Monday, January 21, 2013

"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?" *Smack* "You hit a guy...with glasses..."

 I'm never sure what to do with myself now that I have all my back post caught up. Should I post more snippets? (Haha, you all should know me better then that.) (In the words of Banner, "Sorry, that was mean of me. *Smirk*")

 I could do another movie review as I just got back from, FINALLY, watching Wreck-it Ralph. But I have seen many reviews on this already, and some much better then what I could come up with. (This is not to say I disliked it. I might not have liked it as much as Rise of the Guardians, but I did enjoy it. So did my dad if his almost-falling-out-of-his-chair-laughter was anything to go on.) (I didn't laugh as much as I did in Brave, but I would definitely watch it again.)

 But, I don't think I will do either. I think I might just sit here, wrapped up in my fuzzy shawl with my tea and bit of chocolate. *Sips quietly.*

 *Sips some more.*


 Okay, fine, I can see this is going to get boring real fast.

 Let me try this instead.

 I've talked with my photographer and we are going to try and get the cover picture soon. (Maybe next week even.) Which means no last minuted editing it on my part. (Can I hear a round of HUZZAHS?)
 Keeping in mind all the trouble the first cover gave me, I am very excited to begin work on the second. I have some ideas to go off this time - being the first cover - and some new colours I want to work with. (Nope, no hints. Shocking you'd even think I'd give any!)

 I am also hoping to start filming bits of the trailer soon as well. (If we ever get any snow. And that, my friends, is a spoiler for you. Seeing as I need to shoot someone, in the snow. Scared you yet?)
 No actors will be harmed in the making of this trailer, hopefully.

 I had to go food shopping after work today which means I didn't get any writing done. (And I barely slept last night so I'm too tired to do any coherent writing right now.) However, I'm already on chapter 15, which means I'm nearly done. I was very surprised, I thought I had a lot further to go.

 Come to think of it, sleep sounds lovely about now. So, I think I am going to go. Or fall asleep typing.

 I'll make you guess where the quote is from.




  1. The quote is from Wreck It Ralph!! Woot! Okay, I'm sorry, I loved that movie way too much. "You sure like pink." "It's salmon! Clearly salmon..."

    And here you have it... HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

  2. Ooh, shooting and snow?! I'm scared!! Ah, Wreck-It Ralph. That was just great. I loved it so much. :)

  3. Haven't seen either Wreck-It Ralph or The Rise of the Guardians. I unfortunately don't get to the movies often enough.

    Best of luck with the cover/trailer!

  4. Woohoo! More bookish awesomeness! I can't wait to see the cover... the last one was epic and I know the next one will be, too!

    And I think I know which part you're going to film in the snow... *dances triumphantly*

    Yes, I made that hat... it's actually pretty easy, as long as you have about a gazillion staples. I could tell you how if you like. I'm going to make another one for a costume. I'm not telling you whose costume, but you'll see it eventually.

    It can be difficult to reconcile a "reformed" Holmes with the version I've always seen portrayed, and I do think they're taking things kind of fast, but I love Elementary because it's a procedural crime drama and I have a soft spot for those. Plus we don't have to wait years and years for the next episode. *MOFFAT!*

    Hehehe... I did love Howl. Christian Bale's voice seemed too deep for him at first, but then he started to fit. I've been looking around for the book, and from what I understand the movie took on more of a pacifist message than the original story did. That's okay, I still liked it. The animation for Howl when he's a bird-monster thing was really cool. (I don't know what he's supposed to be! *confus*)

    The movie reminded me of Stardust. I haven't read that book either, but the movie is one of my favourites.

  5. I finally saw Life of Pi last was epicness :)

  6. Go ahead and hurt some actors in the snow! More realistic for the trailer.

  7. HUZZAAAAAH!!!!! There.

    Hehe, I knew the quote was from Wreck It Ralph, because I saw the trailer twice at Rise of the Guardians.... It cracked me up in theatre.

    Squeak! How 'citing about the cover. Tralalalally!

    You have to have snow to shoot the trailer? Haha, come up here. We've got some and more to spare. :)


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  9. Huzzah... Huzzah... Huzzah.... ;)

  10. Sounds like you have some exciting stuff coming up. Good luck with it all.

  11. Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah, HUZZAH, HUZZAH!!!!!!

    Is the quote from "Wreck it Ralph"? *Grin*

    I'm sure no one will be hurt in the trailer making - though shooting someone in the snow sounds very exciting. Can't wait ;-)

    Thanks for the comment. Guais is always saying Merlin is at the tavern which is completely unfair since he NEVER is. One time Merlin is rushing out and Guais says -
    "What do I tell Arthur?"
    Merlin "Tell him I'm anywhere..." *turns around* "Anywhere but the tavern."
    Guais "its the first thing that pops into my head."
    Merlin "Say the second thing then, or the thing thing. Just not the tavern."

    I hate this long distance thing too. We seriously need to do something about this predicament. I wish I had a transport to jump from city to city... or my own, free-for-flight plane. If you ever pass by Tahoe be sure to look me up. It would be nice to meet you... I hate big spaces *Sighs sadly*

    God Bless!

  12. Wreck-It Ralph was an awesome movie! It was full of humor and I loved the character development. I think I did a review...but I may not have. Still, I'm glad you got to see it! It was one of the better animated movies I've seen.

    Definitely approve of the quote choice.

    Food shopping...Isn't that called grocery shopping?


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