat in this one. lol... You won't recognize him. He's hilarious. I quite like House of Many ways. It's better than Castle in the Air. :)

  10. He sounds amazing - a brilliant name for a brilliant character :)

    Have you read "House of many ways"? It is the third book in the Howl series-Howl is such a twerp ... poor Sophie *sigh*

    God Bless

  11. Striker sounds like a fun and mysterious character. Is he the main character of Broken Blade? That's a nice title by the way.

    1. He is...kind of the main character. I suppose if anyone was the main main character it would be Ryder-Adair.


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