Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Detective O'Hara, lose the hoop skirt before you hurt someone."

 For some reason I've hit a brick wall with my writing. And it isn't just my book, it is my posts as well. (The wall in my book is likely because of a certain, slightly depressing scene I really don't want to write. A scene which wouldn't be happening if a certain character hadn't gone and become best friends with another character.)
 But all that is to say...well, it is my excuse, as to why my posts are kind of, out of it. (Okay, some of my writing troubles might be coupled to my lack of sleep over the last...week. Has it been a week? Er...I guess if I have to ask that then its been a week. Actually, right now, I am typing with my eyes nearly closed. One of my talents.)

 Moving on though. Before I fall asleep on you all I'd like to introduce you to Magda, the character who won the voting!!

 Magda is 17 in A Stretch of Loyalty. She has black hair and blue eyes and works with her mum as a seamstress. They live close to the castle, in the same city of where it stands. And Magda hates sewing. She is an only child, and she knows little of her father who was a knight - and killed before she was born (I think. I forget if it was before she was born or soon after and I'm too tired to look.)

 Though Magda does brave things, such as breaking into the castle to save Lachlan from being killed, she is something of a chicken. She likes adventures, unless someone is trying to kill her. She is a good friend to Lachlan but sometimes wonders what it is she is hoping to accomplish.

 She owns a sword and a bow, but isn't good with either. (She later gets fencing lessons from the one handed hermit. I shall leave it to you to figure out why he cannot teach her to shoot the bow.)

 She is interested in herbs, mostly because she loves tea. She is also very sweet, for the most part. She has something of a temper, a bitter side to her, and she talks non-stop given the chance - this is a huge trail on the hermit.

 And that is about all I have on her, you know...unless you read the book. I am sure you will learn more about her there. Naturally.

 Now, I think I will go to bed. I need sleep, so I can write something depressing tomorrow and spend the rest of my weekend sulking about the house.

 Quote is from Psych, the same one as the M&M quote. O'Hara is Jules' last name, and she was helping out with a Civil War re-enactment. Hence, the hoop skirt. You know though, hoop skirts very likely could be used to catch criminals. You could wallop them with the wires, and then use all the extra cloth to tie them up.
 Okay, I seriously need sleep.




  1. Sleep is overrated. I mean, really, why sleep when you can conquer the world??? ;)

  2. Hope you got your sleep.
    When you do write that depressing scene, have a happy movie in the DVD player, ready to go.

  3. That quote really made me laugh. ;d i love that psych episode. so funnay!
    Magda sounds like a pretty cool kid!! :D lolz. <3

  4. I hope you get back into writing and get some rest!

    And I love that quote from psych! And the episode. Ah, who am I kidding? I love all the psych episodes (yes, I'm a bit obsessed with the show).

  5. Sleep, whats that, I didn't know writers needed sleep. Like there some strange breed of creatures.
    Ok no I really didn't. I believe that sleep deprivation is a brick wall, as you put it.
    I hope you get back into the groove of things. Its no fun when your in a slump and your whole family just thinks you have a stinking attitude. Non Writers.( Snicker)
    Your new character sounds very neat, thought I would love to hear more about that one handed hermit. Sounds comical, My apologies if he's suppose to be a serious character. It sounds like you have that new story nearly figured out, which if I may say so seems like you did that very fast.
    Or perhaps I still have no my perception of time. Don't ask me where it got to either.
    Blessings ~ Rachel hope

  6. Magda sounds cool. I like the fact that she drinks tea and has both a sword and a bow and arrow, but doesn't know how to use them. Seeing her interact with the one armed hermit sounds like it will be slightly comical. Hee hee.
    Anyway, good luck with your sad scene! Don't cry too much.

  7. Haha, Magda sounds like me a little. :D I mean... I'd be the kind of girl to own both a sword and bow, and not know how to use either.... 'Cept Mahri would probably teach me how to use the sword... hmmmm.

    Oh NO! Sad scenes are so.... so.... SAD! *sniff* whatever happens I hope you have lots of chocolate and tea standing by, and also a Psych, because those are guaranteed cheer-uppers. :D (and that episode is so funny. The whole, "Actually... I've been promoted. It's Captain Crunch now." makes me laugh every time. :)

  8. Sad scene? ANOTHER sad scene? But WHY???? Magda sounds interesting and a bit odd. I like her. *Nod*

    Sounds like you've hit a psych spree :) aren't they fun??!

    God Bless

  9. Magda sounds good. And for your sad scene, remember "No tears in the author, no tears in the reader". And then you can come to my hobbit hole, where I will provide tissues, chocolate, and funny movies. :)Have you ever seen The Lorax? It's pretty good.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Okay, coming over. I love the Lorax! Such a fun movie!

  10. Magda sounds like a character with spunk!

    Hope you got a good night's sleep.

  11. I am sorry to hear that you've hit a brick wall in your writing. Wanting to write, and finding yourself staring at a brick wall is most lamentatious - as I know to my sorrow. You can always quote Captain Haddock, repeatedly to yourself, "Ye hit a wall, ye poosh through it!"

    Magda sounds like a really great character - the sort of book character that quite rapidly turns into a friend as you're reading about her.

  12. I hate brick walls. They are such inconveniences.

    Magda sounds great, though! Frankly, she sounds a bit like me ...

    (except for the father being dead part, and the fact she lives in a medieval world ... and the fact that she likes tea. However, the aspiring herbalist I can identify with)

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